Apps World London 2016

Chat bots look set to be the number one discussion point at Apps World London 2016 which will bring together some of the world’s most famous names, developers and start-ups to discuss where multi-platform applications will be heading.

Other themes being explored at the event include start-ups, mobile marketing and ‘developer’ with more structured networking functions this year including interactive features for those attending.

Organisers also say that virtual reality and artificial intelligence will also be featured heavily with more than 150 exhibitors showing off their latest products and 250 senior speakers from around the world.

Apps World takes place between 19 and 20 October at ExCel London.

People use apps at mealtimes

A survey has revealed an alarming social habit with one in five people admitting to regularly using their phone to check apps when dining out.

Indeed, they admit to checking phone apps at least three times during a restaurant meal, according to a survey into how the UK uses mobile technology.

Also, around one in four people admit to taking a photo of their restaurant meal, ‘frequently or always’, with 17% of them posting it on social media.

In addition, the survey reveals that mobile technology is also having an impact on how we pay for meals with 12% saying they use a mobile payment app to pay for their meal rather than use cash.

Google launches Allo

It’s been a long time coming but now Android has a messaging app to match Apple’s iMessage.

Allo follows hard on the heels of its Duo video messaging app and is now a direct competitor for FaceTime.

A worldwide rollout will begin this week.

With the new platform of apps, users can send messages, doodles, images and stickers regardless of whether they are using an Android device or an iPhone.

There is also an app feature which will reply to a message without the user typing a word since the app will analyse how the user talks and provide a list of suggested responses based on what it believes the user would say.

In other Miratrix news …

Complaints about the Apple iOS10 update continue to roll-in with users saying their battery life has been drastically affected while others complain their devices are overheating while others say their iPhone is no longer functional since the update.

Drivers caught using their mobile phones in the UK are to face larger fines and six points on their licence, the government has announced. The new rules will begin next year and along with the hefty six points, offending drivers may face a £200 fine. However, drivers who are newly qualified will be ordered to retake their test.

Apple is facing an antitrust investigation in Japan with accusations that it’s using illegal tactics to dominate the country’s smart phone sales, says a report from Reuters who quote senior anonymous government sources.

WEEKEND FUN!! Regression For Paid Metrics! | MTX43

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WEEKEND FUN!! Regression For Paid Metrics! | MTX43

Hello, welcome to this week’s video.

Just wanted to tell you what I was up to the weekend.

People don’t spend their weekend’s off, so I’m sad, but I find it fun.

I was learning how to do regression and audit regression in Python.

Reason being, is this will help forecast Facebook ad expense, CPI, to a very finite degree, which means you can make some decisions.

Do we want to be on this week?

Do we want to be on this date?

Do we want to be on these errors?

You can tell that going forward, you can plan your budgets better, and you can deploy them much better.

Regression analysis for everybody is pretty dry, it’s full of statistics which are really hard.

There are tools you can do that in Excel, which makes life a little bit easier.

You should check it out, read into it, see if you can use it.

This week’s video, don’t forget to give likes and subscribes.

♫ Who do shit that I don’t do

ES Transcription:

WEEKEND FUN!! Regression For Paid Metrics! | MTX43

Hola, bienvenidos al vídeo de esta semana.

Solo quería decirles en qué estuve durante el fin de semana.

La gente no pasa libre el fin de semana, lo cual me da pena, pero lo encuentro entretenido.

Estuve aprendiendo cómo hacer regresión y auditar regresión en Python.

El motivo es que esto me ayudará a proyectar Facebook y gastos, IPC, a
un grado bastante finito, lo que significa que puedes tomar algunas decisiones.

¿Queremos estar en esta semana?

¿Queremos estar en esta fecha?

¿Queremos estar en estos errores?

Pueden determinar eso hacia futuro, pueden planificar mejor sus presupuestos, y pueden desplegarlos mucho mejor.

El análisis de regresión para todos es bastante árido.

Está lleno de estadísticas que son bien difíciles.

