Fabric snapped-up by Google

Fabric, Twitter’s mobile app developer platform, has been snapped-up by Google.

The move will see the Fabric team being merged with Google’s Firebase app development arm.

The app developer platform was popular – particularly for its Crashlytics reporting system and Answers, the mobile app analytics function.

Since its launch in 2014, developers have used a suite of development tools to create around 2.5 billion apps created by 580,000 developers.

Staff banned from using messaging apps

Deutsche Bank has announced plans to ban the use of all mobile phone-based messaging services which it cannot monitor in a bid to improve security and compliance.

This means staff will be prevented from using messaging apps including iMessage and WhatsApp and sending text messages.

The ban extends to both bank-provided phones and personally-owned mobiles.

The top 10 app downloading nations revealed

According to an analytics firm, India has now leapfrogged the US and Brazil to become the country that downloads most apps from Google’s Play Store.

The news comes from App Annie and their annual study also claims that China is now the biggest earner for Apple’s iOS store.

The report also reveals that customers downloaded more than 90 billion apps from the two app stores in 2016 and India tops the Google store downloads since it is now, says the United Nations, the world’s second biggest market for smartphones.

Indians are apparently interested in shopping apps as well as messaging and social apps.

Meanwhile, other research has revealed that app consumers believe they are not getting the interactive and high-quality experience they demand.

The findings from developer Apadmi reveal that with Brits downloading more shopping apps in the past year than in the year previously, just 40% of them said they were satisfied.

The report also reveals that 20% of consumers want to see retailers spending more on innovation to improve their apps, while 30% said they would use the apps more often if they were able to do more than just browse and buy.

Another app sparks privacy concerns

A photo editing app that has gone viral is raising privacy concerns for Android users.

Meitu turns its user’s images into Japanese-style anime characters and has racked up more than one billion downloads.

However, it has been alleged that users are giving away lots of information to the Chinese tech firm that created the app.

In addition to accessing the user’s camera and storage, the app also has access to phone numbers and the user’s location.

The Chinese firm says it is not collecting information to sell onto third parties.

In other Miratrix mobile phone apps news …

The Chinese government is demanding that all app stores are registered so they can control apps that are ‘spreading false information’ and creating security risks.

The growing popularity of apps in Vietnam has led to motorcycle taxi drivers becoming angry over their loss of income with the increasing popularity of Uber and navigation apps.

Farmers in India are increasingly turning to mobile apps to help them with crops and weather prediction with start-ups and tech firms being supported by the government to help deliver what farmers are needing. Industry experts there say the use of apps and the internet is set to rocket in rural areas.

Mobile games are taking off in Southeast Asia with young gamers particularly spending more money on apps and boosting game company revenues as a result.

ASO 2017 Predictions??? | MTX55

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Video Transcript:

ASO 2017 Predictions??? | MTX55

Hello, welcome to this week’s video.

I’m speaking fast because I’m trying to fit 2017’s ASO predictions into 60 seconds.

First, we’re gonna talk about my 2016 predictions.

I thought Google App Index was gonna fucking kill it.

It didn’t.

Everybody’s still trying to figure out how it really works.

I still believe in it, though, it will still drive growth.

On to 2017.

No major algorithm updates.

I don’t think anyway.

App Store.

They’ll probably take enough retention in Google Play debt

May do about little installs that don’t have any retention, Apple, boy you had all these installs who knows tension.

We’re going to discount all these installs.

No boost in the rankings.

Apple Search Ads: KSOs, if they’re anything like me, are going to start using Apple Search Ads to pick key words.

That’s next week’s video.

Maybe Apple will start using description, as well as title and keyword
field and click to read to give you a more rounded amount of keywords that you should rank for.

Google Play: They may do what Apple did last year.

Do a massive clean out of the App Store. Yay!

Really doubt it, but it would be great to see.

I can’t see Play doing anything particularly major.

With both App Stores we might see reviews being tackled.

EU are starting to look in to fake reviews.

They’re not good for the consumer.

That will probably cause major problems.

So, that’s my 2017 predictions.

Don’t forget to subscribe. Hit subscribe.

Hit the bell next to it so you can get updates.

Alright, that’s this week’s video.

See you next week. Ciao.

ES Transcription:

ASO 2017 Predictions??? | MTX55

– Hola, bienvenidos al vídeo de esta semana.

Hablo rápido porque trato de meter las predicciones ASO 2017 en 60 segundos.

Primero, vamos hablar sobre mis predicciones del 2016.

Pensé que el indice de Google App iba a dominar.

No lo hizo.

Todos intentaban descubrir cómo funciona en realidad.

Sigo creyendo en él, seguirá trayendo crecimiento.

En el 2017.

No hay actualizaciones mayores en algoritmos.

No lo creo de todos modos.

La tienda de Apps.

Quizá tienen bastante retención en la deuda de Google Play.

Podría ser sobre pequeñas instalaciones que no tienen retención alguna Apple hace que instales Vamos a descartar todas estas instalaciones.

No hay alzas en los listados.

Las búsqueda de Apple: palabras clave, sin son como yo, van a usar la búsqueda para elegir palabras clave.

