Why Sup App Failed | MTX48

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Why Sup App Failed | MTX48

Hello, welcome to this week’s video.

You might have saw in the press a location-based messaging app, Sup went into administration.

Why the one quote that I got from the story mentioned it had 80,000 install but they couldn’t retain them.

Your business will not survive for retention.

You could grow like a hockey stick but if you’ve not got retention you’re screwed.

Can’t forever buy install, goes back to what I’ve been saying for months and months and months and months and months.

Start focusing on retention like day one.

If you’re really clever, when you think of an app idea think why the hell would I come back to that?

How would you use that information now and say to do it.

You may not be right but at least you’re giving it a try early on.

Back to the point of this video: retention, day one, at least day one.

There’s no universal law for retention despite what some experts might say (whispers).

Likes and subscribes, I need to retain you.

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ES Transcription:

Why Sup App Failed | MTX48

Hola, bienvenidos al vídeo de esta semana.

Quizá hayan visto en la prensa que una app de mensajería basada en ubicación Sup, entró en administración.

Por qué la cita que obtuve de la historia mencionaba que tenía 80,000 instalaciones pero no los pudieron retener.

Su negocio no sobrevivirá para la retención.

Pueden crecer mucho pero si no tienen retención están arruinados.

No pueden comprar instalación para siempre, regresa a lo que he dicho por meses y meses y meses y meses y meses.

Concéntrense en la retención desde el primer día.

Si de verdad son inteligentes, cuando piensen en una idea de una app
piensen ¿por qué regresaría?

Cómo usarían esa información ahora para hacerlo.

Quizá no estén en lo correcto pero por lo menos lo están intentando tempranamente.

De regreso al punto de este vídeo: retención, primer día, por lo menos primer día.

No hay una ley universal para la retención a pesar de lo que algunos expertos puedan decir .

Me gusta y suscripciones, necesito retenerlos.

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Is the Phone App Boom Over?

Data from Statista points to the app market cooling with fewer firms announcing their intentions to develop apps for clients and instead are using different buzzwords.

The online statistics portal says that the number of start-ups that use the word in their company description has also fallen over the past three years. It is, however, still the top keyword for these firms overall.

For app developers it’s not all bad news since the firm’s data indicates that apps are now no longer the major point of interest for these tech firms since apps are an expected part of their business offering.

High-tech firms starting up more recently are increasingly pointing towards ‘virtual reality’, ‘artificial intelligence’ and ‘machine learning’ as their company description keywords.

The market for mobile apps

In a report, the firm says that while it appears that the market for mobile apps has peaked, the amount of time users spend on an application is flat lining.

Increasingly, people will buy a new smart phone and download the best-known apps, and possibly a few games, but not download anything more and there is potential for businesses to develop their apps for this market.

HP Workspaces price revealed

It aims to replace the PC and now the Elite x3 business smartphone will feature HP Workspace which is a Windows app streaming service.

The aim is for windows 10 mobile phone apps to run full-screen on a smart phone with a keyboard and a mouse.

However, depending on the service choice, HP will be charging $79 (£65) or $40 (£33) with the smaller amount aimed at mobile workers who can enjoy 40 hours of app streaming every month though this is limited to 10 apps.

Along with the phone, users will need a desk docking station to enjoy a comprehensive software and hardware package.

Taxi app promises £3 rides

Taxi users in Manchester are being promised a £3 ride across the city as long as they use the taxi app Gett to order a ride.

The move is part of a bid to curb the popularity of Uber in the city and is being used by licensed black cabs and the ride must be paid for by card and a special promotional icon used.

The app will also enable people to hail a taxi by using their phone and then pay for it automatically from their bank account.

Manchester is now the latest addition to Gett’s growing popularity which is available in 70 cities around the world, including around half of London’s black cabs.

