Take a Day Off ☺️??⭐️ | MTX39

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Take a Day Off ☺️??⭐️ | MTX39

Welcome to this week’s video.

No writing, reading, or talking about anything.

Do you know why?

It’s Bank Holiday.

You should be off, chillin’ out.

‘Cause of that, I’m not gonna offer any advice.

See yous next week when the advice will start again.

Who do the shit that I do, do?

ES Transcription:

Take a Day Off ☺️??⭐️ | MTX39

Bienvenidos al vídeo de esta semana.

Nada escrito, nada leído o conversado sobre nada.

¿Saben por qué?

Es la “Fiesta Bancaria”.

Deberían descontectarse, relajarse.

Porque debido a eso, no ofreceré consejo alguno.

Nos vemos la siguiente semana cuando los consejos se retomarán otra vez.

♫ ¿Quién hace lo qué hago? ♫

EU Set to Demand More Control of Mobile Messaging Apps

The European Union is looking to take more control over online messaging tools such as Skype and WhatsApp, according to a newspaper.

The Financial Times says bureaucrats in Brussels are looking to treat the services in the same way they treat traditional telecom firms.

The move follows growing concerns over privacy and data handling from companies like Facebook and Microsoft.

The newspaper says new rules governing telecoms will be published in September and will demand that messaging firms comply with EU regulations.

The report also reveals that the move follows complaints from leading telecom firms including Orange that Facebook, Google and Microsoft are effectively unregulated when it comes to communications.

Banks apps hacked by ‘Live Photos’

A security researcher is claiming that two bank apps for mobile phones have a security vulnerability that enable someone to hack an account with just a photograph of the account holder.

Meaghan Johnson of 11:FS says she discovered that people could access her bank account using iPhone’s Live Photo with an image of her.

However, the vulnerability is only applicable to those banks which use an app that utilises facial recognition as a way for account holders to log in. The number of apps that allow this is currently limited but the numbers are growing.

The discovery follows the announcement by Standard Chartered Bank that it is doing away with passwords and introducing biometrics for its 5 million customers to access bank accounts.

Google Ads could hide malware on mobile devices

A new report from security firm Kaspersky Lab says it has found malware on Google’s AdSense network which will download onto a mobile device when users visit certain sites.

Researchers say users do not have to click on any malicious advertisements and when it is activated will prompt the user for admin rights which will make it more difficult for the user and antivirus software providers to remove it.

The malware then steals credentials with fake login screens and also by intercepting text messages.

Google launches answer to FaceTime

It’s taken a while but Google has unveiled an app for use with Android and iOS that is a simple alternative to the Skype with users able to place free video calls easily.

Called ‘Duo’, it’s only available for use with smartphones and it is the latest addition to Google’s list of services that enables video calling.

The app is a one-to-one video chat app and is also a rival to Apple’s FaceTime.

Google says the app should prove popular because users will not need to know whether the person they want to call is using the right device or is on the correct network before calling their mobile number.

Americans top 50 hours of screen time

Researchers have revealed that Americans are now spending more than 50 hours on average using a ‘screen’ every week, whether that’s a smart phone, tablet, television or personal computer.

The Diffusion Group (TDG) says that the growth is being led by smartphones which now account for around 8.6 hours a week which is more than Americans spent watching broadband video.

In addition, users are spending four hours every week on social networking with 63% using services such as Instagram.

A spokesman for the firm said: “Screen time is shifting towards mobile.”

He added that mobile phone usage is also shifting towards social networking apps and these social apps are also making the move towards video which is helping to underpin a trend in the huge growth in social-mobile video.

Medical apps lack privacy policies

An American think tank says users of health and fitness apps should be aware that they lack stringent privacy policies when compared to other apps.

The Future of Privacy Forum says many of these apps fail to reveal to their users how data is collected and used.

Indeed, they say just 60% of health and fitness apps offer information on their privacy compared with 76% of apps generally.

