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The App Store Times, Issue 4

The App Store Times, Issue 4 Boom! We are back. A little later than usual, and I’m sorry for that. Last week’s news was a mixed bag but mostly with an Apple focus. Apple’s 30th Birthday. You Look So Young! That’s right it was Apple Macintosh’s birthday last week. And like they revolutionised the the […]

Happy Birthday miratrix!

£3,500 of Services For FREE!! Well. It’s been a year since I started miratrix. I can’t remember the exact date but I was laid off from my job a few days after my birthday. I’ve decided to keep things simple and make miratrix’s birthday the same day as my own, January 16th. One less thing […]

The App Store Times: All To Be Acquired.

App Store Times, Issue 2 It’s not been much of an exciting week in the app world this is probably because CES has been gobbling up all the press! In saying that there were a couple of interesting things and here they are in short, sweet fashion! Google ‘Acquires At Will’ Creating an app for […]

This week’s app is…Clueful

As you can imagine I download and play around with a lot of apps. More apps than you can shake a stick at. This is how the Blippar post came about. Since then I’ve been thinking, ‘Maybe I should tell people when I find a good app’ and that’s what I’m going to do from […]

Using Google Analytics For App Store Keyword Research

The questions I am asked most often about the app marketing world are, ‘What keywords should I use for my app’ and, ‘What tools do you use for app store keyword research?’. You’ll all understand the answer I give, and it’s well worth knowing (even if it’s one of my more complicated insights). Here goes: […]

Droidcon: Not Just For Devs

This post is a little later than I wanted it to be but it’s been a good, hectic October/ November. After the best part of two weeks away from HQ I have returned to the motherland with stories of a Big Green Machine…there was also a blue one but that’d only confuse the post. After […]

SEO is as Dead as a Zombie!

Yesterday I did my FIRST EVER! Webinar with the help of Michael Flannigan from Target360 who is no less than the Bruce Forsyth of webinars. It being Halloween I had to ask the question “If SEO is dead, how is it possible that business can still be doing it?” The answer? Zombies!! All SEO’s are zombies because we […]