Apps For Keyless Cars, Charity and More!

First keyless car is unveiled

There will be no more frantic searching when someone can’t find their car keys to get to work in the morning with Volvo unveiling the first keyless car.

Instead, owners will use a mobile phone app to unlock the doors and the boot and also start the engine remotely. Mercedes is also following the same route with its E-Class.

However, for owners who aren’t comfortable with the prospect of using a mobile phone app to unlock their car, they can specify a key instead. The firm says that ‘within a generation’ using a digital key will not be seen as a novel way to open a car.

The only downside, says Volvo, is that a smartphone could run out of battery but the firm insists that if the owner appreciates that the phone is their car key then the battery will be fully charged at all times.
The new system will be operational in Volvo’s V90 and S90 cars which will be in showrooms in the next few months.

Mobile apps boost church collections

A mobile phone app is boosting church collections as growing numbers of people opt to use it rather than put cash onto the collection plate.

The ChurchApp enables parishioners to make donations via their smartphone and user numbers have increased by 10% over the past year.

The man behind the app says it probably will not bring an end to the collection plate but for those parishioners who carry cards rather than cash, then the smartphone app is a convenient way to donate money.

Mobile app for bank account does away with the need for PIN

We have all done it, struggled to remember a PIN number or the security password to access our bank account but a new app does away with this need and HSBC customers will soon be able to use a mobile phone app for fingerprint or voice verification instead.

Around 15 million customers of the bank, along with those from First Direct, will no longer need to type in numbers or passwords in what is called the ‘largest roll-out in the UK of voice biometric security technology’.
A spokeswoman for HSBC said: “The launch of touch and voice ID makes it quicker for customers to access their bank account and will use the body which is the most secure form of passport technology.”
Customers of First Direct will be able to enrol in their voice ID program in a few weeks, while for HSBC customers this will occur in the summer. The customers can also use touch ID by downloading a specific mobile banking app.

The Miratrix mobile phone app news round-up

Microsoft has finally started rolling out its Windows 10 Mobile platform and users with phones running Windows 8.1 can download an app to check whether their device will handle the upgrade to Windows 10. Tinder for pets? That’s the app idea launched by Zeppee to help potential owners adopt abandoned dogs, cats and even snakes. Nato has been warned that people smugglers in the Aegean can track their ship’s movements via the £2.99 MarineTraffic mobile phone app to avoid detection when smuggling people to Greece.

Why More Business Need Apps & YouTube Go Gaming!

How to make money out of mobile apps

An excellent article on the business magazine Forbes’ website explains what mobile app developers everywhere are looking for – namely how to make money out of their mobile apps and getting more people to use them.

Written by the chief executive of AppNexus, Brian O’Kelly, he highlights that the revolution of internet users switching to mobile devices is very much under way.

Web browsing is in decline and mobiles are affecting how people interact with the internet, he says.

However, with more than 2 million mobile apps on the largest app stores, growing numbers of developers are looking to advertise their wares and, he predicts, mobile advertising will rise to $17 billion within two years.
Part of the problem is that Apple’s App Store is ‘like a lottery’ with few companies being able to top the charts.
The article also underlines another issue with mobile app development and reveals that apps downloaded from Google Play lose 77% of users within three days.

When asked why people were uninstalling apps, 29% said they were fed up with ‘intrusive ads’.
This creates a major problem for mobile app developers since 75% of apps are free because most people will not pay for them, so how do developers generate an income?
Mr O’Kelly then goes on to outline how developers can generate money and create interest in their work.

Why businesses need mobile apps

Here at Miratrix we regularly explain to businesses that they need to do more than have a very good website and they now need interactive mobile apps to reach customers.

This has been underlined by an article on BizCommunity which reveals that Google revealed last year that more consumers are accessing the internet via their mobile devices than they are from desktop PCs.
The article goes on to explain that mobile apps should help a business deliver its promotions and be informative. Mobile app should also help build a following on social media and help build exposure to the firm’s brand.

Will mobile phone apps be the death of bank branches?

With growing numbers of us accessing our bank account via a mobile phone means fewer of us are visiting real world bank branches.

Indeed, one consultancy says that as the growth in mobile banking increases, the number of people visiting branches will halve over the coming four years.

Interestingly, the data also reveals that people using computers for their banking will also fall into decline as logins from mobile apps continue to soar.
It also appears that the world of banking is also changing with one lender, Atom Bank, which is mobile-focused soon to launch.

