Mobile Phone Apps for Banking Use Soar

More bank customers are switching to accessing their account information with mobile phone apps rather than using desktop computers.

According to the British Bankers’ Association (BBA), customers were logging onto banking websites from their desktop computers, on average, 4.3 million times every day last year, that’s down from 4.4 million in the year before.

Meanwhile, the use of apps on tablets and mobile phones rocketed to 11 million logins every day last year – up from 7 million logins the year before.

The BBA’s chief executive, Anthony Browne, said that customers are loving the new technology that enables them to do banking around the clock.

The report from the Association also reveals that customers who make payments are still preferring to use their computer rather than a mobile app.

Last year, customers made 417 million payments on the Internet compared with 347 million payments made via a mobile phone app – though the number made by phone rocketed by 54% last year.

There’s also a slew of new app-based banks which make it easier for customers to carry out a range of transactions while they are only move and they include Tandem, Starling and Atom.

Mobile phone app stops Uber

While Uber continues its march to dominate the world’s use of taxis, it has spectacularly failed to launch in one British city after local cabbies launched their own mobile phone app.

Taxi drivers in Oxford responded when Uber announced it would launch a service in the university town.

The firm applied to set-up its service there and said more than 50,000 people had tried to access its service from Oxford even though there was no service available.

However, private hire firms and licensed taxi drivers rallied and in a bid to block the firm, they developed their own mobile phone app which enables users to request a car.

Uber’s bid to set up a service in the city has now been rejected after it failed to submit details in time.

Firms clamour to join Pokemon Go

The world has apparently gone mad for the phone app Pokemon Go and now it’s been revealed that restaurants and pubs in the UK are paying £100 every day to become Pokemon Go destinations.

The idea is they will lure gamers into their premises as they hunt for the game’s characters.

Indeed, Maxwell’s burger restaurant in London says it has boosted its revenues by 26%.

The trend has been dubbed ‘Pokemonomics’ as businesses pay for virtual creatures to be found.

A social club in Reading says its revenues grow by 10% after it paid to become a destination.

Launched on 13 July in the UK, it has been downloaded more than 5 million times and now has more than 21 million users around the world.

However, one leading psychologist says playing the game is bad for people’s health and warned parents to restrict the time their children play Pokemon Go on their mobile phones.

John Oates, a lecturer with the Open University, says the craze will prevent young people from developing their social skills and that no one should play for more than two hours a day – and then only six days a week.

China is new big player in mobile gaming market

Research has revealed that China has now gone past the United States as the leading generator of iOS game revenue.

App Annie says the surge is probably the result of a huge growth in multiplayer collaborative games and these have contributed around 75% of the App Store’s revenue.

Most of the top revenue earning mobile phone games in China are generally developed locally and include Hero Moba.

Now experts say that the huge earning potential in China will boost Western mobile phone app developers to enter the Chinese market.

Free app allows people to donate food

A new app has been unveiled for people living in Cardiff that allows them to give away food rather than waste it.

The app connects neighbours, cafes and independent shops to encourage them to share their surplus food instead of binning it.

Called Olio, it is the first ever food sharing app in the UK and aims to combat food waste in Cardiff.

Described as being the Freecycle for food, smart phone users can share food that is close to its use by date from markets, cafes and shops and also pick up vegetables from allotments as well as cakes from bakers.

Users simply take a photograph of their food, place it on the app and they can also put a price on it but they must tell people when to pick it up. The system then sends an alert out to all nearby users and also reminds them in future when more food is put up for offer.

In other Miratrix mobile phone app news…

The US Congress has released a long delayed report asking what can be done to plug the gap between privacy protection and the use of health gadgets including mobile phone apps. While the report says the law is failing to keep up with the pace of progress, it offered no solutions as to how to protect privacy.

Popular pub chain Wetherspoon’s has launched its ‘Order and Pay’ mobile phone app which enables users to browse its menu and select food and drink items without leaving their table.

