App Developer Alliance Workshop Video’s!

In December I was lucky enough to be invited to be on an Organic growth panel by App Developer Alliance. They filmed all the talks which discussed everything from design to to monetization.

The first video is a reel of short interviews with all the speakers from the event, it includes people such at George Osborn (mobilemavericks), Peter Warmen (Newzoo), Mike Winters (branch) to name a few.

Watch this video on YouTube.

You can check the entire Organic Growth panel below

Watch this video on YouTube.

and for the entire event you can check it out here!

APS Berlin 2014: My Favourite Bits

This week’s post is a little later than usual, mostly because I’ve be gallivanting around Berlin after attending App Promotion Summit. Firstly, if you’ve never been to Berlin, go, go right now! Not just because of the mix of logical and creative but because Berlin has an amazing app community, full of great ideas and the business acumen to generate vast revenue streams entirely from apps. It’s very impressive.

…enough about how much I love Berlin, lets get back to apps

There were a couple of talks I caught at APS Berlin that really stood out, possibly because they reinforced my thoughts on the general and specific points of mobile app marketing. I’m only going to mention the key point from each talk that stuck in my head.

The Mobile Growth Stack

Andy Carvell – @andy_carvell

Andy did a great talk around the entire mobile growth stack. His stack diagram is excellent and should definitely get the cogs turning in your head.

Here’s Andy’s medium post on it.


App Review Mining


Tom Leclerc – @tomleclerc2

Tom spoke about a topic close to my heart – review mining. I don’t think enough people talk about this, I’ve no idea why. It’s an extremely rich source of information and depending on how many reviews you are mining  you can get a basic data set together using only excel. Tom gave us some reasons for not review mining with some useful responses to them.

…you’ll see here that I totally duffed the photo. 😀


TV ads and App Downloads

Stefan Bieleu – @stefanbielau

Stefan usually gives us something useful and this time it was no exception. TV ads and how they influence app downloads. The part that really stood out to me was the customer retention overtime graph. TV drives a high quality users which results in an incremental drop off in users.


The aha! Moment.

Marie Stwinthaler – @marmarlade

Marie reminded us all that you don’t necessarily need to track 10’s/100’s of metrics. You can have ‘one to rule them all’. The aha moment explaining that twitter had one metric that they monitored religiously because they know the impact of that particular metric, see below.


Right. That’s the important content bit done. Now for the entertainment!

Introducing the ‘Whatever’ Winners!

As I entered back into the hall I found this at the door:

I knew something was up.

Evgeny (metricscat) and I swanned into the room and grabbed a table with Réda (Fiksu) and Laurie (apptweak) with 6 other people. It was a quiz, a group of 10 of us pick an uninspiring name ‘whatever’. Clearly we were masking our abilities! This is what happened.

We had all won a months full access for PrioriData, at £2,500 per month. An excellent prize for a data junkie!

As you can imagine after collecting our prize the winning team celebrated until the early morning, celebrated like champs!!

So what did I think of #APSBERLIN? I can’t wait until the next one!

Miratrix @ APPSWORLD

Howdy! This is just a quick post to let you all know that I’ll be on a panel at Apps World 2014 today from 17:25. As well as being Live at Apps World Europe the panel will also be viewable on Google hangouts.

As you’ll have guessed it’s not just me up there, you’ll be able to hear from some of the smartest people involved in mobile app acquisition strategy. I’m super excited to share the stage with Anne-Catherine Goulby (SwiftKey), Ted Nash (Tapdaq), Ryan Pitylak (Unique Influence) and Saikala Sultanova (miniclip).

Check out more details on the WIP Jam site.

If you’re attending and looking for something to do in between talks I’m always up for a coffee. tweet me @nickduddy.

Hopefully I’ll see y’all there!