WEEKEND FUN!! Regression For Paid Metrics! | MTX43

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WEEKEND FUN!! Regression For Paid Metrics! | MTX43

Hello, welcome to this week’s video.

Just wanted to tell you what I was up to the weekend.

People don’t spend their weekend’s off, so I’m sad, but I find it fun.

I was learning how to do regression and audit regression in Python.

Reason being, is this will help forecast Facebook ad expense, CPI, to a very finite degree, which means you can make some decisions.

Do we want to be on this week?

Do we want to be on this date?

Do we want to be on these errors?

You can tell that going forward, you can plan your budgets better, and you can deploy them much better.

Regression analysis for everybody is pretty dry, it’s full of statistics which are really hard.

There are tools you can do that in Excel, which makes life a little bit easier.

You should check it out, read into it, see if you can use it.

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♫ Who do shit that I don’t do

ES Transcription:

WEEKEND FUN!! Regression For Paid Metrics! | MTX43

Hola, bienvenidos al vídeo de esta semana.

Solo quería decirles en qué estuve durante el fin de semana.

La gente no pasa libre el fin de semana, lo cual me da pena, pero lo encuentro entretenido.

Estuve aprendiendo cómo hacer regresión y auditar regresión en Python.

El motivo es que esto me ayudará a proyectar Facebook y gastos, IPC, a
un grado bastante finito, lo que significa que puedes tomar algunas decisiones.

¿Queremos estar en esta semana?

¿Queremos estar en esta fecha?

¿Queremos estar en estos errores?

Pueden determinar eso hacia futuro, pueden planificar mejor sus presupuestos, y pueden desplegarlos mucho mejor.

El análisis de regresión para todos es bastante árido.

Está lleno de estadísticas que son bien difíciles.

Hay herramientas con que pueden hacer eso en Excel, lo que facilita la vida un poco.

Deben revisarlo, leer sobre eso, ver si pueden usarlo.

Ese fue el vídeo de esta semana; no olviden dar Me Gusta y Suscribirse.

¿Quién hace mierdas que yo no hago?

Top 5 Things That Happened In The App World This Week-From Apple Advertising To Google Bootcamp!

Mobile app use is as ever on the rise! Google has revealed that the average American spends a minimum of 37 hours each month using apps. With vastly improving app technology and mobile browser capabilities it’s a very exciting time to be in the app business indeed. The app world is developing at an alarmingly fast pace so we’re sharing what we think are the most interesting development this week!



Apple’s ditching advertising! Well not quite, Mobyaffiliates broke the news that Apple has recently conceded selling ads was never it’s forte and they are not completely dismantling but pulling back from iAd mobile advertising due to a lack of profit generation. What venture is Apple going to embark on next? It’s heartening to see that money doesn’t guarantee success in every area, leaving plenty of room for smaller companies to excel.




This week has shown Facebook to be pushing in the opposite direction and they have begun testing their Audience Network for mobile placement.  Audience Network targets consumers with personalised ads         based on their internet activity, a method of data use that was once questionable but now appears to be     the norm. With their sights set to knock Google off their advertising top spot, Anne Freier shares the         facts and we get marvel at the power one company can have once it’s made the big bucks.



Bloomberg Business tells us that Snapchat is storming the charts at the moment with it’s daily video views rivaling Facebook’s, a company that has been in existence twice as long with 15 times as many users. Snapchat is the dream startup we all want to be the founders of, this isn’t the first time Snapchat has rocketed to our attention check out Alan’s post from back in October.




Sultanova has also brought a fantastic article by Richard Harris to our attention. Harris of App Development Magazine writes about Google’s generous publication of a four part mobile bootcamp to help developers strategize, engage and monetize their audiences. If there’s one bootcamp to get involved in this year, this is the one that will whip your business into shape!




Peggy Anne Salz suggests embracing and developing your brand for growth and success, she tweeted about her app branding article published in Forbes this week. Ms. Salz is top of the table when it comes to app marketing and development if you don’t already follow her on twitter I strongly suggest you start!