Hay herramientas con que pueden hacer eso en Excel, lo que facilita la vida un poco.

Deben revisarlo, leer sobre eso, ver si pueden usarlo.

Ese fue el vídeo de esta semana; no olviden dar Me Gusta y Suscribirse.

¿Quién hace mierdas que yo no hago?

Apps in Google Play Store Spy on Users

Researchers have revealed that there were four mobile phone apps available in Google’s Play Store which spied on the user’s phones in secret.

Lookout says the apps are running malicious code, it has given it the name of ‘Overseer’, which enable the app to track the user’s longitude and latitude and also collect details of who they have been emailing and when.

A spokesman for the firm said: “This information is valuable to anyone wanting to find out where someone is and who they are talking with.”

Lookout also says that while they don’t know who created Overseer, it is using a novel technique to avoid being detected.

Google says it has now remove the apps from its Play Store and refused further comment.

Thousands hit by a Pokemon Go malicious app

Users of Android phones have also been hit by a malicious app from Google Play Store which seizes the phone’s root access rights to install and uninstall other apps as well as displaying unsolicited adverts.

The app is a guide to using Pokemon Go and has been downloaded more than 500,000 times, according to Kaspersky Lab experts who found the malicious software.

At least 6,000 of those downloads have been successful infections.

Anyone concerned that they have downloaded what could be an infected mobile phone app is being urged to scan their device with a mobile antivirus which have the tools to help remove the rerouting software though this can be a complex procedure.

English use the Internet more than those in Scotland and Wales

A report from telecoms watchdog Ofcom has revealed that Internet users in England are online more than people in Scotland and Wales.

People in England are online for around 22 hours every week whereas in Scotland the average use is 20.8 hours and in Wales it is 17.8 hours.

For 95% of users in England, they are browsing the web, 93% are using their online time for email and 82% buy goods online.

People in Wales also use their smartphones less often, just 51% download apps compared to 70% of Scottish smartphone owners who download the most.

Facebook app go back to the future

Industry watchers are predicting that Facebook’s Messenger app is going to revive the traditional chat room so users can chat with strangers and friends without leaving their app.

The move is set to be announced shortly though some have already been able to launch chat rooms with friends and strangers – the rooms have a number of features not found in the normal Messenger.

Facebook closed down its chat rooms in October 2014 with app experts stating the firm’s app was not performing well enough for them.

In other mobile phone app news …

The RAC has flagged up a worrying number of drivers using their mobile phones while behind the wheel of a car and is urging the government to act with stiffer penalties for those who are caught. The organisation says there’s been a ‘significant increase’ in the numbers who admit to using a phone while driving, including using apps.

The Daily Mail has featured a young hacker who claims to use the internet Speedtest app on his mobile phone for accessing free data for his pre-paid T-mobile sim card. The article reveals that it is not yet known whether the method can be replicated on other mobile phone networks around the world.

Customers of T-Mobile in the US have been warned not to upgrade to iOS10 for their iPhone. The firm says there are connectivity issues.

Where the F@#k are my Users, App Retention | MTX42

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Where the F@#k are my Users, App Retention | MTX42

Hello, batch.

Where the are (exhales sharply) all your users?

What I means by that is Google Analytics.

Behavior flow, I think it is, or user flow.

See a diagram, where people come in and where people exit.

Where people exit is a really really important factor.

If you can stop them dropping off at those pages you’ve instantly helped your retention without having to do push notification, emails, no nothing, no marketing.

Understanding what the difficulty was at that exit point.

You will probably save yourself some money, improve your retention, and generally make your life easier.

User flow will tell you where the (exhales) your users are going.

That’s this weeks video, check out user flow.

Imagine it’s to that blog.

Likes and subscribes, likes and subscribes, likes and subscribes.

Getting them all.

Want them all.

♫ Who do shit that I do do

ES Transcription:

Where the F@#k are my Users, App Retention | MTX42

Hola, grupo.

¿Dónde están todos tus usuarios?

Lo que quiero decir es Google Analytics.

