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Planning on using App Store Optimization to get your first 500 downloads, what this!

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EN Transcription:
Hello, today’s video is a metaphor for going outside. Never going to build your app or your first user base, by sitting behind a computer. Where to find these people?

Twitter, your accerator. A very lonely person on the tube. Maybe just that barista you see everyday, that way you can come by and ask if they’ve opened the app that day.

The point is, just go out and meet people, talk to people. They’re gonna be your first and best users, and they’ll tell everybody about you, as long as your apps good, that is.

ES Transcription:

Hola, el vídeo de hoy es una metáfora respecto al salir al exterior. Nunca van a construir su aplicación o su primer año base al sentarse detrás de una compuadora.

¿Dónde encontrar a las personas? Twitter, punto único. Quizá una persona muy triste en la pantalla.

Quizá sea el barista que ven todos los días, el que pueda pasar y preguntar si lanzaran la aplicación ese día.

El punto es, sólo salgan y conocer personas, hablen con personas. Serán sus primeros y mejores usuarios, y les dirán a todos sobre ustedes, siempre y cuando se trate de buenas aplicaciones, claro.

SEO For Mobile App User Acquisition

Planning on using App Store Optimization to get your first 500 downloads, what this!

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EN Transcription:
No I don’t mean break people with sausages. I mean links. Maybe when you get links to your website so that you can improve it’s rankings and onboard people from web because search on the web is still by far the biggest discovery engine.

The app store is more functional. People have a need, but web search people are looking for far more generic things and ranking a website for a generic term you will need links content will work but links can help nail it to the positions. That’s my suggestions as we look at web.

ES Transcription:

No digo posicionarte con salchichas, me refiero a enlaces. Quizá cuando tengas enlaces a tu página, para que puedas aumentar su ranking y atraer personas de la red porque la búsqueda en la red es con diferencia el mayor motor de descubrimiento.

La tienda de aplicaciones es más práctica. La gente tiene una necesidad, pero en la red la gente busca cosas mucho más genéricas y para clasificar una página web con un término específico necesitas enlaces. El contenido también funciona pero los enlaces ayudan en las posiciones.

Es mi sugerencia en cuanto a las webs.

GoPro App, Banks go Biometric & Samsonite App Saves Luggage

Building society launches new app with biometrics

The Nationwide Building Society is the latest UK bank to announce an app for its customers but theirs will use customer behaviour as an extra security layer.
The app will monitor a customer’s ‘behavioural biometrics’ in how they use their tablet or smartphone and use that information to detect and whether it is their customer who is using the device.
Still in its early development, Nationwide says that the biometrics will be used in addition to voice recognition and fingerprint scanning.

Lost luggage can now be tracked by mobile apps

Luggage maker Samsonite has announced plans to install tracking beacons that can be found by customers using a mobile app.
Available to British as well as European travellers, the technology will be launched later this year and will reveal where a suitcase’s location to within 75metres.
There could be a big demand for the app since more than 24 million baggage items went missing around the world in 2014.
Called ‘Track&Go’, the system will utilise tracking beacons which Samsonite will build into its suit cases – the technology will be competitively priced, says the firm.
One interesting aspect is that when the suitcase owner realises their case is missing, they can report it lost via the app but if another registered user picks up a Bluetooth signal when the lost suitcase passes close by them, it is hoped that they can help recover the suitcase and it’s this community aspect that Samsonite says will be a big attraction for users.

Have a GoPro? There might be an app for that soon

In a bid to stimulate developer interest, GoPro has unveiled a specialist program to help inspire new mobile phone apps for its cameras.
The program is offering developers a toolkit to develop mobile apps to carry out a variety of tasks including previewing live footage, connecting and controlling GoPro cameras and handling media. The move is part of the camera maker’s drive for their cameras to be used for other purposes and not just in action sports.

Mobile phone app may replace contraceptive pill

A new mobile phone app that can pinpoint a woman’s most fertile times could replace the contraceptive pill, says a study.
During testing, more than 4,000 women tried to test the Swedish app’s accuracy and researchers found the app was as accurate for use as a contraceptive as the pill was.
Called ‘Natural Cycles’, the app costs £60 a year and users have to enter their temperature every morning for the app to be accurate. The result is a calendar that displays a fertile day when contraception will be needed and ‘green days’ when the likelihood of falling pregnant is low.