It’s all about image… and we’re not talking about how slick your app appears, or about your business’ public reputation. We’re talking good old images – still and moving; photos and videos if you will.

Image based apps have had a busy time lately, and this has been a reminder of how important this type of content is to audiences.


The desire to view and share photography and videos is nothing new. Look at the popularity and range of print titles pre Internet that used imagery to sell – whether it was the tabloid newspaper with the latest scandalous paparazzi snaps, or the powerful and eye opening content of publications like National Geographic.

So it’s no surprise that photo and video content are big business in the world of apps…

The platform has been in the headlines recently with the news that Instagram plans to open up to all advertisers by the end of this year. With Instagram advertising previously having been limited to big brands this is significant news for smaller businesses, particularly those of a specialist nature. Take, for example, the small tour operator, the boutique and the up and coming brewery who can tap into Instagram’s popularity with travel, fashion and food and drink aficionados.

The Instagram news is also a biggie for app marketing. Just think about the potential brand exposure that can be generated via this hugely popular platform. Not convinced? Maybe this additional bit of news – also via mobyaffiliates – will convince you. Instagram is expected to surpass both Google and Twitter in terms of American mobile display advertising revenues by 2017. That’s no mean feat.

The past week also brought us news of two new video-related apps – one the latest output from an old guard and the other a twist on an existing concept…

Yoohoo, Yahoo’s back

Yahoo haven’t had the greatest of fortunes over the years, with Google becoming the definition of search engines and (initially at least) negative responses to changes made following their acquisition of products like Flickr. So it will be interesting to see how things pan out with their new Livetext app – announced last week and featured on Marketing Land.

The app is being described as “Snapchat-like” (hmm) and gives users the opportunity to conduct live video interfaces via their phones. Notably there is no sound featured on the videos, however users can overlay text to communicate via the videos. This launch seems like something of a gamble – taking on an app as established as Snapchat is a bold step, but the big question is whether or not a service providing silent video with overlaid text is even necessary and therefore what will the uptake be?

…Boom Goes the Dynamite

Dynamite App last week announced closure of $1.6 million in Series Seed funding, paving the way towards its public beta launch. A few things stand out on a first glance at Dynamite – its loud logo, the fact that it has a dog called Shmee listed as one of its team members and a similarity to Vine.

By similarity to Vine we’re talking about the concept of short, snappy videos but Dynamite immediately distinguishes itself by giving the user 42 seconds to work/play with as opposed to Vine’s six. And that’s not all – Dynamite looks like an app that’s setting out to show it has a conscience from the very beginning. Its website and news releases downplay the sugar coated appearance of some social media platforms and reach out to the world’s victimised and disenfranchised, inviting them to share how they feel either publicly or – thanks to face mask and audio filter tools – anonymously.

Could Dynamite be one of the next big things in the world of mobile video? Using the term “cultural juggernaut” to describe the app’s potential future, Jonathan Perl – of venture capital firm Observatory Capital – certainly hopes so.

However things pan out for Livetext, Dynamite and many more it looks like Bill Gates’ words are as true as ever – Content is King.


App Store Spam – The Chinese Approach.

Back in the day of fast and loose web spam we had to deal with link farms. These links farms were entirely based online and were quickly and easily generated by one person from their…pick a any room…bathroom! 😀

…a new frontier with old school tac-tics!

Given that link farms were entirely automated imagine my surprise when I read an article showing us a App Downloads Farm….wait for it…it had actual living people and, what looks like, walls of phones! OLD SKOOL! Using people and hardware. Read more

New Digs – Golden Square

Hi Y’all!

It’s been a busy old week and we’ve not had a chance to spout any marketing chat, this is mostly because we’ve just moved office.

23-Golden-Square-London-W1F 9JP

That’s right we’ve moved into Golden Square. To the left of us Sony Entertainment and to our right Carbon Electric Grill – you know how important food is to us!


Ahh! Nothing like a bit of art work, that we don’t understand, right outside for us to admire!


Fancy a visit? Pop down to Miratrix, 23 Golden Square, London, W1F 9JP.