A Secret Weapon Against Facebook Mobile CPI | MTX34

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Video Transcript:

A Secret Weapon Against Facebook Mobile CPI

Hello, a bit more casual this week.

Just know how to tape myself.

I wanted to tell you this one thing, you need to go look at Facebook marketing API, because it can potentially half your cost per install.


You get data directly from the source, you get it hourly, hourly.

Just think of the money you could save.

There is a little bit of coding needed.

You can always hire some young people, however, for a quick job to extract the certain part of data.

So check out the documentation.

I’ll see yas next week.

Don’t forget to hit this.

You might miss an important video.


ES Transcription:

A Secret Weapon Against Facebook Mobile CPI

Hola, estoy un poco más casual esta semana.

Aprendí cómo grabarme solo.

Quería decirles esto, necesitan revisar el API de marketing de Facebook, porque puede potencialmente cortar su costo por instalación.

Por qué?

Obtienen datos directamente de la fuente, la obtienen cada hora, por hora.

Piensen en el dinero que podrían ahorrar.

Se tiene que saber un poco de códigos.

Siempre pueden contratar a gente joven, para un trabajo rápido para extraer ciertas partes de la información.

Revisen la documentación.

Los veré la semana que entra.

No se olviden de dar clic a esto.

Podrían perderse un vídeo importante.



MasterCard Mobile Payment App Joins the Fray

The number of mobile phone payment apps continues to grow with news that MasterCard has launched a new app in America that is, say users, better than Apple Pay.

The move follows a makeover of its digital wallet and contactless payment offering and its new angle is to bundle several forms of payment methods into one that works in shops, online and in-app.

MasterCard says it wants to be the one-stop shop for all payments anyone wants to make and banks will be able to implement the new card service within their own apps.

While it has been launched in America, it will not be coming to the UK until 2017.

Fans of Apple Pay will not be left behind since its users will be able to pay online when the iOS10 and macOS Sierra updates are rolled out later this year.

Windows 10 Mobile gets a boost

Mobile phone app developers have received a boost after a major hardware manufacturer revealed a new phone utilising Windows 10 Mobile.

The SoftBank 503LV from Lenovo will immediately become the most powerful smartphone running Windows 10 mobile when it’s launched.

Microsoft is also looking to push the software onto an ever growing number of devices.

The new smartphone is aimed at businesses and will give access to a user’s documents, PowerPoint presentations and spreadsheets as well as incorporating several key apps including Cortana.

Essentially, should a user make any updates to documents on their smartphone, all other devices such as tablets or PCs will be immediately updated as well.

Rubbish app to remind people to put bins out

A council has created a free mobile phone app to remind people when they should put their bins out in time for collection.

Oldham Council says it is the first to offer its own ‘rubbish app’ for tablets and smartphones and users will be reminded which colour bin needs to be put out and on the right day.

The app also informs residents about which waste items should be placed in bins and whether there are disruptions to the normal collection service and also where residents can take their dangerous or hazardous waste.

Entitled the ‘What Bin Day’, the app is the brainchild of an Oldham councillor who wants to encourage residents to keep their city clean.

Mobile phone app allows doctors to look inside heads

A new mobile phone app is being trialled in Kent that enables doctors to look inside the head of their patients.

By using an attachment that is connected to the smartphone’s camera, the app will take videos and photos of the patient’s ear drum and ear canal which are then sent to a specialist consultant.

The Cupris Health app also performs a basic hearing test with a patient using headphones and the data is immediately relayed to a website for a consultant to analyse.

Lightroom mobile phone app gets makeover

Adobe’s Lightroom mobile phone app has been updated with a range of premium features which will help the app’s continued popularity with enthusiastic photographers.

The app offers raw editing and advance camera modes but some of its best features are only available with a paid subscription.

The app is available for devices running Google’s Android and iPhones and iPads running iOS.

Essentially, the new version of Lightroom is a closer match to what the software on PCs can do and will enable photographers to carry out more work on their mobile devices.