Mobile apps could help boost our health

A World Health Organisation seminar in Belfast has heard that mobile apps could be the key for boosting health, according to IT experts.

Delegates heard that technology could help tackle issues like Alzheimer’s and demonstrated a new mobile app which has been developed by scientists at Ulster University and Utah State University.
The delegates heard that digital technology can play a leading role in delivering healthcare and making it user friendly and more efficient.

Miratrix Mobile App news round-up

YouTube has announced that its mobile gaming app is launching in Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and Australia for iOS and Android. YouTube Gaming is for live streaming and gameplay videos though Android users have the ability to use other apps while watching on a small window their YouTube Gaming videos. If you were regularly misplace your iPhone then the Lookout app for the Apple Watch is for you – it will reveal the phone’s location (or for the connected the iPad too) which will be useful if the iPhone has been stolen.

#wtf Clash Royale: 600+ App Reviews in Beta | MTX16

Last week we discuss tow giants copying one another, Windows copying Apple App Store?. This I couldn’t help but talk about another giant. Supercell and their new game Clash Royale. A game which is breaking revenue records, causing the app store’s to lose there mind and individually promote them and from and App Store Optimisation point of view; pulling app reviews like crazy!

Watch this video on YouTube.

English Version
Spanish Version

EN Transcription:

#wtf Clash Royale: 600+ Reviews in Beta | MTX16

Hi, I’m Nick Duddy from Miratrix and welcome to this week’s video.

We can’t go this week without talking about Clash Royale. It is occupying entirely
too much of my time. It is doing incredible numbers for Supercell, they must be so happy.

And from an ASO point of view, they are getting amazing feedback in the reviews.

So we’ve started looking at the reviews, in fact we were looking at the reviews while it was in beta, just casually looking at how ridiculously high they were, and how many they were
getting that were five star.

And over, I think maybe end of this week, beginning of next week, we’re going gonna release a blog post with first of all the Play app reviews.

I was looking at them and having a laugh in some cases, mostly giggling out of how crazy is this, how do you compete with this if you’re in the game industry?

But Clash Royale was absolutely insane, we’re gonna do a bit more work around it, a deeper dive, as they like to say, into the metrics of it. So that’s this week’s video, it’s more of a heads up for a blog post that’s coming.

So, see you next week. Bye!

ES Transcription:

Hola, soy Nick Duddy de Miratrix y le doy la bienvenida al vídeo de esta semana.

No podemos dejar de hablar sobre Clash Royale esta semana.

Está ocupando demasiado de mi tiempo.

Está haciendo un número increíble para Supercell, ellos deben estar muy felices. Y desde el punto de vista de ASO, están recibiendo feedbacks increíbles en las críticas.

Así que hemos empezado a ver las críticas, de hecho, las veíamos mientras estaba en fase beta, casualmente mirando cómo ridículamente altas eran,

y cuántas cinco estrellas estaban recibiendo.

Y otra vez, creo que tal vez el final de esta semana, comienzo de la próxima semana, vamos va a hacer un post en el blog con la primera de todas las críticas de Play.

Las estaba mirando y riendo en algunos casos, principalmente riendo de lo loco que es esto, ¿cómo competir con esto si está en la industria de los videojuegos?

Pero Clash Royale era absolutamente insano, vamos a trabajar un poco más en ello, una inmersión más profunda, como les gusta decir, en sus métricas.

Así que ese es el video de esta semana, que es un aviso para un post de blog que está viniendo.

Por lo tanto, nos vemos la próxima semana. ¡Adiós!

Mira todos nuestros vídeos de optimización de App Store

Instagram & Facebook Ads Best For Developers?

Looking to boost mobile app downloads? Facebook and Instagram could be key

Finding buyers for mobile apps is always a difficult task – but now research reveals that developers have seen sparkling results by advertising using Instagram and Facebook ads.
Indeed, those who did advertise saw the number of apps being downloaded boosted by 196% in the final three months of 2015.

The figures come from analysts Kenshoo who also reveal that the amount being spent on advertising mobile apps grew by 155% over the same period.
The firm also reveals that in the last four months of last year, one in five of all install ad clicks came from Instagram.

Perhaps the biggest incentive is that the research reveals that advertising on Instagram means new customers can be found at a lower cost since adverts on the platform are cheaper than Facebook despite having nearly identical rates for click throughs.

