App News Highlights-5 Things You Need To Know From the Last Week!



With over 1,000 new apps being launched daily it’s always a jam-packed week in the app world. Here are 5 things we think you need to know from the last week of app news.


Pollen VC is offering app developers an advance on the money they could wait up to 60 days for from the app store.

Priori Data tweeted about Peggy Anne’s fantastic article on In it she analyses the long tail phenomenon and shows us how it’s benefiting both developers and intrepid companies like Pollen VC who have spotted a glaring financial gap in the market and made a bold move that benefits us all. An uplifting read that highlights how much room there is for all of us in the app market.



Tapdaq an alternative app advertising platform has raised $6.5 million series A.

Dom Bracher has brought to light London based Tapdaq’s success in bagging $6.5m series A investment, Natasha Lomas of Techcrunch tells all here. This app advertising platform is tackling the app discovery problem by offering an ad trading service to indie developers. Tapdaq users trade ads with each other to ensure cross platform discovery and developers only receive the same amount of ads as they send. This big investment bodes well for the future of app discovery.



The Business of apps shows us how to leverage the biggest untapped app marketing channel.

The Business of apps shared their video of Florian Lormes, media services director of Telefonica, at the App Promotion Summit in Berlin. In it he talks about opening up communication between app developers and potential consumers. With the ability to pre install apps on certain phones he’s definitely a man worth listening too!



Facebook has opened Audience Network to the mobile web.


Saikala Sultanova tweeted about Jillian D’Onfro’s exciting article in the Business Insider. Facebook have opened Audience Network up to anyone with a mobile site, giving online businesses an opportunity to make money off their advertising. Facebook also appear to be vying for the top spot in advertising with their sights set on knocking Google off the charts.



Mobiquity networks have teamed up with US theatres to bring patrons mobile ad campaigns powered by beacons.

Anne Frier of Mobyaffiliates wrote about an interesting development in app advertising. Mobiquity a mobile engagement provider with headquarters in the United States, Europe and India are taking advantage of US cinema goers to boost mobile advertising with fun interactive mobile games. Check out Anne’s article here!

PPC Tools for Best Mobile CPI | MTX10

This week we’ve got Spanish subtitles and PPC Management Tools for ya! Check out the video.

Watch this video on YouTube.


PPC Tools for Best Mobile CPI | MTX10

Hi I’m Nick Duddy from Miratrix and welcome to this week’s video. First of all just want to start by saying that we are getting these videos translated so you should be able to this week see captions in Spanish.

English ones are always there just in case you need those. On to this week’s topic
it’s PPC Management Tools. This is a pretty old industry but it looks like it’s coming
back because of mobile. With the play ad stuff set up.

So I’m gonna share a post that I found a long time ago on Acora which has all the kind of big boys in there. I’m going to add a few others that other people have brought to my attention over the past few months. So it’s going to be interesting. We never found them to be any use dealing in the industries we used to deal in.

That’d be retail for instance unless you have a really high
volume, high turnover client. PPC Management Tools didn’t really have much benefit.

But it’s interesting to see how the industry could come back and then
grow a bit through mobile. It’s also important to note that AdWords already has its own bidding tool so that might suffice for what you guys need to do.

Anyway, that’s this week’s video, and I’ll speak to you next week, bye.

Herramientas para la gestión de campañas PPC con el mejor CPI de Móviles | MTX10

Hola, soy Nick Duddy de Miratrix. Bienvenidos al vídeo de esta semana. Querría empezar diciendo que vamos a traducir nuestros vídeos así que a partir de esta semana podréis ver subtítulos en español.

En inglés están siempre ahí por si los necesitáis.
Esta semana hablamos de las Herramientas de Gestión PPC. Es una industria antigua pero parece que está resurgiendo por los móviles con los anuncios de los juegos. Así que voy a compartir una entrada que encontré hace tiempo en Acora en la que aparecen todos los peces gordos.

Voy a añadir otras pocas que han captado mi atención durante los últimos meses. Así que será interesante. Nunca les encontramos utilidad en las industrias en las que solíamos estar.

En el comercio minorista, a no ser que tengas un gran volumen
y rotación de clientes. Las Herramientas de Gestión PPC no suponían muchos beneficios. Pero es interesante ver cómo ha podido volver esta industria y crecer un poco a través de los móviles.

También es importante señalar que AdWords ya tiene su propia herramienta de ofertas que podría valeros según vuestras necesidades.

Bueno, este es el vídeo de esta semana, nos vemos la próxima semana. Adiós.