US Marine Corps seeks app ideas

The US Marine Corps has launched a competition for its service personnel to offer ideas to create suitable apps for Android and iPhone devices.

There are three types of apps that the competition is looking for and Marines of all ranks can then submit code for them.

Those behind the competition say the apps must be simple and useful and as a guideline those entering should consider things like ‘workout of the day’ which enables one Marine to challenge another.

Miss The Olympics?? Seasonal App Keywords.

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Miss the Olympics?? Seasonal App Keywords.

Hello, I’m a massive fan of the Olympics.

I was searching in the app stores to see what apps were there for the Olympics, and it’s what I didn’t find that I thought was a bit strange I didn’t find any betting apps.

Not in Google Play, not in the App Store, I didn’t find one betting app in the result.

And as the football season just started this weekend I do find it a bit strange that they weren’t there.

Could be a business decision, might not be good for them.

All the betting apps our there, what are you playing at?

This was your moment of glory.

Okay, that’s a bit much.

I guess my point is, seasonal keywords people, doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, can you piggy back on a seasonal trend?

It only comes around once every four years, take a minute to test it at least.

That 48 hour turner in the app store is much easier to test.

That’s this week’s video.

See ya.

Doing dancing for likes and subscribes.

ES Transcription:

Miss the Olympics?? Seasonal App Keywords.

Hola, soy un gran fan de las Olimpiadas.

Estuve buscando en las tiendas de aplicaciones para ver algunas relacionadas con los Juegos, y lo que no encontré que pensé que era extraño eran aplicaciones de apuestas.

No las hay en Google Play, en la App Store, no encontré ni una aplicación de apuestas.

Y como la temporada de fútbol comenzó esta semana me parece un poco extraño que no estaban ahí.

Pudo ser por algo de negocios, podría no ser algo bueno para ellos.

A todas las aplicaciones de apuestas, ¿a qué están jugando?

Este era su momento de gloria.

Bien, quizá es demasiado.

Mi punto es, palabras clave de temporada gente, no importa en qué industria estén, ¿puedes subirse a una tendencia de temporada?

Sólo viene una vez cada cuatro años, tómense un minuto para probar al menos.

Ese reloj de 48 horas en la tienda es más fácil de probar.

Ese fue el vídeo de esta semana.

Nos vemos.

Ahora a bailar por “me gustas” y suscriptores.

So, Farewell Then Pokemon Go

Apparently, the summer’s most popular app for generating a gaming craze, Pokemon Go is about to be Pokemon Gone as analysts say its popularity is already on the wane.

The game has seen users leave their jobs, being mugged for their phones and crash their cars but research firm Superfly Insights says that Pokemon hunters are now beginning to abandon the game.

The app itself is free for downloading and has generated around £200 million with in-app purchases that help players progress.

Research reveals that the number of these purchases have plummeted which, the firm says, indicates that people may still have the app on their phone but they are no longer using it.

The firm’s chief executive said the performance levels for the game last week were ‘absolutely abysmal’ as he said goodbye and thank you for the ride.

Banking app revolution on way

Banks in the UK have been told to boost their efforts to provide apps for customers that match the services that can be found in high street branches.

Indeed, by 2018 there will be a new single app available to enable customers to access their bank details.

The move follows a two-year investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority into rip-off bank accounts.

The new app will work for all banks and enable customers to apply for overdrafts, loans and mortgages on a mobile phone and also transfer cash between accounts.

Rise in snooping apps

There has apparently been a rise in people using stealth apps to monitor someone’s movements, particularly when partners are suspicious of their lover.

India Today TV investigated the activities of several private detectives and found lots of invisible monitoring software available that can be easily downloaded onto a mobile phone.

The software tracks the user’s activities as well as texts and phone conversations.

There are no laws in India to regulate private detectives so they can sell the apps to clients for around £300 a year.

‘Drive safe’ mode for smartphones

In a bid to make smartphones less distracting for motorists, a motoring charity says a ‘drive safe’ mode could the introduced which would operate in a similar way to flight safe options when people board aircraft.

