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The dawn of 2016 has brought with it some very interesting app related revelations, Business Insider UK has revealed that the top 10 apps in the US in 2015 were all owned by just three companies. Don’t be disheartened though, the top ten apps covered a diverse range of areas so there’s plenty of room to bump these giants off the top spot! To find out who you’re up against Adam Levy reveals all here.

Apple are stepping up their game in 2016, focusing on increasing the range of apps on their Apple TV. User friendly and accessible apps are on the agenda and making music and video sharing easier seems to be a big priority. For a riveting read on Apple’s progress over the last ten years and what to expect from them in 2016, check out Daniel Eran Dilger’s feature on appleinsider.

The new year’s starting off on a high note for all and there’s rumour that Google’s resolution is to knock Facebook off their top spot for messaging with an intelligent messaging app. Google’s new app will apparently let you chat with your friends or ask a bot for answers to your questions. As of yet there’s no release date and no one knows if it will be a new and improved hangouts or an app all of it’s own. What we do know is that hangouts in its current form won’t be missed!

Unsurprisingly for January, fitness apps are topping the charts, Ubergizmo looks are the best fitness apps for keeping new year’s resolutions.

While there is a diverse range of apps to choose from, ‘Habitica’ is definitely one I’ll try out, I can’t help but lament the gaping gaps in an otherwise flooded market. Where are the highly rated apps geared at the floods of female power lifters out there? Or an app for the Joe Soap whose fitness goal is to train like a ninja? Success is all about finding a niche and being the best at it.


Not everybody’s new year’s resolution is fitness based but luckily there are a million apps out there to help you keep track of whatever it may be. Jerica Wilson has just launched a great new app for iOS that tracks your resolutions all year round, she’s also a fantastically talented developer check out her and her app here!

The first few days of 2016 have set the tone for an extraordinary year of progress, I’m looking forward to what the next few weeks will reveal!

The Yearly Roundup!

As 2015 draws to a close, we say farewell to a fantastic year for apps. Looking back, here are some of the best bits!
In February there was call to arms of gamers in the battle against cancer, gamers unique way of sussing routes make them especially apt at helping scientists find patterns helpful in cancer research. For more info check out Nick’s post from February and watch the video here.

March brought the monetisation of Tinder and Nick explored the pros and cons of switching from a free to a paying app. Time is a great teacher, check out the article here to see what we’ve learned.

August saw youtube claiming it was going to step up its game and bring a more user accessible app to the table and the UK being declared as a nation of app users. China also brought us astounding figures in advertising revenue generated from mobile advertising, read Alan’s article here.

Should 2016 be the year to go after celebrity endorsement for your app? We explored apps with celebrity contacts back in September. It’s definitely a relationship that could be beneficial for both parties as the buzzfeed app quickly discovered by giving Hillary Clinton a tech savvy edge.

Three months later Headspace is still receiving top reviews and was listed as one of the Independent’s best meditation apps.

Villoid is also still highly rated and this particular celebrity tie has warranted mention in publications that wouldn’t necessarily broach the tech world. Well worth is for the extended audience!

Buzzfeed’s app is fairing well in the rating for handy apps and it seems Hillary Clinton’s endorsement has done it no harm, turns out infamy will work as well as fame for getting your app out there!

October showed a wave of apps dedicated to educating and making a positive change in the world, Peggy Anne Salz introduced us to Games for Change.

For a recap and to get involved check out Shane Schick’s article in the Fierce Developer.

Snapchat was keen to capitalise on big investors and have come up with a personal marketing campaign to see them rolling in cash in 2016, to get money making tips off them and Facebook recap Alan’s article here

Or perhaps the best way to publicise your app is to get Kanye to give out about it!

In November Nick postulated on Instagram’s potential influence and when the app peak might be, videos well worth a recap


Reflecting on this year’s app highlights gives so much food for thought, so many masters of the trade to emulate and so much potential for growth! Here’s to 2016 being a fantastic year and to the student becoming the master, happy holidays everyone!

‘Appy Christmas week!

2016 is nearly upon us and here’s to beginning a new chapter bursting with success! It’s been an interesting week, with much speculation and what’s to come next year. The founders of MCordis got together with Peggy Anne Salz to bring you a special podcast highlighting their predicted marketing trends of 2016.

But only a fool wouldn’t want a second opinion and luckily for us CEO of Priori Data Patrick Kane was also keen to share his insights of what the marketing trends of 2016 could bring.