Five Signs You’re Developing A Successful App!

To make things more interesting we’ve taken all the app news from the past week and condensed it into a handy list to assure you you’re on route to success.


You have a celeb endorsement.


While definitely not essential to success having a famous face attached to your app does seem to help. This week Sultanova tweeted about Glu mobile’s plan to develop a mobile game with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, this isn’t the first time we’ve noticed the trend of star powered apps, check out Alan’s article from back in September for a quick recap!


        You’re developing an app with your target audience in mind.

Developing a knitting app for granny’s that can’t use smart phones is probably a lost cause, it’s vital to have your target audience in mind on every step of your app journey and creating a user friendly, accessible app is much more likely to bring success than one your customers can’t even navigate. As always Peggy Anne Salz shares some sage advice this week in the form of an article by Sophie Densham of Ukie. The Uk games trade body is collaborating with leading user research company to provide new player experience reports. Now you can find out how your customers really feel!


       You’ve taken the initial leap, from dreaming about the app you want to create to actually creating it.


You’d be amazed at how many great ideas never leave the planning stages, if you’ve successfully moved beyond this step then you’ve already won half the battle! Priori data shared Jovanny Espinal’s fantastic read on turning your idea into an app, don’t get stuck in the dream stage read Jovanny’s article here!

      Know your enemy.


Research, research, research! Know your competition, know their successes and know their failures. By knowing what’s hot and what’s not you’ll always be one step ahead of the game. Prior data and google play have released the download and revenue data for apps, publishers and categories across 50 countries. Read all about it!

     Don’t lose your head when you think it’s all gone wrong.


The Business of Apps claim that even for top performing apps it’s normal to lose 80% of your usership in the first week. So it’s vital that those first few days of usership are geared at consumer retention and increased interaction with your app. Ann Frier tells all in the this riveting read.

App Review Mining Tool & Listing Page CR Optimisation | MTX9

One of the best articles I read this week is by splitmetrics, and A/B testing tool, showing data of conversion rates on app listing pages. That is from visit to install. Certainly a lot to think about.

As well as this I’ve decided to release version of our App Review Mining tool for public use. It’s not full supported at the moment but if you guy’s like it we’ll happy put resource behind support.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Transcript: App Review Mining Tool & Listing Page CR Optimisation | MTX9

Hi, I’m Nick Duddy from Miratrix and welcome to this week’s video. We’re going to talk about conversion rate optimization for app store optimizations. We’ll have optimizations there. This is off the back of a study that basically I think everybody should check out by SplitMetrics, which is a tool for AB testing your app listing page. We use it and think it’s really quite good.

Basically they did a study and it gives you what the conversion rate average is across the app store, but also breaks it down by category and there’s a few other bits of information in there that are fantastic. Definitely, good food for thought, so I’m going to post it after this video on my Twitter so that’s @nickduddy and you can check it out there.

In other news, kind of decided that the internal tool that we use for doing better our app review mining releasing a sort of beta free use, sort of dealio, over the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for that. It will be on the site. On top of that, I’ll probably do a video about it. It’s going to be quite quick and dirty because we just use it for internal use, so it’s not going to be all slick looking. It’d be good for people to try it and test out and let us know what they think and we’ll probably be adding features over time.

Anyway, that’s us for this week. Speak to you later, bye.

Top 5 Things That Happened In The App World This Week-From Apple Advertising To Google Bootcamp!

Mobile app use is as ever on the rise! Google has revealed that the average American spends a minimum of 37 hours each month using apps. With vastly improving app technology and mobile browser capabilities it’s a very exciting time to be in the app business indeed. The app world is developing at an alarmingly fast pace so we’re sharing what we think are the most interesting development this week!



Apple’s ditching advertising! Well not quite, Mobyaffiliates broke the news that Apple has recently conceded selling ads was never it’s forte and they are not completely dismantling but pulling back from iAd mobile advertising due to a lack of profit generation. What venture is Apple going to embark on next? It’s heartening to see that money doesn’t guarantee success in every area, leaving plenty of room for smaller companies to excel.




This week has shown Facebook to be pushing in the opposite direction and they have begun testing their Audience Network for mobile placement.  Audience Network targets consumers with personalised ads         based on their internet activity, a method of data use that was once questionable but now appears to be     the norm. With their sights set to knock Google off their advertising top spot, Anne Freier shares the         facts and we get marvel at the power one company can have once it’s made the big bucks.



