NHS England Wants to Develop an Ecosystem of Apps

At a conference last week, the director of NHS England’s operations and information revealed that the organisation is looking to develop an ecosystem of apps.

They are wanting apps to be developed from inside the NHS and from outside developers.

The national director, Matthew Swindells, says the ecosystem will not be about developing a single perfect solution but will focus on innovation instead.

He told conference attendees that NHS Digital is looking to outline the direction of future app work and wants to boost the range of digital options to help the health service.

Most digital video viewers use phone apps

According to eMarketer, 78% of digital video viewers are watching footage on their smartphone.

The firm says that 1.87 billion people will be watching video on their mobile phone in 2018, that’s nearly twice 2014’s figure.

By 2021, the numbers could rise to 2.3 billion people.

Of the available platforms, the researchers say that 1.5 billion people will be watching videos at least once a month on YouTube; that’s a 9.2% increase over last year’s figure.

Researchers say that one of the big drivers for video viewing is for people using chat apps which could see around 55% of Internet users using these apps regularly by the end of this year.

Essentially, they watch and then share videos with others on apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat.

WhatsApp allows payments

Some users of WhatsApp are now able to transfer cash through the app, after some screenshots of the new system appeared online.

Industry watchers say that the popular app has been rumoured for a long time to be developing a peer-to-peer payment system which now looks set for rolling out.

Apparently, only a small number of WhatSapp users in India are able to use the payment system.

Staxter app now available in UK

After a successful launch in Germany, the mobile airtime credit platform Staxter is available in the UK.

The mobile top-up, storage and recharge platform offers users the chance to pay their PAYE mobile phone bill easily or to send airtime credits to family and friends around the world without having to pay fees and service charges.

New app brings AR to Android phones

The Motion Stills app from Google will bring augmented reality to nearly every Android phone.

The app will enable users to drop a virtual 3D object into any space to give their photos a lift.

Previously, the app was only available on Pixel 2 smartphones and Google now says the stickers can now be used on nearly every Android phone with its Motion Stills app.

In other mobile phone app news …

Google has apparently switched on the Pixel Visual Core co-processor so users of the Pixel 2 phone can take better pictures. Now app developers are being encouraged to boost the camera’s image capabilities.

Apple has revealed that its products in China will now accept mobile payment app Alipay in local stores. The tie-up with Alibaba looks set to boost the iPhone makers success in the second largest economy in the world.

A survey in the US has revealed that mobile phones are taking the largest share of e-commerce but many retailers are still not promoting apps or mobile opportunities. The findings from Shopgate highlight that e-commerce on mobile phones this year will be worth just over half of the $414 billion (£297 billion) predicted sales this year. That’s a big increase from 2004’s figure of 2% to reach 54% in 2018.

Nintendo has revealed that it is going to launch a Mario Kart Tour app for smartphones. The new app will be available after April.