In other mobile app news

Facebook has announced that it is planning to add a news section to its smartphone app with users being offered multiple news sections. There’s no launch date as yet but the aim is to encourage Facebook users to use their app rather than switching to Google news or Twitter.
Google has unveiled a new API for its Consumer Surveys to help developers create or integrate surveys into their own mobile apps. The idea is to help businesses and people utilise data more efficiently.
According to reports, the App Store may be changing since Apple has, apparently, formed a secret team to develop opportunities. Among the proposals, is a way for developers to pay for their apps to appear on top of search results, similar to Google’s model.

App Store Optimization for First 500 App Users | MTX21

Planning on using App Store Optimization to get your first 500 downloads, what this!

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EN Transcription:
Hi, I’m Nick Duddy, founder of Miratrix, and welcome to this week’s video. I’m going to ask the initial question, are you planning on app store optimization, delivering your first 500 users, in a small period of time?

If you answered yes, you’re not going to like this. Unless you’re doing some serious out of app store activity, PR, buying traffic, or whatever, or doing spam, this isn’t going to work for you, so if you’re looking for your first 500, you’re going to have to go out to your network, do outreach, do a power of stalking, and look at your competitors. Find out where their users live, and talk to them, because the app store, just launching it live in there is not going to deliver users quick enough for you to properly test.

So, that’s this week’s video.

ES Transcription:

Hola, soy Nick Duddy, fundador de Miratrix, y bienvenidos al vídeo de esta semana.

Voy a hacerles una pregunta inicial, ¿están planeando optimizar su tienda de aplicaciones que lleve a sus primeros 500 usuarios, en un corto periodo de tiempo?

Si respondieron sí, esto no les va a gustar. A menos que hagan alguna actividad en su tienda drástica, relaciones publicas, comprar tráfico, lo que sea, o haciendo spam, esto no va a funcionar para ustedes, así que si buscan sus primeros 500, van a tener salir de a su red, acercarse, acosar muy de cerca, y observar a sus competidores. Busquen dónde viven sus usuarios, y hablen con ellos, porque la tienda de aplicaciones, solo abriendo en vivo ahí no va a atraer usuarios lo suficientemente rápido para
hacer una prueba apropiada.

Ése es el vídeo de esta semana.

Retention = Good ASO | MTX20

False positives give by App Store Keyword Tools. Competition isn’t a metric for picking keywords to target…

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EN Transcription:
Hi, I’m Nick Duddy from Miratrix, and welcome to this week’s video. This week I’m just gonna do a quick mention on retention and acquisition. Something I’ve come across twice this month. Twice. If you are paying for installs, if you’re Facebook paying for installs, and you’re not checking your retention numbers, you are crazy.

Recent example is somebody was paying quite a bit for installs, but didn’t realize that those installs were getting absolutely no retention over a seven day period.

Forget about 30 days. They need seven, the tape app they had, you needed a 70 page, you need it everyday. So if you’re not checking that retention core analysis, in either MixPanel, or Google Analytics, or Localytics I think the other one, I haven’t used that in ages, you’re mental, you’re crazy. So if you’re doing any
sort of paid campaign make sure you’re checking your retention numbers.

On top of that, retention really helps app store optimization because it means your app isn’t garbage. It’s easy to get an app to the top of the rank but it’s hard to keep it there without spam. So, that’s my tip, my thing that I wanted to say this week which was check your retention numbers, check them daily, make sure they’re going blue.

The darker the blue, the better. Okay, speak to ya later.

ES Transcription:

Hola! Soy Nick Duddy de Miratrix y bienvenidos al video de esta semana. Esta semana haré una breve mención en retención y adquisición. Algo con lo que me he cruzado dos veces este mes. Dos veces.

Si estás pagando por instalaciones, si estás pagando con Facebook por instalaciones, y no estás chequeando tus números de retención, estás loco.

Un ejemplo reciente es de alguien que pagaba un poco por las instalaciones, pero no se dio cuenta que esas instalaciones no tenían ninguna retención en un período de 7 días.