Tasty boost for Domino’s Pizza led by mobile app use

The number of orders being made for Domino’s Pizza from mobile apps rocketed by more than 41% last year with an incredible 11.5 million people having now downloaded the firm’s app.
Domino’s has also seen a big surge in online orders to help them record a big leap in pre-tax profits which is mainly down to its growth in digital sales.
The firm’s chief executive David Wild said: “Since our app was launched two or three ago our customers have found it easy to get hold of pizza and it’s our most important trend.”

Inaccurate mobile app for blood pressure raises fears

However, it’s not all good news for mobile app developers this week with a new study revealing that one of the bestselling ever smartphone apps before it was pulled from the market is coming under close scrutiny.
Researchers found that the IBP – Instant Blood Pressure – app which cost £3.50 gave a false reading in 75% of tests.
After its release in June 2014, the app spent 156 days in the bestselling charts with at least 950 being bought every day. The app was withdrawn from sale in July last year for ‘unexplained reasons’.
Researchers say there could be issues for someone relying on the app to deliver accurate blood pressure readings.

In other mobile app news….

Google says it is testing a new mobile app which allows users to buy services and items via their smartphone without them having to take their phone out. It’s called ‘Hands Free’ and uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect with a till; Microsoft has also signalled its intention for bringing more mobile apps to the market by buying platform provider Xamarin to help developers enable apps to be used across Windows, iOS and Android; Wearable tech looks set to be this year’s buzzword with news that device makers have shipped more than 27 million units in the last quarter of 2015 – the big surge in demand of 127% on the year previously with Fitbit leading the charge followed by Apple and then Xiaomi.

ASO: Did Windows Copy Apple App Store Algorithm | MTX15

In 2015 I did a talk at Microscoft which was supposed to be how to do App Store Optimization in the Windows Store. The talk turned into why you can’t do aso in windows and how it negatively effects indie developers and the app store model for windows.

Watch this video on YouTube.

English Version
Spanish Version

EN Transcription:

ASO: Did Windows Copy Apple App Store Algorithm | MTX15

Hi, I’m Nick Duddy from Miratrix, and welcome to this week’s video. No joke, we’re actually going to talk about Windows app store optimization or the lack of it.

This is a really quick video just on something that I heard. Um, last year, I think it was, I did a study on app store optimization for Windows, and it turned out to be pretty impossible, because the algorithm was pretty stupid, and no gains could be made in the Windows Store.

However, on Windows 10, it sounds like they have, not sounds like, almost guaranteed that they have copied Apple’s method of the algorithm, which is keywords, title, I’m pretty sure reviews.

Um, so if you’re doing Windows stuff, you might want to look at that. (laughs) But, what they fail to realize is that Apple’s algorithm sucks, so they’ve copied a really,
really rubbish algorithm to be their model for ranking their apps.

Well done, Windows. Okay, that’s my point for this week.

I’ll see you all next week.


ES Transcription:

Hola, soy Nick Duddy de Miratrix, y bienvenidos al vídeo de esta semana. No es broma, de hecho hablaremos sobre optimización de la tienda de aplicaciones de Windows o la falta de ella.

Es un vídeo muy rápido en algo que escuché.

El año pasado, creo que fue, hice un estudio en la optimización de la
tienda de aplicaciones, y resultó que era casi imposible, porque el algoritmo era muy estúpido, y no se podía ganar cosa alguna en la tienda de Windows.

Sin embargo, en Windows 10, parece que ha casi de seguro copiado el algoritmo del método de Apple, las cuales son, palabras clave, título, creo que reseñas.

Si hacen algo con Windows, querrán darle un vistazo a eso. Pero, lo que no se dan cuenta es que el algoritmo de Apple apesta, así que han copiado un algoritmo basura para que sea su modelo para
ordenar sus aplicaciones.

Bien hecho, Windows. Bien, ése es mi punto para esta semana. Los veré en la próxima.


Lower Mobile App CPI: How to Pick a Strong App Icon

Tackling Mobile CPI costs head on isn’t as expensive or difficult as it might seem. Here is 1 Tip for for helping to pick a strong app icon which is validated buy real life humans 🙂 This is not a design video 😀

Watch this video on YouTube.

English Version
Spanish Version

EN Transcription:

Mobile CPI: How To Make A Better App Icon | MTX14

Hi, I’m Nick Duddy from Miratrix and welcome to this week’s video. This week we’re gonna talk
about CPI and how to improve it. There’s so many reasons for improving it, but the main one is it goes down so you can afford more installs.

Well, for me that’s the main reason. So how would you improve it? The obvious way to improve CPI, I feel, because I do app store optimization, is to adjust in the listing page.