In other mobile phone app news …

Cats Protection is trialling a new app that will track homeless cats in a Nottinghamshire town. The idea is to control and reduce stray cat populations and if successful, the app will be trialled in other towns and then rolled out for use across the UK.

Regional newspaper publisher Trinity Mirror has unveiled plans to revamp its network of websites and phone apps to enable readers to access new stories quickly with a more responsive platform. The project will be rolled out to all of its titles into 2017.

Apple Gives Us A New ASO Tool | MTX47

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Apples Gives Us A New ASO Tool | MTX47


Welcome to this week’s video.

We’re gonna talk about something that happened a couple weeks ago.

Apple released a new metric to help you choose keywords.

Basically, it gives you a competition metric from zero to 100.

That’ll make picking keywords really easy, right?


It’s only really useful after you’ve got your initial keyword to help whittle it down in comparison to one another.

Doesn’t tell you what the volume of the keyword is.

Repetitiveness is kind of implied if the keyword has lots and lots of volume.

Go find some data to prove me wrong.

It’s not that big a deal.

That’s why I didn’t talk about.

I should maybe mention it, as Apple are starting to loosen things up.

Catch up with you next week.

Don’t forget to like and subscribe.

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ES Transcription:

Apples Gives Us A New ASO Tool | MTX47


Bienvenidos al vídeo de la semana.

Vamos a hablar de lo que ocurrió hace un par de semanas.

Apple lanzó una nueva métrica para ayudar a escoger palabras claves.

Básicamente, les da una competición métrica del cero al 100.

Eso me hará escoger fácilmente las palabras, ¿verdad?


Sólo es útil una vez que tienen la palabra inicial para ayudar a cortarla en comparación con otra.

No les dice el volumen que tiene la palabra.

La repetición está más o menos implícita si la palabra tiene mucho volumen.

Busquen información que me desmienta, no es una gran cosa.

Es por eso qué no hablé sobre eso.

Quizá debí mencionarlo, dado que Apple está empezando a aflojar un poco las cosas.

Los espero la siguiente semana.

No olviden dar “me gusta” y suscribirse.

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Many Firms Don’t Have Security-Proofed Apps

A firm that specialises in automated mobile security tools has warned that just four of the firms listed in the FTSE 100 have properly ensured that their apps are security proofed.

Codefied says that thousands of consumers using these apps are leaving themselves wide open to serious security risks because they are not connecting with Wi-Fi on a regular basis.

This means they miss out on regular updates offering vital security fixes.

And the firm says with the growth of better 4G coverage means there will be fewer users connecting to a Wi-Fi offering to update their phone’s security.

The founder of Codified told a conference that network carriers make it difficult to access their network automatically as a default to prevent high data usage.

The firm also acknowledges that the poor reputation for public Wi-Fi systems being insecure does not help and many smartphone users only connect to a trusted network they find at home or in the office though large numbers use neither.

Solar app launched

A new app aimed at helping boost the take-up for solar panel roof top installations has been launched after being inspired by the Pokémon GO app.

The Look Up app effectively turns into a game the search for a rooftop that would prove suitable for a solar panel installation.

The app has been developed by 10:10, a climate action charity, and will provide a roof top adventure, it claims, for ‘solar treasure hunters’ with users able to map the solar potential of their area.

The app has a simple premise with users photographing a building they think has potential for a solar installation and the smartphone will utilise its GPS and analyse the image to estimate the potential of a solar panel installation for that building.

App designed to take on Uber gains more support

Taxi firms across the North East of England have teamed up to launch an alternative to Uber called Karhoo.

The app started life in London last May and is steadily increasing its presence around the country and now has a network of around 120,000 taxis listed.

Newcastle is the latest addition to the network and will sign up established taxi firms rather than individual drivers like Uber does.

The firm behind the app says customers are given more choice with clear pricing and it’s a simple way for supporting local firms.

Tesco unveils app to catch errant parkers

Staff at 81 Tesco stores have been given an app to catch drivers parking in parent and child as well as disabled parking bays without reason.

