How To Run A Kickstarter Campaign – My thoughts.

My Kickstarter Prezzy


I took a quick snap. Clearly I had a shaky hand!

Last week I did my first ever public talk. It was about my recent experience of being in charge of a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign for Lupo. It wasn’t nearly terrify as I thought it would be.

As you can see the talk started with Lionel Richie and it only got better from there 😀

Big thanks to Business Gateway for giving me a stage and thanks to everyone that came along and for the positive feedback. I hope it was useful.

Running A Kickstarter Campaign – Life After Kickstarter

Well. It’s been a while since we’ve done any sort of blog post, tweet or anything really. Why is that? Because in March we launched a Kickstarter project with a company called Connect-IN to help fund Lupo hardware and app.

Kickstarter is a very interesting thing. It has a unique ability to focus you like no other channel. The urgency that’s pressed on you by the timer counting down and the revenue going up or in some cases not, is like nothing anyone in the team has experienced. It was awesome and intense. With a Kickstarter campaign it really is all on the line, not just from a reputation point of view but also if the campaign fails the project implodes, money dries up and people lose their jobs. There are real world impacts here.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be talking about some of our experiences and interesting discoveries during a successful Kickstarter campaign. Really, we are still processing everything that happened.

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