Flujo de comportamiento, creo que es, o flujo de usuarios.

Miras un diagrama, dónde viene la gente y desde dónde se va.

Desde dónde se va es un factor muy importante.

Si puedes evitar que se vayan en esas páginas has ayudado al instante a tu retención sin tener que hacer notificaciones push, emails, sin nada, sin marketing.

Entender cuál es la dificultad en ese punto de salida.

Probablemente ahorrarás algo de dinero, mejorarás tu retención, y en general harás tu vida más sencilla.

El flujo de usuarios te dirá dónde se están yendo tus usuarios.

Ese es el vídeo de esta semana, mira el flujo de usuarios.

Imagina que es para ese blog.

Me gustas y suscripciones, me gustas y suscripciones, me gustas y suscripciones.

Consíguelos todos. Quiérelos todos.

♫ Quién hace la mierda que hago, hago


Apigee Corp Snapped Up By Google

Leading web and mobile based app developer Apigee has been snapped up by Google in a deal worth around $625 million.

Google is, apparently, looking to strengthen its cloud business and a spokesman said that companies are increasingly moving beyond communicating with visits and phone calls and looking instead to communicate via APIs.

Some of the firm’s customers include Vodafone, Burberry and the World Bank.

The deal by Google’s one step in its push become a big player in corporate computing and it’s likely that there will be more business apps coming to the market.

Bank allows accounts to be opened with selfies

The HSBC has announced that customers can open an account with an app using a selfie.

The bank will use facial recognition technology to verify the images as it looks to streamline its application process.

However, a driving licence or passport will still be required for extra security measures though the main attraction is that customers do not have to attend a branch in person to open a new account.

The HSBC already utilises voice recognition and fingerprint technology for millions of its banking app customers.

iPhone 7 could be used for AR apps

Launched to huge fanfare, the new iPhone 7 has been widely welcomed and now experts in the sector say the smartphone’s camera has the potential for being used for augmented reality apps.

The phone has two cameras that combine to work as one as a ‘dual’ camera and now mobile phone watchers say this could be a move for Apple positioning itself as a leader in the augmented reality world.

The iPhone seven a wide has a telephoto lens as well as a wide angle lens and is the first step for more phones to feature dual cameras and, along with the feature, more apps to utilise it such as Pokémon Go.

China is world leader for apps

An interesting article MarketWatch highlights that with 195 million Chinese people having smart phones by the end of 2016, there’s still huge growth for more phones and apps for them.

Many of the Western world’s best-known applications such as Twitter and Google are unknown in China which is created its own equivalents which often have more functionality.

Also, by 2020 it is predicted that more smartphone users in China will be using mobile payments and its current market is around twice that of the US and its market for apps is growing rapidly.

One announcement this week is WeChat announcing its platform is now being open to other companies to create their own functionality into its so users can use the app for inventory and project management as well as corporate communications.

In other app news …

According to data, Microsoft Windows 10 now accounts for 14% of the Windows phone market with most users still sticking with the 8.1 version. As a platform, Windows Phone accounts for 0.7% of the world’s share with Windows 10 mobile accounting for a fraction of that. It doesn’t help that Dominos, the pizza maker, has just announced this week that its app for Windows has now been binned.

BlackBerry has announced its first Android phone – the first of three slated to be revealed this year. The catchy-named DTEK502 will cost less than £300.

2016 App Store Clean Up! | MTX41

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2016 App Store Clean Up! | MTX41

Hello, welcome back, I’m gonna say it again.

Apple’s at it again, doin’ more stuff.

They’re basically doin’ a massive clean-up, of the app store, yeah.

What that means is, if your app doesn’t meet the Apple guidelines, it’s probably is gonna to get stuck back in review.

Be something really minor, be something pretty major, if you don’t want to get caught out at the last minute.

Do a quick review yourself, or you may end up with one of those e-mails, see you’s next week.

That’s likes, and subscribes, that’s likes and subscribes that.

ES Transcription:

2016 App Store Clean Up! | MTX41

Hola, bienvenido de vuelta, lo diré de nuevo.