Será el vídeo de la próxima semana.

Quizá Apple empezará a usar descripción.

al igual que el titulo y el campo de palabras y clic para leer y darle una cantidad más redondeada de palabras clave por jerarquizar.

Google Play: podrían hacer lo que Apple hizo el año pasado.

Una limpieza masiva de la tienda de App. ¡Sí!

Lo dudo, pero sería genial verlo.

No imagino a Play haciendo algo grande en particular.

Con ambas tiendas podríamos ver las reseñas dadas de baja.

La UE está empezando a revisar las reseñas falsas.

No son buenas para el consumidor.

Eso probablemente causará grandes problemas.

Esas son mis predicciones del 2017.

No olviden suscribirse. Den clic en suscribir.

Denle a la campana para obtener actualizaciones.

Bien, ese fue el vídeo de la semana.

Nos vemos la siguiente. Ciao.

Police Should Have a Warrant for Accessing Phones

Privacy campaigners have launched a campaign for police to obtain a search warrant before examining smartphones and their apps.

They say that police forces are increasingly using forensic equipment to search through mobile phones and this is being carried out by officers who have been insufficiently trained.

Privacy International is also warning that sensitive data could be lost or misappropriated by those conducting the search.

The call comes after the Metropolitan police announced the creation of self-service kiosks across all London boroughs to enable officers to access digital information on phones more quickly.

Drivers don’t trust payphone apps

Around 54% of drivers prefer to park using cash because they don’t trust their mobile phones.

The British Parking Association says 22% of those questioned did not trust the new technology to pay for the parking.

The reasons for paying cash include the driver been distrustful or confused by their smartphone.

Apps help with mental health symptoms

Researchers in the US have found that smartphone apps for anxiety and depression help reduce the users from experiencing symptoms.

The study looked at 13 clinical apps and found evidence that they work in most cases and help teach patients the skills a therapist can deliver.

However, the study highlights that different apps will work for different people so those wanting a mental health app need to find a suitable one.

Sense Companion takes a bow

The latest HTC smartphones use apps and software that studies their owner’s behaviour and plans to offer recommendations on what they have learned.

Known as Sense Companion, the system can boost battery life if necessary and suggest what the user should wear that is suitable for the weather conditions.

Also, the largest device of the new U Play and U Ultra phones has two separate displays.

The phones can also recommend when the battery should be recharged by checking the user’s calendar for a busy day and suggest resetting the alarm for a Bank Holiday – if this has not already been done.

Nokia asks for AI trademark

Phone maker Nokia has asked for an EU trademark for their new AI assistant, Viki.

The new software highlights that AI assistants will be the big trend in 2017 and the new software will combine various data sources into a voice-based, single chat interface similar to Siri.

The smartphone market is becoming increasingly competitive with phone makers looking increasing at helpful and informative apps and AI to boost their sales.

In other mobile phone app news …

Researchers from the University of Virginia say that the more people use their smartphone apps for information means they trust strangers less.

The most secure Google smartphone ever is the Kaymera Pixel which is secure from all types of external exploit attempts, says the phone maker.

Google has announced that Android Wear 2.0 will be unveiled in February; the operating system for wearables will have a raft of innovative new features. The firm says the new system has been delayed to help developers produce the apps for their products.

Mobile App Spending Rockets

Mobile phone users around the world were busy on their devices over the Christmas weekend and racked up more than $500 (£404) million in sales.

Users were loading up video games as well as streaming services, says research firm Sensor Tower.

Compared to the Christmas weekend in 2015, sales grew by 52% with mobile games leading the way to account for 87% of all worldwide app revenue for the weekend.

The biggest earning apps were all games including Pokémon GO, with the most popular non-game apps around the world being led by messaging and calling app LINE and then Netflix and Tinder.

WhatsApp users wondering what’s up

Millions of WhatsApp users will have discovered in the past week that the app is no longer working for them since the firm decided to drop support for a range of mobile platforms.

Most of these are running on old Nokia, Android and iPhone devices; users are advised to upgrade their mobile phone as soon as possible.

Currently the world’s most popular app for chat, there are around one billion active users, the move will see millions of users unable to make VOIP calls are hold video chats.

Dating apps linked to crimes

Police in England and Wales have revealed that dating apps have been linked to 500 crimes with one in three being registered as sex offences.

Researchers say 500 people have been the victims of crimes ranging from child abuse to murder because they used popular dating apps including Grindr and Tinder.

Now one online safety organisation is calling for users to be wary when using dating apps and other social media platforms.

A spokesman added that the organisation was particularly worried about the number of young people who are falling victims to sexual offences.

Phone app will reveal how fat the user is

At the popular CES exhibition there have been a range of new phones and apps unveiled but there’s one standout applications that will reveal how fat the phone user is – among other uses.

It does so by using a stand-alone sensor for the near-infrared spectrometer in the phone and analysing the data quickly.

The range of preloaded apps have various interfaces for scanning a variety of objects, including fruit, people and whether the user’s medicine is counterfeit or not.

The scanning process takes a few seconds with the data sent to a database cloud for processing and the results are then delivered.

