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Using Google Analytics For App Store Keyword Research

The questions I am asked most often about the app marketing world are, ‘What keywords should I use for my app’ and, ‘What tools do you use for app store keyword research?’. You’ll all understand the answer I give, and it’s well worth knowing (even if it’s one of my more complicated insights). Here goes: […]

Droidcon: Not Just For Devs

This post is a little later than I wanted it to be but it’s been a good, hectic October/ November. After the best part of two weeks away from HQ I have returned to the motherland with stories of a Big Green Machine…there was also a blue one but that’d only confuse the post. After […]

SEO is as Dead as a Zombie!

Yesterday I did my FIRST EVER! Webinar with the help of Michael Flannigan from Target360 who is no less than the Bruce Forsyth of webinars. It being Halloween I had to ask the question “If SEO is dead, how is it possible that business can still be doing it?” The answer? Zombies!! All SEO’s are zombies because we […]

Adding A Business To Yelp

Setting up a Yelp business page is relatively straightforward. It does require a lot of waiting and confirming. Like Google, Yelp tends to change its processes quite a bit. For example prior to writing this post you would have had to confirm your business with Yelp via a phone call and a pin. Now, however, […]

How To Set Up Google Local/ Place/ Maps

The Benefit of Google Maps Appearing in Google’s local search results can be immensely beneficial to most businesses. Especially small hyper-local businesses, who gain from the online equivalent of passing trade. Someone could be in your area, round the corner for instance, looking for exactly what you sell or provide. That person uses their smart […]