Mobile phone up boosts crop production

A new mobile phone app that can predict rain is helping farmers in sub-Saharan Africa to boost their crop production.

The app helps overcome the issues in predicting weather patterns in the tropics and will deliver a rain prediction with 84% accuracy.

This means that farmers can sow as well as harvest their crops at the best times.

The app has been developed by Swedish firm Ignitia which is now looking to expand into other African countries by using a $2.5 million grant from several sponsoring countries including Sweden, the Netherlands and the United States.

In other mobile phone app news

T-Mobile in America is offering its customers who download the Pokémon Go mobile phone app free data to play the game until August next year.

Microsoft has released an update to fix issues with its Office Mobile apps including Excel and Word in Windows Store.

It looks like Netflix has removed its mobile phone app from the Windows Store though an app for PC use remains. Users in America have revealed that the Netflix app is now unavailable and was only released last December. Apparently, users with a European-based Microsoft account can still access the Windows 10 Mobile app.

APS London 2016, App Data Deck!

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Video Transcript:

APS London 2016, App Data Deck


After going to the APS for three years, I did a master class there last Thursday.


Thanks to the guys at APS for having me and letting me spout my stuff.

This was about data, it was way cooler than I expected.

People were standing in aisles and stuff.

Because the feedback was so good, I am going to stick the Deck down there.

Deck is basically about how you can start using data before you get to big data.

So little chunks here and there.

Any tools you would use and the places you would go to find that information.

I’m a wanna-be data scientist.

So I’ll do my best to answer any questions.

Thanks again to APS, it was amazing.


Don’t forget that

And also the big red subscribe button.

ES Transcription:

APS London 2016, App Data Deck


Después de ir a la APS por tres años, hice una clase de maestría ahí el jueves pasado.


Gracias a los amigos de APS por recibirme y dejarme presentar mis cosas.

Esto era sobre datos, fue mucho más genial de lo que esperaba.

había gente de pie en los pasillos y cosas así.

Porque la retroalimentación fue tan buena, voy a meter la presentación de diapositivas justo aquí.

La presentación trata básicamente sobre cómo puedes empezar a usar datos antes de llegar al Big data.

O sea, pequeños lotes por aquí y por allá.

Cualquier herramienta que vayas a usar y los lugares a donde irías
a encontrar esa información.

Me encantaría ser científico de datos.

Entonces hago lo mejor que puedo para responder toda pregunta.

Gracias de nuevo a APS; fue asombroso.


No olviden el .

Y también el gran botón rojo de Suscribir.

Millions of Android Phones Hit by Malware

A major malware infection of Android phones could affect 10 million smartphone users as the mobile phone app creates fake clicks for adverts.

The warning comes from security researchers who say the malware is secretly installing apps and then spying on the phone user’s browsing habits.

The malware is currently generating around £230,000 a month for its creators.

However, most of the compromised smartphones are in China with other uses in India, Indonesia and the Philippines also affected.

The malware has been detected by two security firms who have each given the software different names; Checkpoint calls it ‘Hummingbad’ while Lookout calls it ‘Shedun’.

One security firm is warning that even with a factory reset the malware can remain in effect since it uses root privileges for installing extra mobile apps onto the user’s device.

Google says that it is constantly evolving its systems to help detect and block potential installations of infected apps and the latest Android update is said to tackle more than 100 vulnerabilities in its operating system.

Pokemon Go might be malware in disguise

A new malware is disguising itself as Pokemon Go to enable hackers to have full access to a mobile phone, researchers have revealed.

The smartphone game from Nintendo is currently very popular and allows users to collect Pokemon based on their location.

However, researchers have found a remote access kit is being bundled with the software which is currently at the top of the App Store charts in America but is unavailable currently in Europe.

This demand has led to a growing numbers of users installing non-official versions of the mobile phone app and this opens the door to a malware infection. Nintendo is warning that installing apps from other sources that are not officially vetted is ‘not advisable’.