The idea comes from the RAC Foundation who say that growing numbers of people are becoming overwhelmed or distracted with information while at the wheel of a vehicle.

Indeed, the charity says that around 70 fatal accidents occur on the UK’s roads because of ‘distraction in vehicle’ while 20 crashes are the fault of drivers using a mobile phone.

The Foundation is also now calling for an international set of guidelines to enable manufacturers to restrict the level of distractions in the cabin and for mobile phone apps to be made safer when someone is behind the wheel.

Mobile apps could boost beer sales

Mobile apps could help boost spirits and beer sales among young adults, according to research from Canadean.

The firm says that one in three consumers around the world want to know more about pairing food with a suitable alcoholic drink and there’s an opportunity for apps as well as social media to offer advice.

The apps could be crucial tools to encourage young people to think about pairing their drink and food more often, the firm said.

A spokesman for the company said firms need to use highly visual social media platforms and create beverage-dedicated apps which will demonstrate to young adults the experiences to be enjoyed by drink and food pairing.

Android could have serious security bug

Android devices could have a security flaw that enables attackers to have complete access to its data, according to research.

The revelation from research firm Checkpoint says it has uncovered bugs from the software that runs the Qualcomm chipset.

Unfortunately, the Qualcomm processors are found in 900 million Android phones though there’s no evidence that their vulnerabilities are currently being exploited by cyber thieves.

New App Store Feature, Will It Affect You? | MTX37

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Video Transcript:

New App Store Feature, Will It Affect You? | MTX37

I’m joining you from nature this week.

No particular reason.

Just fancied being outside.

Gonna talk about a new feature coming in the app store that was brought to my attention by Tom Petty, which is more curation, but it’s based around past purchase.

I don’t see this helping.

It might boost your installs.

Totally leaning towards the high volume guys.

A small one already in the app store and think this might affect you, it’s probably unlikely.

But it’s interesting to see that Apple are trying to do more data-driven stuff rather than kind of relying on people.

That’s this week’s video.

I just thought it was quite interesting.

Who do the shit that I do, do

ES Transcription:

New App Store Feature, Will It Affect You? | MTX37

Me les uno desde la naturaleza esta semana.

Sin ninguna razón en particular.

Solo me gustó estar afuera.

Hablaré de una nueva función en la app store que Tom Petty me hizo notar, que es más básica, pero está basada en compras pasadas.

No veo como puede ayudar esto.

Puede impulsar sus instalaciones.

Se inclina totalmente hacia las grandes cantidades.

Una pequeña ya está en el app store y creo que puede afectarles, pero es improbable.

Pero es interesante ver que Apple está tratando de hacer más cosas impulsados por datos más que confiar en la gente.

Ese es el video de esta semana.

Solo creí que sería bastante interesante

Who do the shit that I do, do

Why Businesses Need Mobile Phone Apps

An interesting feature in ItPortal has detailed why businesses need to utilise mobile phone apps to be successful and competitive.

The feature recognises that developments in mobile phone technology are taking place more quickly than ever before and it’s important that businesses make efforts to keep up.

Indeed, the article highlights that businesses need to understand that customers are now using mobile phone apps six times more often than they are using websites.

The feature focuses on the issue of how a business can be successful online and raises the fact that 64% of mobile phone time by users is spent on apps.

Mobile apps can be innovative and revolutionise how a business engages with its customers as well as the firm’s colleagues.

New Nexus phones will impress

The first indication of the next generation of Nexus phones which will reach stores later this year reveals they will not be preloaded with Android 7.0 Nougat but will have a new launch function and several new features.

It’s not even confirmed whether the new phones from Google will carry the Nexus label but they are set to be made by HTC, though some could be made by Chinese firm Hauwei. They will all, however, operate the new operating system called Android Nougat.

One of the big changes could see the appearance of Google Assistant on the next generation of phones which will enable people to ask voice-based questions and gain the answers they need, as well as other different types of help issues.