The Changhong H2 phone will be unveiled in China in a few months and then later in Europe and the US.

In other Miratrix mobile phone app news …

A suite of 13 Intellicare mini-apps have been unveiled which will help users seek mental health advice on their smartphone by helping to reduce depression and anxiety significantly. The user will need to use the apps up to four every day and these will offer exercises for reducing stress, worry and self-criticism.

Industry experts have announced that iOS 10 is now installed on 70% of Apple phones.

Guess Who’s Back!? ??| MTX54

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English Version
Spanish Version

Video Transcript:

Guess Who’s Back!? ??| MTX54


Welcome back to 2017.

I can’t believe you had to click on it to find out who’s back.

It’s clearly me, I’m back.

As I said on my last video of last year, I’m taking a little break.

I’m gonna have a think about what I was going to do this year with the videos.

Now I’ve got a plan, so this week I can tell you next week.

Yeah so 2017 predictions, which will be absolutely hilarious to see how accurate they are.

I wasn’t so much off the mark that it would be overrun by Google index.

Some these really probably implemented or got any proper result.

But I still think it’s on the cards.

I don’t think

So, just a quick update.

I haven’t stopped.

I’m just playing around, just writing, thinking about stuff.

Some CD’s planned.

A couple of tutorials planned.

I think the next tutorial I’m going to do is Apple search ads.

Cause I’m into that stuff right now.

I’ll say interesting about me now in a very English sort of.

I will see you guys next week.

Ciao for now!

ES Transcription:

Guess Who’s Back!? ??| MTX54


Bienvenidos de nuevo al 2017.

No puedo creer que hayan dado clic a eso para averiguar quién regresó.

Claramente soy yo, regresé.

Como dije en mi último vídeo del año pasado, me estoy tomando un pequeño descanso.

Voy a tener que pensar sobre lo qué voy a hacer este año con los vídeos.

Ahora he ideado un plan, esta semana les puedo decir de la semana siguiente.

Predicciones del 2017, qué serán absolutamente hilarantes para ver qué tan acertadas son.

No me alejé mucho de la realidad que sería gobernada por el Google index.

Algunas de estas fueron implementadas u obtuvieron un resultado concreto.

Pero sigo pensando que está en las cartas.

No creo que sea así de todos modos.

Una actualización rápida.

No he parado.

Sólo estoy jugueteando, escribiendo, pensando.

Tengo planeados algunos CDs.

Un par de tutoriales planeados.

Creo que el siguiente que haré será de búsqueda de anuncios de Apple.

Porque en eso estoy metido por ahora.

Diré algo interesante sobre mi de un modo muy inglés.

Los veré la siguiente semana.

¡Ciao por ahora!

Most Popular Apps of 2016 Revealed

2016 has been hailed as a big year for digital with Facebook dominating the most popular app chart with 146 million average unique users every month.

That’s 14% more than in 2015 and Facebook Messenger comes second in the Neilsen chart with 129 million unique monthly users.

In third place is YouTube with the fastest growing app being the Amazon App which rocketed by 43% and Instagram rose by 36%.

The chart also analysed what smart phone owners are using to access apps with 53% using Android devices, 45% using IoS, 2% are using a Windows phone and 1% use Blackberry.

The top 10 of smartphone app use in the US for 2016 sees Google Maps in fourth place followed by Google Search then Google Play and Gmail makes an appearance in seventh place.

Instagram is in eighth place while Apple Music is ninth and the Amazon app makes an appearance in 10th place.

Phablet take up soars

The growing popularity of Phablets – smartphones with a minimum screen size of 5 inches – means they will become the main form of phones around the world in 2017.

Research from Flurry reveals that Phablets accounted for 37% of new phones in the run-up to Christmas which is 10 percentage points higher than the year before.

Medium size phones, such as the iPhone 7, accounted for 45% of all new device activations though this is a fall of nine percentage points.

However, by the middle of 2017, phablets will account for 59% of mobile devices while medium sized phones will account for 29%.

The good news for mobile phone app developers is that the larger devices encourage longer app usage and better app experiences.

From their research, the firm says that the owners of a phablet will launch 21% more apps than those owning smaller screen smartphones.

Their average session length is also 3.5% longer.

In addition, developers will struggle to compete in an increasingly crowded app market which is set to reach $102 billion by 2020, according to App Annie.

In response, app developers need to adapt their strategy is to capture a rapidly growing market and stay abreast of consumer preferences and trends.

There may also, says the research firm, need to adopt different monetisation strategies for different apps.

China bans military fitness apps

Chinese military authorities are warning that soldiers using fitness apps could be posing a security threat.

That’s because the software may track a soldier’s movements and location and inadvertently reveal military secrets.

Soldiers have also been warned about posting workout results onto social media platforms.

In one instance, a fitness instructor had to delete social media posts since they revealed exactly where he is based and 43% of soldiers apparently have motion tracking apps.

In other Miratrix mobile phone app news …

From January 1, it will be illegal to hold a mobile phone while driving in California after a new law was enacted. Drivers cannot hold a phone ‘for any reason’ even when accessing apps.