Those shoppers caught doing so face a fine of £70.

The app will be rolled out over the coming weeks to 200 more stores.

Staff using the app will take pictures of a vehicle breaking its rules and the data is sent to a car park management firm which then finds the driver’s details to issue a £40 penalty notice. If this is not paid after 14 days, it rises to £70.

Tesco says it will not make money from the move since the cash collected will cover its fees and running costs.

The move to bring in a smartphone app comes after growing complaints of drivers increasingly abusing parking bays that are closer to the store’s entrance.

In other smartphone news …

Despite being hailed as one of the best smartphones ever made, it appears that Google’s Pixel will not have optical image stabilisation (OIS) technology installed. This is a setback for those who want to use the phone for taking better photographs and videos.

ASO: CTR vs Incent Campaign | MTX46

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ASO: CTR vs Incent Campaign | MTX46

Hello, back!

We’re gonna talk about click-through rate and why it is important for
ranking for specific keywords in the app stores.

Play or be the app store.

Doesn’t matter.

In sync campaigns will only get you so far.

These burst ones, (mumbles) sell it in stores.

“You’ll rank, you’ll rank.”

Sales guy.

Just saying.

Data suggests, you know I like my data, search for x-keyword, find y-app, click through to the app page.


This is building association to a keyword.

You’re giving the algorithm the signal it needs to know that app is associated particularly with that keyword.

You’re not leaving it to the algorithm to say, “If you’ve got these keywords on a page, a lot of volume. Rank em.”


More obvious.

Screw intent.

Work on a click-through rate campaign.

I just invented a new type of campaign.

Call it what you want.

Look at click-through rate.

It will affect your rankings, it will.


Likes and subscribes dance.

Let’s do this!

ES Transcription:

ASO: CTR vs Incent Campaign | MTX46

¡Hola, de nuevo!

Hablaremos acerca de la proporción de clics y porqué es importante para clasificar para palabras específicas en las app stores.

Para jugar o estar en las app stores.

Da lo mismo.

En campañas en sincronía te llevarán tan solo hasta allí.

Estas ráfagas son vendidas en las app stores.

“”Clasificarás, clasificarás”.

El chico de las ventas.

Solo digo eso.

Los datos sugieren, ustedes saben que me gustan mis datos, buscar la palabra clave X, encontrar la aplicación Y hacer clic a través de la
página de la aplicación.


Ésta es una asociación que se construye hacia la palabra clave.

Le das al algoritmo la señal que precisa para saber que tal aplicación está particularmente asociada con esa palabra clave.

No dejan que el algoritmo diga “Si tienes estas palabras
clave en una página, mucho volumen, clasifícalas.”


Más obvio.

Un intento fallido.

Trabaja en una campaña de proporción de clics.

Acabo de inventar un nuevo tipo de campaña.

Llámenla como quieran.

Miren la campaña de proporción de clics.

Afectará sus clasificaciones. Lo hará.

Se los prometo.

Baile de me gusta y suscripciones.


First GP App Passes CQC Test

The first medical app aimed at offering a GP service has been given the go-ahead by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) who have deemed it to be ‘safe’.

Dr Now will, says the CQC, offer safe care that meets the ‘relevant regulations’.

The new app is one of two digital healthcare provisions, the other is Babylon Health, and is part of an independent health pilot project.

From April 2017, the CQC will be rolling out a regulatory regime for meeting the needs of an ever expanding number of digital healthcare providers within the UK.

Discount app thrives in Russia

The economic slow-down in Russia has seen a phone app that highlights discounts rocket in popularity.

Edadeal now has more than two million users who are looking for discount deals in shops, cafes and supermarkets.

The app is tapping into a growing mood for thrift among Russians which is experiencing its worst economic crisis for many years.

The app has been downloaded more than six million times and there are 2.4 million active users who use the app at least once a month.