And this has been going around for ages, this isn’t new stuff. And the first thing to
tackle would be the icons, most obvious part. Draws people into your app page.

But how do you do this? So there’s a couple of tools out there that you use to do this. So if you start from scratch in your app, your launch, you’ve got Google Experiments in Android and I use SplitMetrics for iOS.

So you can do AB testing. But if your app’s already out there in the wild, there’s other signals that you can use to figure out what images to use, to kind of give you a crowdsourced sort of image.

And that would be using Google Images. A lot of the images out there are from PR sources and other people linking, using your images.

And they have picked the best ones for their website.

So, it might be worth you guys having a look to see what images people are using to talk about your game and link to your site with.

And using these as a starting point to do your AB testing and obviously, every now and again, well, maybe it’s not obvious.

But every now and again, throw in something wild to see if it works. So, that’s how I go
about optimizing my icons to try and improve CPI.

Hopefully you’ll find that interesting and useful.

And I’ll see you guys next week, bye.

ES Transcription:

Hola, soy Nick Duddy de Miratrix y bienvenidos al video de esta semana.

Esta semana vamos a hablar sobre CPI y cómo mejorarlo. Hay muchas razones para mejorarlo. pero la principal es que puedes costearte más instalaciones.

Bueno, para mí esa es la principal razón. ¿Cómo puedes mejorarlo? La manera obvia de mejorar el CPI, ya que yo hago optimización de apps es ajustar en la página de listado.

Y esto ha estado pasando durante mucho tiempo, no es nada nuevo. Y la primera cosa que debemos
atacar son los iconos, la parte más obvia. Atrae gente a tu página.

¿Pero cómo hacer esto?

Hay un par de herramientas para hacer esto.

Si comienzas desde el principio con tu app, la lanzas tienens Google Experiments y Android y yo uso SplitMetrics para iOS.

Puedes hacer un test de AB. Pero si tu app ya está publicada, hay otras señales que puedes usar para saber qué imágenes usar, para darte una imagen que llame la atención.

Y es utilizando Google Images. Muchas de las imágenes son de fuentes PR y de otras personas, que utilizan tu imagen. Y han escogido las mejores para su web.

Valdría la pena ver qué imágenes usa la gente hablar de sus juegos y
enlaces a tu sitio web. Usar esto como un punto de partida para hacer tests AB y obviamente, cada vez que puedas, bueno, tal vez no es muy obvio.

Pero cada cierto tiempo, lanza algo para ver si funciona. Así es como yo optimizo mis iconos para mejorar mi CPI.

Espero que encuentren esto útil e interesante.

Y nos vemos la siguiente semana, adiós.

App News-Five Fantastic Things That Happened This Week!

We’ve rounded up the essential app news from the last week, here are the top five fabulous things you need to know right now!


Instagram’s upping their advertising game, allowing 60 second video ads for marketers. Read more

App News Highlights-5 Things You Need To Know From the Last Week!



With over 1,000 new apps being launched daily it’s always a jam-packed week in the app world. Here are 5 things we think you need to know from the last week of app news.


Pollen VC is offering app developers an advance on the money they could wait up to 60 days for from the app store.

Priori Data tweeted about Peggy Anne’s fantastic article on In it she analyses the long tail phenomenon and shows us how it’s benefiting both developers and intrepid companies like Pollen VC who have spotted a glaring financial gap in the market and made a bold move that benefits us all. An uplifting read that highlights how much room there is for all of us in the app market.



Tapdaq an alternative app advertising platform has raised $6.5 million series A.

Dom Bracher has brought to light London based Tapdaq’s success in bagging $6.5m series A investment, Natasha Lomas of Techcrunch tells all here. This app advertising platform is tackling the app discovery problem by offering an ad trading service to indie developers. Tapdaq users trade ads with each other to ensure cross platform discovery and developers only receive the same amount of ads as they send. This big investment bodes well for the future of app discovery.



The Business of apps shows us how to leverage the biggest untapped app marketing channel.

The Business of apps shared their video of Florian Lormes, media services director of Telefonica, at the App Promotion Summit in Berlin. In it he talks about opening up communication between app developers and potential consumers. With the ability to pre install apps on certain phones he’s definitely a man worth listening too!



Facebook has opened Audience Network to the mobile web.


Saikala Sultanova tweeted about Jillian D’Onfro’s exciting article in the Business Insider. Facebook have opened Audience Network up to anyone with a mobile site, giving online businesses an opportunity to make money off their advertising. Facebook also appear to be vying for the top spot in advertising with their sights set on knocking Google off the charts.



