Google!? Miratrix isn’t just a Power Ranger!

We are struggling in the search engines. Not often you hear that phrase from an agency.

What do I mean by it? I mean if you google Miratrix, you’re getting nothing but power rangers results.

Miratrix marketing, not miratrix power ranger

According to the untrustworthy webmaster tools we are position 25!

Even one of my friends commented on it.


Damn Power Rangers!

Google doesn’t associate with ‘miratrix’

…and Google is entirely correct to assume this. Until now all the signals Google have been given from other websites and users is that Miratrix = Power Ranger.

This is how Google is associating the search phrase Miratrix with the results.

Miratrix search phrase association with power rangers

We must shift Google’s association between the word Miratrix = Power Ranger + misc to Miratrix = digital marketing agency + power ranger + misc. And we want the association to occur in that order.

How to Get Google To Associate Miratrix with our Domain

Here are few reasons why we don’t currently have that association.

Firstly – a newish domain with next to no history. What this means is Google doesn’t trust the domain yet. It has no reason to. It’s like meeting someone for the first time. You know nothing about them but are happy to chat away over a couple of drinks but you’re not going to discuss your investment portfolio with them.

Trust takes time and investment in good content.

Secondly. We don’t have a lot of content on our site. This makes it difficult for Google to associate the term ‘Miratrix’ with what we do. As you will see over the next few weeks we will build the association between Miratrix and marketing, giving Google the signals it needs to show us more often in the results.

Another import aspect about our content: it will be fresh, unlike the pages which are presently ranking for Miratrix the Power Ranger. Google will be visiting us more often than the Power Ranger pages and giving us kudos for the fresh content. But we can’t just stop at written content. We also need video and images ranking because these are what are dominate the SERP’s for Miratrix at the moment.

Links. Good old links. We’ve not got many, not to mention we have no link velocity. Check out our link profile.

Miratrix backlink profile

Miratrix backlink profile

I’d just like to say that the only links that we’ve built are from (I used to trade under this domain) and folio14. Which is a redirect from We have no idea who built those other links! If you are reading this and you did it, please own up.

Finally social signals. Some say it’s the ‘new link’. I’m holding off on that until facebook or twitter actually produce a profit and manage to sustain themselves without VC. In saying that, they are important and Google uses them to alter the SERPs and index things. We’ve got twitter we’ve got a Google + -though we’ve not really paid much attention to it yet but we will in time. And it will be a key tool for syndicating our content, ideas and moans.

Help us persuade Google to associate with ‘miratrix’

Our team here at Miratrix will be taking care of the content aspect but you can help us by tweeting, sharing or +1’n our domain. You can also link to this post, another one you have found helpful or our domain with the word Miratrix in the anchor text.

If you help us out with this by doing either or all of these things, in no time at all we will be ranking for our own brand name.

I’ll do a review post in the next few weeks to update you on how it’s going. It shouldn’t take us ‘10,000 years’ and unlike Zordon we won’t need to ‘recruit a team of teenagers with attitude’.

Search and Mobile enthusiast, like to tinker in apps, machine learning, big data and currently Python.

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