Olvídate de 30 días. Se necesitan 7, la cinta de la aplicación que tienen, necesitas 70 páginas, lo necesitas a diario.

Si no estás chequeando el análisis de retención en MixPanel o en Google Analytics o en Localytics creo que es el otro, no lo he usado en años estás mal de la cabeza, loco.

Si estás haciendo algún tipo de campaña de pago, asegúrate de chequear los números de retención.

Además de eso, la retención realmente ayuda a la optimización del App store porque significa que tu aplicación no es basuta.

Es fácil obtener una aplicación en el top del ranking pero es difícil mantenerlo ahí sin spam.

Así que ese es mi consejo, lo que quiero decir esta semana que era revisen sus números de retencion revísenlos a diario, asegúrense de que estén en azul. Cuanto más oscuro el azul, mejor.

Ok, hablamos luego. Adios!

App Store A/B Testing: One Skew to Watch Out For | MTX19

False positives give by App Store Keyword Tools. Competition isn’t a metric for picking keywords to target…

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<a name=”english”></a>EN Transcription:
False positives give by App Store Keyword Tools?

Video Transcription: Mobile CPI: App Store A/B Testing: One Skew to Watch Out For | MTX19

Hi, I’m Nick Duddy from Miratrix, and welcome to this week’s video. First, if you like the video, hit Like, hit Watch Later, hit Subscribe. And now, on to this week’s topic, which is lowering mobile CPI through conversionary optimization of the app store listing pages. And that’s Play and the App Store. People think I just refer to the App Store when I say that, but I mean app stores as in general.

Enough with the waffling on. So, I did another video, just generally, why I think this is a brilliant process to go through, but today, I’m specifically going to talk about what could skew your results, and the biggest thing that can skew your results is your traffic source.

So, if you’re running a campaign, and pretty much everything you’re doing is coming from brand traffic, this is just only going to confirm that your branding and your icon is recognizable, which is not your result at all.

So, when you’re doing this, doing a conversionary optimization in the app stores, you need to make sure that
you’re sending generic traffic. In order to do this, you need to use third-party tools, which is a bit of a bummer, but you can get free trials out there, and then just do your initial testing to see what all will go and what icon works the best or screenshot works the best, but keep an eye on traffic sources.

Be aware of your traffic sources, because they can totally mess up your results and give you, basically, a false result that you could run with, and it could increase your CPI, ’cause your conversion rate collapsed.

So, that’s this week’s video. See you all next week.


<a name=”spanish”></a>ES Transcription:

Hola, Soy Nick Duddy de Miratrix Bienvenidos al video de esta semana. Primero, si les gusta el video, denle me gusta, pongan mirar luego y suscrìbanse.

Y ahora, en el tema semanal, que es el abaratamiento de las tarifas de celular CPI a través de la optimización conversional del listado de páginas en la app store. Y esté el Play y el App Store.

La gente cree que sólo me refiero al App Store cuando digo eso, pero quiero decir las tiendas de aplicaciones en general.

Suficiente de rodeos. Así que hice otro video, en lo general, porque creo que es un proceso brillante que atravesar pero hoy, hablaré especificamente sobre lo que puede desviar sus resultados y la mayor causa que puede desviar sus resultados es el recurso de tráfico.

Así que si estás en campaña, y casi todo lo que haces viene del tráfico de marcas, esto sólo confirmará que su marca y su ícono es reconocible, lo que no es su resultado en total.

Así que cuando esté haciendo eso, haciendo una optimización de conversión en las app stores, debes asegurarte que estás enviando el tráfico genérico.

Para hacer eso, debes usar herramientas tripartitas que es una molestia, pero puedes obtener pruebas gratis allí, y luego sólo hacer los exámenes iniciales para ver qué servirá y qué ícono funciona mejor o qué captura de pantalla es mejor, pero cuida los recursos.

Estáte atento a los recursos de tráfico, porque pueden arruinar por completo los resultados y darte, básicamente, un resultado falso, con el que podrías trabajar y podría subir tu CPI, porque tu radio de conversión colapsó.

Este es el video de esta semana. Los veo la próxima semana.