Africa taps huge potential for apps

Apparently, start-ups in Africa are seizing an opportunity they have recognised for success which is to create mobile apps for non-smartphones.

That’s because most mobile phone users in Africa do not have a smart phone or even a bank card.

Indeed, hundreds of millions of mobile phones are of the basic kind which is leading to developers to develop text based, no-frills apps which help to keep data consumption low and deliver specific local needs.

The apps being delivered are for merchants, farmers as well as small business owners.

One news report says that developers are responding to local demands and they aren’t responding to demands that users in America or Europe may have.

Life-saving mobile app gains success

Responder is a Wicklow, Ireland, based app which is set for big success after its founder Shane Byrne created the ground-breaking application.

It’s now set for the international stage with lots of demand predicted for what is a life-saving mobile phone application.

Essentially, Responder is a wearable app that will detect if the wearer has a seizure or fall and then alert the first responder (usually a family member though it can be a GP, for instance) and utilises GPS technology to pinpoint the wearer’s exact location.

It’s this element of using GPS which gives Responder the edge over its rivals and even if the wearer leaves home, the mobile app will still function and direct family members of the emergency services to where they are needed.

In other Miratrix news …

It’s taken four months, but Starbucks has finally announced its app for the Windows 10 mobile phone. The app is free for download in the UK, US and Canada.

KPM’s for Paid FB & Play Ads CPI |MTX36

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KPM’s for Paid FB & Play Ads CPI |MTX36


Quick one this week.

It’s always a quick one.

DPI around Facebook, Universal ads from Google.

Three things specifically, you need to keep your eye on, cost per million impressions.

So, is it 2 pound, 5 pound, ten pound.

The second is click through rate on the ads.

So, how many people are you getting, to your listing page.

Third, the listing page conversion rate.

Which you should be tackling using, App Store Optimization, but you may not be doing this.

You keep an eye on those three, use all the layers available to you.

Ebay testing, change and create different ads, segmenting your audience better.

I call them key performance movers.

So, KPMs.

Tackle those three you’ll do better than, what you were doing before.

See you next week.


Last week I said I would dance for subscribers.

I’m dancing for subscribers.

I like likes.

ES Transcription:

KPM’s for Paid FB & Play Ads CPI |MTX36


Ha pasado rápida la semana.

Siempre pasan rápido.

DPI por Facebook, anuncios de Universal de Google.

Tres cosas concretamente, que no tienes que perder de vista, el coste por un millón de impresiones.

Es de 2 libras, 5 libras, diez libras.

La segunda es la tasa de cliqueo en los anuncios.

Quiere decir, cuánta gente se mete en tu página de listado.

La tercera, la tasa de conversión de la página de listado.

Que deberías abordar usando App Store Optimization, pero quizá no lo hayas estado haciendo.

No pierdas de vista estas tres cosas, usa todos los recursos de los que dispones.

La verificación de Ebay cambia y crea diferentes anuncios, segmentando tu público mejor.

Los llamo impulsores principales de rendimiento.


Abordar estas tres cosas hará que lo hagas mejor, de lo que lo has estado haciendo.

Nos vemos la semana que viene.


La semana pasada dije que bailaría por suscriptores.

Estoy bailando por suscriptores.

Me gustan los “me gusta”.

App Store Revamp Will Change How People Discover Apps

A new makeover is being planned for Apple’s App Store in the next few weeks which will introduce a ‘For You’ tab to make finding apps easier.

It also makes it easier for Apple to push phone apps it believes users will want based on prior downloads and purchases.

This is the first time the App Store will have tailored content that is based on a user’s preferences though they have previously had ‘Apps we love’ and ‘Hot right now’.

Industry watchers say the new tab will work in a similar way that Apple Music offers recommended artists to users and will mine a user’s data to find out what they like.

App allows users to summon special forces

It was only a matter of time but now there is an app that enables users to summon ‘Special Forces’ at the touch of a button.

It’s been launched by a London-based company that will track a user’s location around the clock and also analyse where they are for nearby threats and alert the user by sending messages to their phone.