Mobyaffiliates are also gunning for success and they shared some fantastic articles to end 2015 on a high note. No matter what your goal in life sometimes the sheer competition can seem overwhelming but don’t ever be put off by it, it just means there’s a market out there for your app. Mobyaffiliates App Marketing Campaign Playbook is a real treat and definitely worth a read if you want to stand out from the crowd with a successful app.

Coming up to Christmas everybody’s pulling the purse strings a bit tighter and sometimes the road less travelled is the best way to go. If your app isn’t earning you the gross you anticipated, don’t despair! Jamie Giggs of AppIndex solves our money woes with his enlightening article about potential earnings beyond the traditional app stores.



The better you know your competitor the easier it is to beat them. Priori data have released ‘Discovery’, a daily chart chronicling newcomer apps progress in the App Store top charts. It’s advanced filter options make it easy to monitor multiple markets. A great way to keep an eye on your competitors!

Anne Frier has some good new for game app developers, research has shown that they make up 38% of all apps on Apple TV app store. For fascinating download data and to get the inside scoop on what else is going on read her article here.


As we’re winding up the year, let’s take a look at some of the many apps that have come and gone. Zach Streich of Zacism takes a humorous look at the apps that everybody had to have before they deleted them.

Alcoholic apps are winning out!

It’s the season to be drunk and everybody knows it! Mobyaffiliates shared a great article highlighting how mobile ad campaigns promoting alcohol are outperforming all the others, is it just the season we’re in or is there more to it?


It’ll come as no surprise that being ahead of the game and implementing new technology in your mobile games makes you twice as likely to get featured. Saikala Sultanova shared a riveting read by Pollen insights on how exactly to get there!

The future is upon us and the news keeps getting better for app developers everywhere. Research has shown that advertisers are paying significantly more for targeted ads that reach your customers. Gone are the days of selling inventory, it’s all about selling your customer data. It’s more valuable than you know and everyone wants a piece of it, check out Peggy Anne Saltz’s article on VB and get selling!

An interesting read on app retention and the difference in Android and IOS users by Anne Freier of the Business of Apps. Apps geared towards reading and writing are more popular with Android users but IOS users win out on apps with a social element. I sense a new personality quiz question on the horizon! Check out her fantastic article here.

It looks like socialising isn’t the only thing apple users are better at, findings show that 77% of mobile sales occur on IOS! Check out Prior Data’s golden article to find out why.


And Finally get your Christmas feels with Wow app, the app that shares 70% of its revenue with you. You have the choice of donating what you earn to one of 2,000 charities or keeping it for yourself. It also boasts the lowest worldwide call rates, so your loved ones abroad won’t feel so far away this Christmas.

From Berlin to Bangkok-this week’s app round up!

Another jammed packed week of app development has drawn to a close, you know what they say ‘get busy living or get busy dying”.  APS Berlin was held on the 3rd of December, with guest speakers from Trivago, Soundcloud and Facebook it really is where app development is at! Watch Diego Miller share his 10 commandments of app marketing below.



Good news for app developers the launch of blue stack 2 has seen a surge in app usage across all platforms and has already surpassed the 100 million download mark. Saika Sultanova shared an insightful article by Darren Allen of Techrader, give it a read here.

A recent survey has found the younger generation more likely to use apps for online shopping, definitely a bonus this time of year when the shopping is nonstop! Anne Frier crunches the numbers here.



Next week it’s all happening in Bangkok! Affiliate world Asia summit is being held from the 7-9th of December, headlining is Mobvista founder and CEO Wei Duan with his presentation ‘The Gold Rush in Asian Mobile Marketing’. Thailand is fast becoming recognised as one of the most influential hubs for cultural and economic exchange between the East and West. If you’re in the area, don’t miss out! James Cooper of Mobyaffiliates has a great article on what to expect here.

Christmas is coming and we’ve rounded up some weird and wonderful Christmas apps to get you into the spirit of the season!

Oceanhouse Media brings us the grinch that stole christmas, with options for kids to read along or have it read to them with accompanying words and animation it’s the perfect app for improving literacy and giving kids the gift of reading this christmas. Available for android and iphone.

The lovely people at Elf Live App have brought us interactive elf chat this christmas, log in to chat with elfs straight from the north pole. Kids get assigned personal elves that show them how to make digital wish lists and supply hours of entertainment with elfish jokes and christmas cheers. Providing the perfect distraction so you can finish off the Christmas shopping in peace! Available on android and iphone.


Check out Pocket Lint’s list of the best Christmas apps of 2015 for further inspiration and give the gift of an app this Christmas.


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