Five Signs You’re Developing A Successful App!

To make things more interesting we’ve taken all the app news from the past week and condensed it into a handy list to assure you you’re on route to success.


You have a celeb endorsement.


While definitely not essential to success having a famous face attached to your app does seem to help. This week Sultanova tweeted about Glu mobile’s plan to develop a mobile game with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, this isn’t the first time we’ve noticed the trend of star powered apps, check out Alan’s article from back in September for a quick recap!


        You’re developing an app with your target audience in mind.

Developing a knitting app for granny’s that can’t use smart phones is probably a lost cause, it’s vital to have your target audience in mind on every step of your app journey and creating a user friendly, accessible app is much more likely to bring success than one your customers can’t even navigate. As always Peggy Anne Salz shares some sage advice this week in the form of an article by Sophie Densham of Ukie. The Uk games trade body is collaborating with leading user research company to provide new player experience reports. Now you can find out how your customers really feel!


       You’ve taken the initial leap, from dreaming about the app you want to create to actually creating it.


You’d be amazed at how many great ideas never leave the planning stages, if you’ve successfully moved beyond this step then you’ve already won half the battle! Priori data shared Jovanny Espinal’s fantastic read on turning your idea into an app, don’t get stuck in the dream stage read Jovanny’s article here!

      Know your enemy.


Research, research, research! Know your competition, know their successes and know their failures. By knowing what’s hot and what’s not you’ll always be one step ahead of the game. Prior data and google play have released the download and revenue data for apps, publishers and categories across 50 countries. Read all about it!

     Don’t lose your head when you think it’s all gone wrong.


The Business of Apps claim that even for top performing apps it’s normal to lose 80% of your usership in the first week. So it’s vital that those first few days of usership are geared at consumer retention and increased interaction with your app. Ann Frier tells all in the this riveting read.

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