The death of mobile news apps is predicted

The chief executive of Purple says that mobile phone news apps ‘are dying’ while texting ‘is the future’.

Purple text users everyday with information on news concerning science, technology and politics and also other messaging bots.

Rebecca Harris said: “App overload is an issue in general and it’s difficult to get someone to discover and then habitually use an app.”

Mobile phone app offers free beer as an incentive

A Czech beer firm has unveiled an app for over 18 users that will pinpoint the nearest outlet for its beers and as an incentive for using it, users can claim two free pints every month.

The Kozel Pint Finder is available now.

Cyclists get app to help in a crash

A new mobile phone app aimed at cyclists will detect whether the rider has been involved in a crash and automatically call a support centre to report it.

The Grdian app has just been launched and it utilises the smart phone sensors to help detect whether an emergency has occurred, for example a crash.

The phone will then dial automatically a 24/7 support centre and switch the speakerphone on.

The founder of the app, Simon Drinkall, said the app’s algorithm has been developed to monitor the cyclist’s energy and not their speed so there is constant monitoring for crash detection. Once the app makes a connection to the support centre, an operator will speak with the cyclist to determine whether they need emergency assistance and call for an ambulance if need be.

The mobile phone app also utilises the smart phone’s GPS to help pinpoint where the cyclist has had their accident.

In other Miratrix mobile phone app news…

Indian phone users helped the numbers of mobile phone apps being downloaded every day rise by 16% in the first six months of this year. Apparently, the most popular apps being downloaded are for entertainment and social media.

The CNN news app for the Windows phone is being retired. Industry experts say the app probably has very few users but are expecting a Windows 10 news app to be announced in the coming months.

The next Apple iOS update will have a new app to enable users in America to donate their organs by joining a registry to enable the donation to take place after their death.

Google Play Rankings Boost & Chinese App Malware

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Video Transcript:

Google Play Rankings Boost & Chinese App Malware | MTX32


Gonna talk about Chinese malware and your Android device.

All right.

There’s a million devices in China and India infected with this hummingbird and it’s partly created by a legitimate company in China called Yingmob.

Guess what it does?

It’s related to app store optimizations.

Cyber criminals they get money by admin access and generates add revenue through bulk installs and clicks on ads.


It’s not just China and India, it’s also in the US, I think.

A quarter of all devices?

So, you want to make sure you’ve kind of got this if you get an Android.

Download AVG or some malware scanner.

Okay, so, that’s this week’s video.

Just very interesting to see where Boost installs come from.

Don’t forget to click like.

Oh, subscribe.

See you next week.

ES Transcription:

Google Play Rankings Boost & Chinese App Malware | MTX32


Les voy a hablar sobre malware Chino y sus dispositivos Android.


Hay un millón de dispositivos en China e India infectados con este colibrí parcialmente creado por una compañia legitima en China llamada Yingmob.

Adivina que hace?

Está relacionada a la optimización de apps.

Los cyber-criminales obtienen dinero a traves de permisos administrativos y generan ingresos por publicidad a traves de instalaciones en masa y clicks en publicidad.


No solo en China e India, en los EE.UU tambien, creo.

Un cuarto de todos los dispositivos?

Entonces, quieres asegurarte de entender esto si te compras un Android

Descarga AVG o algún escaner de malware.

Okay, so, ese es el video de esta semana.

Es muy interesante saber de donde vienen las instalaciones Boost.

No olviden darle Like.

Oh, suscribanse.

Los veo la próxima semana.

Apple Accused Over its App Rules

Apple has been accused of using its app rules as ‘weapons’ in a bid to harm competitors, says Spotify.

The music subscription service accuses Apple of having tight controls on how third party apps are sold on the iPad and iPhone as a ‘weapon to harm competitors’.

Spotify has now written to Apple over its app style rules on subscription payments for apps and the restrictions on how developers can advertise lower prices for a service by redirecting customers to a specific website.