Mobiquity networks have teamed up with US theatres to bring patrons mobile ad campaigns powered by beacons.

Anne Frier of Mobyaffiliates wrote about an interesting development in app advertising. Mobiquity a mobile engagement provider with headquarters in the United States, Europe and India are taking advantage of US cinema goers to boost mobile advertising with fun interactive mobile games. Check out Anne’s article here!

Five Signs You’re Developing A Successful App!

To make things more interesting we’ve taken all the app news from the past week and condensed it into a handy list to assure you you’re on route to success.


You have a celeb endorsement.


While definitely not essential to success having a famous face attached to your app does seem to help. This week Sultanova tweeted about Glu mobile’s plan to develop a mobile game with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, this isn’t the first time we’ve noticed the trend of star powered apps, check out Alan’s article from back in September for a quick recap!


        You’re developing an app with your target audience in mind.

Developing a knitting app for granny’s that can’t use smart phones is probably a lost cause, it’s vital to have your target audience in mind on every step of your app journey and creating a user friendly, accessible app is much more likely to bring success than one your customers can’t even navigate. As always Peggy Anne Salz shares some sage advice this week in the form of an article by Sophie Densham of Ukie. The Uk games trade body is collaborating with leading user research company to provide new player experience reports. Now you can find out how your customers really feel!


       You’ve taken the initial leap, from dreaming about the app you want to create to actually creating it.


You’d be amazed at how many great ideas never leave the planning stages, if you’ve successfully moved beyond this step then you’ve already won half the battle! Priori data shared Jovanny Espinal’s fantastic read on turning your idea into an app, don’t get stuck in the dream stage read Jovanny’s article here!

      Know your enemy.


Research, research, research! Know your competition, know their successes and know their failures. By knowing what’s hot and what’s not you’ll always be one step ahead of the game. Prior data and google play have released the download and revenue data for apps, publishers and categories across 50 countries. Read all about it!

     Don’t lose your head when you think it’s all gone wrong.


The Business of Apps claim that even for top performing apps it’s normal to lose 80% of your usership in the first week. So it’s vital that those first few days of usership are geared at consumer retention and increased interaction with your app. Ann Frier tells all in the this riveting read.

Spring cleaning, life-saving and tackling India-it’s turning into an ‘appy New Year!

With the first (slightly painful!) week of January safely behind us, it’s time to fire ahead with our business plans and take a quick peek at what this year has revealed to us so far.
Anne Freier of Mobyaffiliates has good news for app developers everywhere and shares an emboldening read comparing advertising on mobile devices and televisions. A study from Yahoo! Advertising has found mobile advertising is drawing a more emotional and engaged response from its audience than traditional television advertising, with mobile device internet use being dominated by apps. It’s also a fascinating look at the difference in usership between generation x and generation y, be surprised by their content preferences here.

Spring cleaning is no longer confined to the home and Yahoo research has also unveiled data showing app users replacing apps at least once a month with some consumers deleting outdated apps every few weeks. Luckily the main reasons for this spring clean are all things the savvy developer can easily remedy, to stay at the top of your game check out Anne’s article.

Looking for some magic beans to guarantee financial growth for your app? The Business of Apps isn’t quite promising that but Jamie Giggs has put together a handy article outlining what Addict Mobile think the steps to success are. Turn your business into a flourishing success by taking their advice!

Is 2016 going to be the year you conquer the world? If you’re looking to at least tackle a new market, India with its 1.2 billion inhabitants might be the market place you’ve dreamed of. Knowing your audience is the key to success, Mobyaffiliates have compiled ‘8 facts to know before promoting your app in India’, it’s an enlightening read and the perfect place to start!

The cream rises to the top and Peggy Anne Salz has some fantastic advice on how to make your app nice and frothy! In her article from November she takes an in depth look at the changing world of app economics from middle class developers to how important understanding app store optimisation really is. Peggy Anne has put in abundant research and she’s happy to share the fruits of her labour, educate yourself here.

This week also saw Ms. Salz sharing an exciting article about staying ahead in the app development market by Q Manning, Manning discusses his three golden rules for ensuring you are top of your game, read his article so you don’t fall behind!

To leave you on a high note, the red cross have released a first aid app that will turn us all into lifesavers! Available in over eighty languages the top rated app doesn’t require wifi to run and is the perfect backup in an emergency situation. Find this lifesaver here!