Children check devices 10 times a night

Research has revealed that schoolchildren as young as nine are checking their smartphones more than 10 times a night because they fear ‘missing out’.

The study was commissioned by leading organisation of headteachers and they found that one in four children admit to feeling tired during the school day because they are waking up at night to respond to their phone’s notifications.

The youngsters are checking apps including Snapchat, WhatsApp and Twitter.

Some teenagers say they receive around 100 notifications every night but have no idea how to turn them off.

In other mobile phone app news …

Facebook is spinning out its Events app so it’s no longer part of its main offering with the firm saying it should be easier for users to find local events and keep on top of friends’ invites. They are also including an interactive map so users can see what’s happening nearby.

Microsoft is to unveil a slew of new products later this with industry watchers predicting that there will be several apps available for smartphones as well as PCs. It looks like Windows 10 is being developed to offer users and developers more opportunities to develop apps that work on PCs tablets and smartphones.

Whatsapp has unveiled a facility for users to paint on their photos – just like the Snapchat facility. The social media platform is looking to change the way users share their photos by sprucing up their creations and help drive up traffic.

Juicy ASO. Talking @ AffiliateFEST! | MTX45

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Juicy ASO. Talking @ AffiliateFEST! | MTX45

Hello, welcome to this week’s video.

Not a tip, or a trick.

On Monday I am well happy to tell you that I will be talking at Affiliate FEST, a badass conference.

No bullshit!

This is what we did, this is how we did it, these are the results we got, only results.

Looking forward to that.

Talking about app store optimization, I’m pretty sure my slide deck will be kicking around.

Basically just covering algorithm, what it looks like when it’s game, what it looks like when it’s not.

You know, all that stuff.

If you’re going, hopefully I’ll see you, say hi.

♫ Who do the shit that I do (do)

ES Transcription:

Juicy ASO. Talking @ AffiliateFEST! | MTX45

Hola, bienvenidos al vídeo de esta semana.

No es un tip, ni un truco.

El lunes, estoy feliz de contarles que estaré hablando en el Affiliate FEST, una genial conferencia.

¡No es broma!

Esto es lo que hicimos, esto es cómo lo hicimos, estos son los resultados que
obtuvimos, sólo resultados.

Realmente lo espero con emoción.

Hablar sobre la optimización de la tienda de apps, estoy muy seguro que estaré usando mis diapositivas.

Básicamente cubriendo lo de el algoritmo, cómo luce cuando se debe usar, cómo luce cuando no.

Ya saben, todo eso.

Si van a ir, espero verlos para saludar.

♫ ¿Quién hace lo qué hago? ♫


New Daydream VR to be Launched

It was first unveiled in May and now Google’s Daydream VR platform will launch on 4 October.

The virtual reality headset along with the controller and headphones will be unveiled and the full list of features and apps will be disclosed.

The system will utilise the latest Android phones with the headset providing a better mobile VR experience than ever before.

Google has been investing heavily on virtual reality films and games and recruiting various YouTube stars to create a catalogue of VR content.

There will also be a variety of games and apps as well as videos available which leaves huge opportunities for app developers to cash in on what could be a popular system.

Google has also set the price low, industry watchers believe the headset will cost less than £30 and will not need to rely on a powerful PC but instead of the capabilities of a mobile phone.

iOS10 ‘hidden features’ create buzz

While the complaints about the iOS10 roll-out are still infuriating some users with unworkable Apple phones, some people have found ‘hidden feature’ apps which range from multiple browsing tabs and magnifying text.

Other features include the ability to choose which apps to download first when users want to update their phone rather than having to downloads apps they don’t want to access before one they do want.

Along with the ability to easily magnify images or text, the iOS10 also has a smart looking new stopwatch.

Parents can control children’s apps

A firm in Swindon has unveiled a new mobile phone app that enables parents to remotely manage the screen time as well as the downloading of games and applications of their children.