Lawyers for the music service say Apple is refusing to process an update for the iPhone and by doing so is raising issues under EU and US competition law.

The issue boils down to how much long-standing customers are paying for a monthly ad-free music streaming service and Apple has not yet responded to the claims.

China’s demands real names to be used

Mobile phone users in China must from 1 August use their real names for registering with mobile phone apps.

The country’s internet watchdog says the move will help keep information safe.

Now mobile phone application providers must verify the identities of its users by demanding mobile phone numbers and other information and once confirmed the user can then use a nickname.

The watchdog said that while apps are popular, they can also spread rumours, terrorism and pornography as well as being vehicles for fraud.

China currently has around 4 million mobile phone apps on its domestic app stores.

Mobile phone apps for hotels fail to wow

A survey of mobile phone apps for hotels has revealed they are not only lagging behind the industry but also fail to wow users.

The findings from QikServe reveal that more than two thirds of consumers who use mobile phones for researching and booking their travel and holiday plans are either unimpressed or unaware of the hotel app.

When the data is analysed, 81% of respondents said hotel apps are either lacking functionality or are behind the times, or users were unaware they existed.

The firm says there is a demand for hotel apps that are useful so visitors can make bookings, access hotel information and check in and out.

Users also wanted other features such as pre-ordering from hotel restaurants and bars, ordering room service and drinks in other parts of the hotel.

A spokesman for the firm said: “Many hotels have made huge investments in their mobile phone apps so this lack of knowledge may be down to poor promotion but low adoption might be because the apps do not cover the range of functionality for hotel guests.”

Pregnancy planning apps ‘no use’

Mobile phone apps for helping women plan or prevent pregnancy have, at best, questionable accuracy according to researchers.

Growing numbers of women are using apps for tracking their fertile days to become pregnant or using the data to prevent pregnancy but, researchers say, most apps are not reliable enough for delivering on either need.

Indeed, they say that most of the apps they tested failed to accurately track a woman’s fertile days.

Researchers looked at nearly 100 apps with very few using ‘evidence-based methodology’ and women should avoid using them, particularly if they are preventing pregnancy, say scientists.

In other mobile phone app news…

YouTube will soon be streamed live to mobile phones

YouTube is expanding its live streaming facilities by allowing Periscope and Facebook Live to stream on its platform.

The platform says users will soon be able to broadcast video from their phone to subscribers as well as to the larger YouTube audience.

The company announced there will be no need to download additional software and live streaming will begin by ‘hitting the big red captured button’.

My Top 5 App Marketing Tools | MTX31

These are the key tools I always ask to have installed when working with clients.

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Video Transcript:

My Top 5 App Marketing Tools | MTX31


Five things that I think you should have installed on your app from day one.

It won’t take long.

Branch, Apptentive, Google App Indexing, Google Analytics, MixPanel, or something similar. Facebook SDK.

And what do they all do? Branch helps you keep people in the funnel and lowers your CPI.

Google Analytics tracks user’s events.

MixPanel gives you good customer segmentation, allows you to push and send emails.

Facebook allows you to keep an eye on that CPI.

Apptentive gets reviews, you need reviews.
Go do it.

ES Transcription:

My Top 5 App Marketing Tools | MTX31


Cinco cosas que creo deben tener instaladas en sus aplicaciones desde el comienzo.

No tomará mucho.

Branch, Apptentive, el índice de Google App, Google Analytics, MixPanel o algo similar.
Facebook SDK.

¿Qué hacen todas ellas? Branch te ayuda a mantener a usuarios en el embudo y baja tu CPI.

Google Analytics rastrea los eventos de los usuarios.

MixPanel te da una buena segmentación de mercado, te permite promocionar y enviar correos.

Facebook te permite echar un ojo al CPI.
Apptentive te obtiene reseñas, necesitarás reseñas.

Vayan y háganlo.