‘APPY ‘ALLOWEEN – Top Halloween Apps 2015

The Weekly Noise comes in the form of a blood curdling scream this week as Miratricks treats you to a look at some of the most interesting Halloween Apps of 2015. Read on and… don’t have nightmares. Read more


Money, user statistics, celebrity endorsements… These are some of the regular themes that come up when we’re talking about app marketing on here. Read more


We’re being sociable this week as two of the world’s biggest social platforms introduce some interesting features for marketers. And a well known figure takes to a social network to make his own Weekly Noise about certain apps…

Will Advertisers Snap This Up?

We go to mobyaffiliates first of all, where they were talking about Snapchat’s plans for sponsored lenses. The video messaging platform has introduced a lenses feature which overlays graphics and allows the user to have a bit of fun with their messages… now they’re planning to charge advertisers $450,000 a day ($750,000 on special occasions like Halloween and Christmas) to sponsor the lenses. That is big money.

mobyaffiliates point out that Snapchat have previously talked similar figures for different forms of advertising, which have not been popular with marketing people. However this might just have the high potential for customer engagement (think those Coke cans with people’s names on them) to make companies take note. The article says that Snapchat has already been courting Hollywood studios about the facility – this seems like a very likely match. Don’t be surprised to receive Snapchat messages from your friends wearing Captain America masks or sporting slightly dodgy faces a la Pride and Prejudice and Zombies in 2016.


The Power of Suggestion

Getting big name advertisers on board for one of its latest features doesn’t seem to have been a problem for Facebook. As reported by Marketing Dive, Procter & Gamble, Jet Blue and KFC are among the companies to have participated so far in Facebook’s Suggested Video experiment.

Basically it’s all part of the big F’s push into mobile video. Partnering with the likes of Funny or Die and the NBA it’s aiming to send its users to such respected publishers when they view a related video on their feed. Between every few videos (and let’s face it, once we watch one video we all tend to spend a while clicking through the next suggestions) you’ll see an ad. At present Facebook is splitting advertising revenues from this 55/45 between the publisher and themselves. Everyone’s a winner!


Kanye’s Weekly Noise

Presidents, awards ceremonies, the fashion industry… just some of the things Kanye West has ranted about in the past. And now he has mobile gaming in his sights.

You see the rapper and producer has fallen foul of a problem faced by many unfortunate parents – the dreaded in-app purchase.

“F**k any game company that puts in-app purchases on kids games!!!” he Tweeted on 10th October, as reported on Hip-Hop Wired. Check out the article for more of Kanye’s app outbursts.



Mobile gaming has been in the news a lot recently. There have been some stats that suggest the industry has seen better days, but elsewhere there are parties who see mobile gaming as the key to the future…

The Bad News

If this post was a game we’d keep the “big bad” til the end, but when have we ever been conventional? There’s no hiding from the stats in a recent article published by Developer Economics – the time spent by users on mobile gaming has declined.

The main thrust of the article is actually app usage’s overtaking of TV viewing in our leisure time, but the author Simon Khalaf (CEO of Flurry) admits within that the findings about time spent on gaming were unexpected. While messaging, social and entertainment usage have increased, the average time spent gaming per day has declined from 52 minutes to 33 minutes year on year. The article cites the following as possible reasons for this dramatic drop – market domination of the big hitters like Clash of Clans preventing new entrants from making a mark; the phenomenon of eSports (gaming fans watching other gamers play on the likes of Tumblr rather than playing the game themselves; gamers spending more on in-app purchases to accelerate their progress in games and thus spending less time working through them.


The New Direction

The decline in time spent on mobile gaming isn’t necessarily a sign of the End Times. For one, it could just be a blip (only the actual End Times are going to stop people from gaming). And as the Developer Economics article mentions, money spent on in-app purchases has not declined, so where there’s money to be made…

And that brings us neatly onto a Boston Globe article that caught our eye. It talks about Massachusetts’ rise and fall in video game development – with the likes of Rock Band and BioShock produced locally Boston had hopes of rivaling L.A. and Seattle as a game developing hub, but the dream kind of fizzled out.

But industry figures in the state are looking to mobile gaming in the hope of once again making a mark, perhaps – as the article alludes to – producing an Angry Birds with the “Made in Massachusetts” stamp on it. The seeds of a potentially fruitful future have certainly been planted – recent games made in the state include World Zombination by Cambridge based Proletariat Inc and Marvel Puzzle Quest from Demiurge Studios – also based in Cambridge, MA.


The Employer

Another news outlet recently displaying faith in the future of gaming was the BBC’s Newsbeat – the corporation’s radio news programme aimed at a younger audience.

The Newsbeat team had been at the EGX video games event in Birmingham and were encouraging their listeners (and online readers) to consider a career in gaming. Their story talks of the nearly 2,000 games firms in the UK, the dedicated area at EGX for helping future developers and designers and contains a list of hints and tips for getting into the industry.

Among the games featured in the article are Sega’s Total Wars and Football Manager, both of which are available as apps.