Apple está en eso de nuevo, haciendo más cosas.

Básicamente están haciendo una limpieza masiva del app store, ¡si!

Lo que eso quiere decir es, que si tu app no cumple con los lineamientos
de Apple, probablemente se quedará bloqueada en revisión.

Sea algo bien pequeño, sea algo bien grande, si no quieres ser atrapado al último minuto, haz una revisión rápida tú mismo, o puedes terminar con uno de esos correos electrónicos.

Nos vemos la próxima semana.

Dale a me gusta y suscríbete, Dale a me gusta y suscríbete,

Aprende sobre mercadeo de app’s, ASO y Crecimiento Móvil con ¡Suscríbete, es Gratis!

Si te gustó eso, mira esto

Más consejos gratis en

Phone Apps Face Cull on Apple’s App Store

From September 7, Apple will begin reviewing apps on the App Store and removing those that do not meet its exacting standards.

The firm says that apps that are up-to-date and of good quality will be safe but those apps that crash when launched will be immediately removed from the store.

Other apps that do not meet their guidelines will see developers getting 30 days to make changes to improve them.

Apple also says it’s also going to crackdown on the naming of apps including those that use words purely to push the app up search lists. Long app names are also going to be curtailed – a new limit of 50 characters is going to be introduced.

Many of those being removed initially will be apps that have not been updated for a long period of time and which no longer function as they were intended to do.

With more than 2 million apps in the firm’s App Store a clear-out may well be overdue though Apple watchers are waiting to see how many are actually removed.

Australian banks criticise Apple Pay

Four banks in Australia are accusing Apple of operating a cartel over its mobile payment platform, Apple Pay.

The banks want access to the firm’s contactless technology so they can develop third-party applications for its customers without them having to use Apple Pay.

With more than 3,000 financial institutions now using Apple Pay, it’s unlikely the banks will succeed with their aim but they’ve put a complaint into the country’s Competition and Consumer Commission and is urging the watchdog to act.

Students are addicted to their smart phones

Researchers have revealed that students are addicted to their smart phones with some owning more than one and apps play a big part in their lifestyles.

The findings from Mobile World Live reveal that 83% of respondents check their phone within five minutes of waking up every morning.

The most popular apps for students are WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram which account for 65% of the market and all are owned by Facebook.

Students also make great use of mobile banking apps and despite the dominance of Amazon, many prefer real-world bookstores to buy books for their studies.

However, it appears that using smartphones for making voice calls is now falling in popularity with many students opting to use messaging services instead.

Meanwhile, in a UK survey of children’s use of smart phones, it appears that games are the most popular uses for them, for 63% of mobile phone owners, while apps come a close second for 58% of children.

The study by Halifax revealed that 73% of youngsters aged between eight and 15 now own a mobile phone and nearly all of them own a tablet too.

It also appears that other digital devices are falling out of favour with one in three owning an iPod and just 22% owning an MP3 player.

In other mobile phone app news…

Coming soon – booking Uber by phone rather than by app. Uber and Lyft in the US have realised that there’s a massive market of elderly customers who would use their services but who don’t own smartphones, hence the introduction of phoning an operator to book a car.

A survey has revealed that half of the UK’s mobile phone users do not know their data allowances. The findings from giffgaff reveal that 52% are unaware of the limits with many regularly going over their allowance with users mainly accessing the web, social media and messaging functions.

Big App Store Update! Title Change | MTX40

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Big App Store Update! Title Change | MTX40

Hello, moving house, doin’ this from my van.

It’s kinna big one for ASO and the App Store.

Apple has went from 255 characters in the title to 50.

Now you were only ever using 255 if you were a spammer.

Didn’t hurt too many people but it’s big news means you wanna tighten up on spam and keyword crammin’.

I think it’s good, improves the user experience.

50 characters is more than enough to get on your keywords and make it
work, sorry I need to run.

Need to unpack this van, the dancin’, the likes & subscribe.

More head bop, head bop for likes & subscribes.