The app also restricts which websites their offspring can visit and also screen their contacts and calls.

Parents can also locate where the youngsters are.

It’s the brainchild of Supotco who say its app is a world first since no other offering offers such a comprehensive level of protection for children.

Mobile network operators have expressed interest in the app with a view to offering it as a package for their customers.

Snapchat announces Snap Inc

It’s one of the world’s most popular apps and now the firm behind Snapchat says it is changing its name to Snap Inc.

The reason for the move is that the organisation is describing itself as a ‘camera company’ and has unveiled a new product.

Called ‘Spectacles’, these are sunglasses that come with a built-in camera that is able to record footage in ‘circular’ video so the user does not have to decide between filming in landscape or portrait modes.

The footage can also be played in fullscreen on any device and in any orientation.

If the new product is successful, it will see more users accessing its apps to enjoy the product – the firm appears keen to target those outside of the 18 – 34 demographic.

There are obvious similarities to the Google Glass project but the new glasses are much cheaper, around $100, and are linked to social networking and able to take images throughout the day.

In other mobile phone app news…

BlackBerry has announced it is to stop making mobile phones after 14 years of production. Instead, the firm says it’s going to focus on creating software, including security and apps, rather than devices. In 2010, BlackBerry’s share of the mobile phone market was 18% but in the same period this year, their market share has fallen to 0.1%.

It looks like Twitter might be up for sale after its board said it was open for offers but the expected $30 billion price tag may put off most suitors. The shares in Twitter have risen as a result as tech giants look to buy up the popular social media platform and boost its profitability and apps that work with it.

Competitor Analysis How Much Time To Spend | MTX44

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Video Transcript:

Competitor Analysis: How Much Time To Spend | MTX44

Back again, indoors again.

Gonna talk about competition, how much analysis is needed as far as I’m concerned.

Competition analysis, really important in the beginning if you’re entering a market you don’t know.

Wanna know what’s happened before, what did work, what didn’t work, however, focusing on what they’re doing, trying to replicate what they’re doing is never gonna work for a couple of reasons.

You don’t know if what they’re doing is actually impacting their growth.

It could just be that their product is better than yours.

Resource spent on analyzing the competition, that’s time taken away from analyzing your data, looking for another channel that will work for you guys.

Time and resource taken out of making you guys better, don’t be paranoid, think they’re coming to get you.

As last week’s video, don’t focus so much on external factors, focus on your product market and your data, you’ll do all right.

Likes and subscribes, likes, we could do techno.

We could do Zamba on Saturday.

♫ Who do shit that I don’t do

ES Transcription:

Competitor Analysis: How Much Time To Spend | MTX44

Estoy de vuelta otra vez; en interior, otra vez.

Hablaré sobre competencia; cuánto análisis se necesita en mi opinión.

El análisis de competencia es muy importancia al principio si estás entrando a un mercado que no conoces.

Quieres saber qué pasó antes, qué resultó, qué no resultó; sin embargo, enfocarte en qué están haciendo ellos, tratar de replicar lo que están haciendo ellos jamás va a resultar, por un par de razones.

No sabes si lo que ellos están haciendo en realidad tiene impacto en el crecimiento de ellos.

Solo podría ser que el producto de ellos fuera mejor que el tuyo.

Los recursos gastados en analizar la competencia, ese es tiempo robado al
análisis de tus datos, para buscar otro canal que funcione para Uds., amigos.

El tiempo y el recurso robado a hacer que Uds. sean mejores; no sean paranoicos, ni crean que ellos vienen tras de Uds.

Como en el vídeo de la semana pasada, no se enfoquen tanto en factores externos; enfóquense en el mercado de su producto y en sus datos. Lo harán bien.

Me Gustas y Suscripciones, Me Gustas; podríamos bailar tecno.

Podríamos bailar samba el sábado.

¿Quién hace mierdas que yo no hago?