Bloomberg Business tells us that Snapchat is storming the charts at the moment with it’s daily video views rivaling Facebook’s, a company that has been in existence twice as long with 15 times as many users. Snapchat is the dream startup we all want to be the founders of, this isn’t the first time Snapchat has rocketed to our attention check out Alan’s post from back in October.




Sultanova has also brought a fantastic article by Richard Harris to our attention. Harris of App Development Magazine writes about Google’s generous publication of a four part mobile bootcamp to help developers strategize, engage and monetize their audiences. If there’s one bootcamp to get involved in this year, this is the one that will whip your business into shape!




Peggy Anne Salz suggests embracing and developing your brand for growth and success, she tweeted about her app branding article published in Forbes this week. Ms. Salz is top of the table when it comes to app marketing and development if you don’t already follow her on twitter I strongly suggest you start!

Get App Installs From UpWork? | MTX8

Just something I was thinking about today. Can you get app installs from approaching those looking to have apps built for specific purposed and getting them to install your app which serves the same purpose? It’s just a thought 🙂

Watch this video on YouTube.

Spring cleaning, life-saving and tackling India-it’s turning into an ‘appy New Year!

With the first (slightly painful!) week of January safely behind us, it’s time to fire ahead with our business plans and take a quick peek at what this year has revealed to us so far.
Anne Freier of Mobyaffiliates has good news for app developers everywhere and shares an emboldening read comparing advertising on mobile devices and televisions. A study from Yahoo! Advertising has found mobile advertising is drawing a more emotional and engaged response from its audience than traditional television advertising, with mobile device internet use being dominated by apps. It’s also a fascinating look at the difference in usership between generation x and generation y, be surprised by their content preferences here.

Spring cleaning is no longer confined to the home and Yahoo research has also unveiled data showing app users replacing apps at least once a month with some consumers deleting outdated apps every few weeks. Luckily the main reasons for this spring clean are all things the savvy developer can easily remedy, to stay at the top of your game check out Anne’s article.

Looking for some magic beans to guarantee financial growth for your app? The Business of Apps isn’t quite promising that but Jamie Giggs has put together a handy article outlining what Addict Mobile think the steps to success are. Turn your business into a flourishing success by taking their advice!

Is 2016 going to be the year you conquer the world? If you’re looking to at least tackle a new market, India with its 1.2 billion inhabitants might be the market place you’ve dreamed of. Knowing your audience is the key to success, Mobyaffiliates have compiled ‘8 facts to know before promoting your app in India’, it’s an enlightening read and the perfect place to start!

The cream rises to the top and Peggy Anne Salz has some fantastic advice on how to make your app nice and frothy! In her article from November she takes an in depth look at the changing world of app economics from middle class developers to how important understanding app store optimisation really is. Peggy Anne has put in abundant research and she’s happy to share the fruits of her labour, educate yourself here.

This week also saw Ms. Salz sharing an exciting article about staying ahead in the app development market by Q Manning, Manning discusses his three golden rules for ensuring you are top of your game, read his article so you don’t fall behind!

To leave you on a high note, the red cross have released a first aid app that will turn us all into lifesavers! Available in over eighty languages the top rated app doesn’t require wifi to run and is the perfect backup in an emergency situation. Find this lifesaver here!

MTX7: How to Spot Fake App Reviews

This week I’ve been doing a lot of review mining. You can’t help be cynical about the app review situation as we all know that there are a lot of companies out there spending cash on buying reviews to boost their rankings.

From my point of view some reviews are incredibly easy to spot, especially in Google Play where the plus profiles are a big indicator to if it’s a zombie account or not.

So my question today is: What do You Think the Key Indicators are of a spam app review is.

If you post below I can compile them then we can see if we can create a tool that will identify a spammy review.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Video Transcript: How to Spot Fake App Reviews

Hi. I’m Nick Duddy from Miratrix and welcome to the first video of 2016. Firstly, I’ve got to apologize, I’ve got a bit of a cold going on so my voice is a bit blah. Secondly, we’re going to talk about what we’re going to talk about in the video this week which is reviews because I’ve been doing a lot of review, specifically this week, tons of it.

When I go through it, I think to myself, what ones of these are spam. I think my question to everybody this week is, what things do you look for when you’re looking at reviews that make you think spam. For me, it’s really short reviews, great app, five stars. I know that a lot of these could be legitimate, right, but realistically I think quite a few of them are fake in certain situations.

