How do I get more visitors to my company’s website?

In case you haven’t been paying attention, the internet has been the fastest changing business environment over the last 15+ years and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. In these years, the way that individuals use the internet has went from dial up, to broadband and desktop computer to smart phone. What they are searching for has changed too.

Back when Amazon was still a start-up,  the number of people searching for books, DVDs and CDs was growing every year. Nowadays the number of people searching for these kind of terms will still be growing (well blu ray will) but this growth has been eclipsed by the growth in people asking questions.

What do I mean by questions? “How do I…..” The internet is full of people asking looking for answers!

how do I

People are of course, still conducting searches for products and service, but the number people people just typing straight searches into Google just keeps on increasing.

The important question for business owners is “how do I make more sales from this trend?”. This is undoubtedly a difficult question, but one that I’m going to attempt to answer.

If you are a lawyer, power tool seller, wedding dress maker, home cinema installer or mobile phone retailer, people (potential customers) will be looking for the answers to questions that you can help them with.

  • what do I do if I get fired for….
  • what is the best tool for….
  • what type of wedding dress should X people wear
  • what wireless speakers work with….
  • when will the Samsung Galaxy SIII be updated to Android 4.2.2

I know many people will argue that once the visitor gets the information they will leave the site and never come back. I won’t try to argue with this – conversion rates of these people will be low, but what you are trying to do is build your company as the experts, the people to visit or call when they do want to buy or engage a service.

Ask yourself this: if you had the choice between two local lawyers to call, one who displays their wide ranging knowledge by giving simple and straightforward advice on their website and another who has generic text and stock images, who would you choose?

You can find the type of things your customers are searching for quite easily if your website has been running for a while and you have Google Analytics setup.  Have a look for “how”, “what”, “where” and “why” keywords and you are bound to find some questions that your website probably isn’t delivering the answer to.  A few blog posts or an FAQ page later and your going to be picking up more traffic and showing off your expertise to potential customers. You might even pick up a link or 10 along the way!

Finally, don’t be afraid to give this information out thinking that people won’t need you once they have the answer. Will people decide to do their own SEO because they read this article? No. Will I do all my own accounts because I read up on how to use Sage? Hell no! I will, however, have more trust in the accountant that published the article/blog post and be more likely to pass them my business.

Search and Mobile enthusiast, like to tinker in apps, machine learning, big data and currently Python.

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