It’s called ‘Overwatch’ and it also has a panic button that will alert a team on the ground, and they may be armed if necessary, to rescue the user in one of 88 countries in which they work.

The idea is that the rescue team will save them from terrorist attacks and natural disasters as well as medical emergencies and criminal activity.

The price for round-the-clock protection starts at £65 a month.

Switzerland unveils security app

In a bid to alert people that a natural disaster or terrorist attack is underway, the authorities in Switzerland have announced plans for a new mobile phone app.

The app will be on sale next year and will be run by the federal police and the Federal Office for Civil Protection.

The move follows similar systems that already exist in some German states and in France.

Switzerland already has a text alert system to warn people of child abductions which was launched in 2011 but it is only available for those who register for the service.

Now the mobile phone app will be a fully-fledged online disaster alert service and will send out warnings in French, German and Italian to warn of floods, earthquakes as well as nuclear accidents. The app will also warn people of terror alerts.

App will detect when phone is used by drivers

Drivers in Qatar who use their mobile phones behind the wheel will find this will become more difficult after the government unveiled its own app that will detect when a mobile phone is being used by a motorist.

Work on the app started in 2014 and the government says it expects a low take-up for what is a voluntary app.

However, the government is targeting employers to install the app onto their employees’ phones to encourage wider adoption since the government believes that employers have a range of regulations that restrict the use of mobile phones while driving.

Essentially, managers can set the parameters for when the app can and cannot be used and any violation can be used by the employer as a result.

The government has also a consultation about how drivers can restrict the use of mobile phones when they are driving.

Prisma heads to Android

It’s been a popular app on iOS for a while now, and the makers of photo editing tool Prisma have launched it for Android users.

Prisma is popular because it enables users to turn a photo into a work of art by simply overlaying filters that turns the images into a painting.

In other Miratrix app news

Facebook is apparently targeting users on Chrome and Safari to use their Messenger. So far around 900 million people use the app regularly but many Facebook users have used a loophole to avoid using the Messenger app as they use the browsers that do not force users to commit to Messenger.

Windows Office has received another minor update in its Windows Store. The official release has made the use of various apps much easier including the ability to move and drag tables in Word Mobile.

Users Mantra: See No Goal, Do No Goal | MTX 35

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Video Transcript:

Users Mantra: See No Goal, Do No Goal | MTX 35

Hello, wanna quickly talk about users and setting goals for users.

If you’re not doing that, you’re out of your mind.

Do you hear me?

How can you expect somebody to use your app in the way that you would
like them to use it, if you don’t know how you would like them to use it?

Think about that.

You need to out goals coercing the user into completing those goals.

You have to find a way to push them towards the goals that you want, push notification, an interactive tutorial, anything like that, originality.

Trust me, it’s not that obvious to them what your app does.

I can generally say that for everyone’s app.

My thoughts this week, that’s what’s been going through my head in my mind box.

How about this, please?

How about this?

I’l do a dance for you.

I’ll dance for likes and subscribes.

Who do the shit that I don’t do

ES Transcription:

Users Mantra: See No Goal, Do No Goal | MTX 35

No no están haciendo eso, están dementes.

¿Me escuchan?

¿Cómo pueden esperar que alguien use su aplicación del modo en que quieren que la usen, si no saben cómo les gustaría que la usen?

Piensen en ello.

Necesitan poner metas para obligar al usuario a completar tales metas Tienen que encontrar el modo para empujarlos hacía las metas que quieren, notificaciones, un tutorial interactivo, algo así, originalidad.

Confíen en mi, no es obvio para ellos lo que su aplicación hace.

Puedo decir eso respecto a toda aplicación.

Mis pensamientos de esta semana, eso fue lo qué ha circulado en mi cabeza en mi caja mental.

¿Qué tal esto, por favor?

¿Qué tal esto?

Bailaré para ustedes.

Bailaré por “me gusta” y suscripciones.

¿Quién hace lo qué yo no hago?