Can’t dance in a van.

I can in a bat.

Who do the shit that I do, do?

ES Transcription:

Big App Store Update! Title Change | MTX40

Hola, se mueve la casa, haciendo esto desde mi camioneta.

Es algo grande para ASO y para App Store.

Apple fue de 255 caracteres en el título a 50.

Solo usabas 255 si era un spammer.

No hirió a muchas personas pero fueron grandes noticias, significa que tendrás que ajustarte en el spam y con el atestado del teclado.

Creo que es bueno, que mejora la experiencia del usuario.

50 caracteres es más que suficiente para entrar en tu teclado y hacerlo funcionar. Perdón, me tengo que ir.

Tengo que vaciar la camioneta, el baile, lo me gusta y suscríbanse.

Más golpe en la cabeza, golpes en la cabeza por me gusta y suscripciones.

No se puede bailar en la camioneta.

Si puedo hacerlo en un bate.

Who do the shit that I do do

Mobile App Use Rockets for Olympics

The US TV viewing figures for the Rio Olympics may have dropped when compared to the London Olympics but there’s been a huge leap in the number of people watching events with mobile phone apps.

Flurry Analytics says TV watching dropped by 18% though the number of sessions on mobile devices rocketed 24-fold and mobile apps dealt with eight million sessions every day.

Their report reveals that the mobile sessions grew in most countries and the global figure increased while the games were on.

The global growth saw an increase of 42% overall, while US use grew by 14% and in the UK it was 60% but Canada recorded an astonishing 156% increase.

Most of the mobile apps being used were mainly for live streaming of events though there was a big leap in navigation apps for tourists to use while in Rio.

Flurry says the figures highlight the trend of users moving away from traditional media and towards their mobile device.

When testing mobile phone apps consider the weather

Mobile phone app developers should take the weather into account when it comes to testing their apps, according to a report.

Apteligent says that mobile apps run more slowly in the summer.

The actual figure is about 15% and, according to the report, it’s down to the science in the propagation of radio waves.

Essentially, humidity, or in this instance water vapour, causes slight delays because it weakens the radio signal strength.

Researchers in Lithuania have also found that the radio signals also weaken in moisture, sleet and snow as well as rain.

iPhones could catch thieves

Apple has patented a system for the iPhone which utilises its sensors that could identify, and potentially catch, a thief by tracking their fingerprints as well as photos.

The feature works along the lines of some third-party apps which will take a photograph of someone who enters an incorrect password.

With the new system, the iPhone will also capture the user’s fingerprint and gather other data including the phone’s location, time and video.

Parents don’t know what ‘generation app’ is doing

Research has revealed that parents have no idea what ‘generation app’ are doing on their mobile devices, says the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA).

In a report they say that 60% of teenagers now have an online account their parents do not know of and 57% of parents say they don’t know what their children do whilst online.

The research is aimed at understanding the lives of teenagers and the issues and problems faced during their digital daily life.

There also appears to be a growing disconnect between parents and their offspring with 67% of parents saying they have asked their teenagers to report online instances that made them uncomfortable or scared.

However, just 32% of the teenagers questioned in the survey said that their parents had asked them to follow a rule like this.

Dutch FA wants to use apps for football thugs

The Dutch FA has announced that its working on a fingerprint app to help ensure convicted thugs do not sneak into football matches.

So far, system testing has been effective and the organisation is now looking to local authorities to help support the project.

The system also utilises GPS to track where the convicted hooligans are to ensure they are not in or near football stadiums.

The Dutch FA says the mobile phone app will be cheaper and more effective than the reporting system currently in place which sees people banned from stadiums reporting to local police stations on match days.

In other mobile app news…

It appears Lenovo phones are about to come preloaded with more Microsoft apps including Outlook, Office, Skype and OneDrive. A formal announcement is expected soon.

A report has revealed that of the mobile device users who were given an opportunity to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile, just 14% of users did so. The figure comes from promotion network AdDuplex which suggests the platform is struggling to attract adopters.