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When you’re out and about you tend to meet people from all walks of life, from billionaire bankers to sandwich shop owners (we go out and about in some remarkable places). The former have no interest in what we at Miratrix do for a living, while the latter usually do and bombard us with questions on how to boost their footfall. This article, then, is the first in a series of blog posts dedicated to the little guys, the real heroes of the contemporary economy (so if you’re a billionaire banker, cool your Lear jets for now: we’ll get back to you soon).

Making hyper-local searches super-effective

To be even clearer, the series is designed to help those businesses who’d benefit hugely from hyper-local searches such as ‘cafe in’, ‘restaurants and bars in’ or ‘clothes shop in’.
We decided to create a resource to suit businesses that are small and entirely local; businesses of a scale that cannot justify the cost of hiring a search marketing expert.

If you have a business which you think would benefit from ‘in’ search terms take your laptop or tablet, head to the nearest coffee shop, order a drink and read this. If you own a coffee shop go to a quiet corner and read this.

Contrary to the belief of many who deal with SEO’s (or what you might believe by reading other articles on local searches) the easiest, most influential thing a small business owner can do is not keyword research and calling the developer to update the title tags.

Setting up and claiming local listings will be the first and most effective things a small business can do.

Before you start setting up local directories you will need:

  • Your business info
  • Blurb/back story about your business
  • Photos (don’t have any? Get some!)
  • Videos (if you have them)

What Will We Be Covering?

As I see it, if you cover the bases below you are in good stead to improve your local SEO traffic.

  1. How To Set Up Google Places/Maps/Local – whatever you want to call it
  2. Set up Qype
  3. Set up Google Authorship
  4. Content ideas

These posts are for small business owners who aren’t search savvy. If you are one of those people and are finding trouble with the tutorials please let me know where you are having problems and I’ll amend the posts to make it easier.

Over And Out!

Search and Mobile enthusiast, like to tinker in apps, machine learning, big data and currently Python.

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