Other ones are heavily, keyword, focused ones because we know that the keywords in reviews really help. On occasion, you look to see, you can’t really do this with the Apple Store, but with Google Play, looking at the Google profiles and seeing who they are and looking to see if the profiles actually have content published on them, which all of them don’t. If they do, they have, if you’ve ever seen fake Facebook profiles, they look really similar to that.

I would like your feedback. I would like people to tell me what they think is a fake looking review. We’re going to build what a fake looking review looks like and possibly, maybe a bit controversial, look at some of the bigger apps out there and see if any of them have, what would look like, a fake review.

Okay, so I will get on this. I need you guys to feedback and I’ll speak to you all next week.

And we’re off!

The dawn of 2016 has brought with it some very interesting app related revelations, Business Insider UK has revealed that the top 10 apps in the US in 2015 were all owned by just three companies. Don’t be disheartened though, the top ten apps covered a diverse range of areas so there’s plenty of room to bump these giants off the top spot! To find out who you’re up against Adam Levy reveals all here.

Apple are stepping up their game in 2016, focusing on increasing the range of apps on their Apple TV. User friendly and accessible apps are on the agenda and making music and video sharing easier seems to be a big priority. For a riveting read on Apple’s progress over the last ten years and what to expect from them in 2016, check out Daniel Eran Dilger’s feature on appleinsider.

The new year’s starting off on a high note for all and there’s rumour that Google’s resolution is to knock Facebook off their top spot for messaging with an intelligent messaging app. Google’s new app will apparently let you chat with your friends or ask a bot for answers to your questions. As of yet there’s no release date and no one knows if it will be a new and improved hangouts or an app all of it’s own. What we do know is that hangouts in its current form won’t be missed!

Unsurprisingly for January, fitness apps are topping the charts, Ubergizmo looks are the best fitness apps for keeping new year’s resolutions.

While there is a diverse range of apps to choose from, ‘Habitica’ is definitely one I’ll try out, I can’t help but lament the gaping gaps in an otherwise flooded market. Where are the highly rated apps geared at the floods of female power lifters out there? Or an app for the Joe Soap whose fitness goal is to train like a ninja? Success is all about finding a niche and being the best at it.


Not everybody’s new year’s resolution is fitness based but luckily there are a million apps out there to help you keep track of whatever it may be. Jerica Wilson has just launched a great new app for iOS that tracks your resolutions all year round, she’s also a fantastically talented developer check out her and her app here!

The first few days of 2016 have set the tone for an extraordinary year of progress, I’m looking forward to what the next few weeks will reveal!

The Yearly Roundup!

As 2015 draws to a close, we say farewell to a fantastic year for apps. Looking back, here are some of the best bits!
In February there was call to arms of gamers in the battle against cancer, gamers unique way of sussing routes make them especially apt at helping scientists find patterns helpful in cancer research. For more info check out Nick’s post from February and watch the video here.

March brought the monetisation of Tinder and Nick explored the pros and cons of switching from a free to a paying app. Time is a great teacher, check out the article here to see what we’ve learned.

August saw youtube claiming it was going to step up its game and bring a more user accessible app to the table and the UK being declared as a nation of app users. China also brought us astounding figures in advertising revenue generated from mobile advertising, read Alan’s article here.

Should 2016 be the year to go after celebrity endorsement for your app? We explored apps with celebrity contacts back in September. It’s definitely a relationship that could be beneficial for both parties as the buzzfeed app quickly discovered by giving Hillary Clinton a tech savvy edge.

Three months later Headspace is still receiving top reviews and was listed as one of the Independent’s best meditation apps.

Villoid is also still highly rated and this particular celebrity tie has warranted mention in publications that wouldn’t necessarily broach the tech world. Well worth is for the extended audience!

Buzzfeed’s app is fairing well in the rating for handy apps and it seems Hillary Clinton’s endorsement has done it no harm, turns out infamy will work as well as fame for getting your app out there!

October showed a wave of apps dedicated to educating and making a positive change in the world, Peggy Anne Salz introduced us to Games for Change.

For a recap and to get involved check out Shane Schick’s article in the Fierce Developer.

Snapchat was keen to capitalise on big investors and have come up with a personal marketing campaign to see them rolling in cash in 2016, to get money making tips off them and Facebook recap Alan’s article here

Or perhaps the best way to publicise your app is to get Kanye to give out about it!

In November Nick postulated on Instagram’s potential influence and when the app peak might be, videos well worth a recap


Reflecting on this year’s app highlights gives so much food for thought, so many masters of the trade to emulate and so much potential for growth! Here’s to 2016 being a fantastic year and to the student becoming the master, happy holidays everyone!