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Flaw in WhatsApp Security Revealed

A security flaw in WhatsApp could enable a hacker to spy on a private group chat, warn researchers. The vulnerability means that anyone with access to WhatsApp servers can join a private group or insert someone without the chatroom administrator’s permission. The findings from researchers at Ruhr University in Germany point out that sensitive conversations […]

Google Phone Apps Are Listening In

An investigation has revealed that apps on Google’s Play Store are allowing firms to listen in on the TV shows being watched by users so they can target adverts more effectively. The findings from the New York Times reveals that more than 250 Android apps are using listening software that will control the smartphone’s microphone. […]

New App Will Protect Against ‘Spies’

A new app unveiled by whistleblower Edward Snowden will turn a phone into a spy system to help protect human rights activists and journalists. The app uses a spare mobile phone to create a makeshift intruder detection and security system. The app is entitled ‘Haven’ and uses sensors including the microphone and camera as well […]

Major Data Leak for Millions Revealed

A popular virtual keyboard has been leaking the data of 31 million users, say security researchers. The massive data breach is for the app Ai.type used on the Android platform after researchers found an open database online. Apparently, the database holds the personal data for 31 million Android users including their names, locations and phone […]

App-addiction Grips the UK

The average Brit will look at their smartphone around 28 times a day, which works out at more than 10,000 times every year, according to a survey. Researchers say that 4,000 of the checks are being made compulsively without any particular goal in mind. However, one in 10 smartphone users are opening their device more […]

Android Phones ‘Betray’ Users

Google has come under fire after revelations that Android smartphones still collect the user’s location data and sends it back to the firm – even when the phone’s location services used for apps has been switched off. The system works by gathering information from nearby mobile phone masts and sharing the information with Google. The […]

Mobile Data Usage in UK Set to Soar

The amount of mobile data being used in the UK will grow sevenfold, say researchers, by 2021. The research from CCS Insight has found that the average mobile phone user will use around 2.5 GB of data every month but by 2021, this will grow to 18 GB. The firm says that mobile phone networks […]

Millions of Phones at Risk from App Mistake

Millions of smartphone users have been put at risk because of a simple coding error in 685 phone apps, warns security firm Appthority. The mistake means that the user’s text messages and calls are at risk of being intercepted by hackers – particularly if app developers have used the Twilio Rest API or SDK platform. […]

Global App Downloads Reach Record Levels

The growing popularity of apps has been underlined with news that nearly 26 billion apps were downloaded around the world, a rise of more than 8%, over the past year. The figures are for new downloads and do not cover app updates or reinstalls. The worldwide consumer spend for apps for Google Play and iOS […]

New Bank App Will Push Deals to Customers

A new app from the bank First Direct will enable it to push personalised broadband and energy deals to its customers in a move that could see the end of price comparison websites. The firm says the smartphone app will trawl thousands of deals from third-party providers and will recommend specific products to its customers. […]