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Fears That Malware is Preloaded on Phones

Security experts have raised fears that some popular Android smartphones have malware preloaded on them. The warning comes from Check Point who say that RottenSys is disguised as a tool to help users manage their wifi connections. They say the ‘aggressive’ type of malware has infected nearly five million devices. The malware asks for sensitive […]

‘Faster, Fresher’ Phone Apps With Flutter

Google has released a beta of the tool designed to make programmers’ lives easier when writing apps for iPhones, Android and the tech giant’s new Fuchsia OS. The firm says its tool will help programmers to easily bridge the divide for iPhones and Android smartphones. Flutter will now give apps a native look for either […]

China’s App Economy Surges Ahead

The world’s largest app market is in China with revenues expected to reach $42 billion (£29.9bn) by 2020. That’s an increase from 2016’s figure of $25 billion (£17.8bn). The app economy in China also outpaces nearly every other market in terms of consumer spending, the overall time spent on apps and the number of apps […]

NHS England Wants to Develop an Ecosystem of Apps

At a conference last week, the director of NHS England’s operations and information revealed that the organisation is looking to develop an ecosystem of apps. They are wanting apps to be developed from inside the NHS and from outside developers. The national director, Matthew Swindells, says the ecosystem will not be about developing a single […]

Fitness App Lights Up Military Bases

Security fears have been raised after the Strava fitness app was revealed to ‘light-up’ the running routes used by users on military bases. Strava has published a heat map that reveals where its users have logged where they are running or cycling. Now, the data appears to reveal the structure of military bases in many […]

New App Will Tackle Insurance Fraud Claims

Insurance firms are increasingly using technology to verify authentic videos and photos in the fight against insurance fraud. With insurance claims now asking for user-submitted images means that the potential for fraud is increasing. Also, with hundreds of apps that allow users to manipulate videos and photos means they can edit the appearance of the […]

Flaw in WhatsApp Security Revealed

A security flaw in WhatsApp could enable a hacker to spy on a private group chat, warn researchers. The vulnerability means that anyone with access to WhatsApp servers can join a private group or insert someone without the chatroom administrator’s permission. The findings from researchers at Ruhr University in Germany point out that sensitive conversations […]

Google Phone Apps Are Listening In

An investigation has revealed that apps on Google’s Play Store are allowing firms to listen in on the TV shows being watched by users so they can target adverts more effectively. The findings from the New York Times reveals that more than 250 Android apps are using listening software that will control the smartphone’s microphone. […]

New App Will Protect Against ‘Spies’

A new app unveiled by whistleblower Edward Snowden will turn a phone into a spy system to help protect human rights activists and journalists. The app uses a spare mobile phone to create a makeshift intruder detection and security system. The app is entitled ‘Haven’ and uses sensors including the microphone and camera as well […]

Major Data Leak for Millions Revealed

A popular virtual keyboard has been leaking the data of 31 million users, say security researchers. The massive data breach is for the app Ai.type used on the Android platform after researchers found an open database online. Apparently, the database holds the personal data for 31 million Android users including their names, locations and phone […]