This week’s app is…Play To Cure: Genes In Space

This app/game, as a piece of innovation, is amazing! It was developed with Cancer Research UK and it’s goal is to help cure cancer and it’s no gimmick.

Play To Cure: Genes In Space Game Battles Cancer

Cancer Research UK got together with Amazon Web Services, Facebook, Google developers, indie devs and scientists for Game Jam to fight cancer using tech. Check the video. It will explain it way better than I could!

Watch this video on YouTube.

Gaming To Cure Cancer? Can’t Be True.

Well, it is. Take that school teachers of the past! It turns out that gamer are excellent at killing baddies and spotting patterns. So if cancer is the baddy and spotting patterns helps kill it that would make gamers superheros, right? Right.

Play To Cure - Genes In Space

Play To Cure – Genes In Space


So How Does It Work?

It’s not magic. When playing the game the gamer is asked to pick a route through the game. This is is where all the work is done. Looking for the pattern in the route is what helps scientists with cancer research. If you want to understand how it helps check out their science behind the game article. It’s a pretty fun game and the more complex the pattern the harder it gets. Not to mention it’s super-duper techno-trance music!

Mapping Genes in Play To Cure

Mapping Genes in Play To Cure

Planned route

Game Play In Play To Cure

Game Play In Play To Cure

…looking to do your bit to fight cancer? You can download the game on android and iOS.

This week’s app is…Aviate Launcher App

This weeks app review is a little different from the others. Why? Because it’s not exactly a recommendation to go download. It’s more a suck it and see, then tell me what you think.

A few weeks ago we discussed in The App Times about an app called Aviate. Aviate was acquired by Yahoo last month for an undisclosed fee and is being touted as a revolution in the way you use your phone.

Aviating Your Mobile OS

Aviate is a launcher for Android. Basically it re-skins your Android OS and displays your apps in a different format. But it doesn’t stop there. Aviate uses your location and app use to reorder your screen to make you more productive. That’s right, it’s another productivity app 😀 Told y’all last week that I love productivity apps when I reviewed Task List.

Aviate Home Pages from

Aviate Home Pages from

It sounded awesome and I couldn’t wait to use it. But Aviate is still in beta so you must wait to get an activation code. I’m not a patient man so I took it to twitter to see if anyone could hook me up with an activation code.

Cheers Twitter and thanks to Ricardo Gouveia!

Twitter Activation Code

Twitter Activation Code

Mixed Feelings About Aviate

I was super excited about Aviate when I heard about it. Any of you that follow me on Twitter or linkedIn would’ve seen my posts. The aspect I was most interested in was the changing homepage apps based on usage. It’s not that I don’t think the location stuff is cool it’s just I’m a little paranoid about the data aspect of it. As well as that, GPS being on all the time would run down my battery and I need battery more than being told there’s a Gregs bakery in my location.

It Didn’t Do What I Needed It Too

So after about 1 month of using Aviate I’ve stopped using it. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly I had to factory rest my phone and decided that Aviate wasn’t worth installing again, I didn’t actively uninstall it. As you can see in the photo above, the screen is busy. Mines never looked like that. The one function I wanted to use i.e. change the homepage based on the app usage didn’t really deliver.

The app did understand that the first app I use in the morning is Gmail but I also use It didn’t learn that. I also use twitter and chrome first thing in the morning.

Another thing I noticed. I think it may have messed with my power management features. I usually get about 24 hours on a battery. While using Aviate I was getting 9 hours which was causing havoc with my work as I need my phone to call clients.

What Did You Think?

I’d like to hear of others experience with Aviate. I’ve got a feeling that my experience isn’t typical and that others who leave their GPS on get a better experience.

If you guy’s let me know your experience I might try it again. I love the concept and hope I can get it to work for me.

If you need any Aviate activation code I’ve got a bunch I can give out. Tweet or email me.

The App Store Times: Amazon, Google and More Amazon!

App Store Times: App Store News

The App Store Times, Issue 5

Well. Well. Well. It was been an active old week past. Let see some of the more interesting things in the app world.

Amazon’s Hard Sell!

Amazon has been cold calling top developers from Google Play to try poach them over to the Amazon Appstore. Whoa. Well that’s what I thought. Then I remember that this is Amazon and it’s run by Jeff Bezos then the ‘whoa’ shrunk away.

Amazon are winners. They will do what ever they need to survive and to beat the competition. You can see this in how they operate their business. pretty much every penny of profit is reinvested into infrastructure so that they can be the best and beat everyone else.

Having the best appstore depends on the quality of the apps so cold calling top developers really shouldn’t come at a surprise.

Batten Down The Hatches; There Could Be A Flood of apps…

…from Chrome. Google has released a tool that allows Chrome app developers to release their apps into Google Play.

Looks like Google Play is going to get busier! Like Amazon’s move this is aimed at increasing the number of quality app developers for the Google Play app store, the more high quality the content, the happier the user and the happier the Googles.

More Amazon Tricks

That’s a bit harsh. It’s not really a trick, more of another attempt to get developers to mosey on over to Amazons Appstore.

If you’ve got an HTML5 site you can now submit it to the Amazon Appstore. This may not get you instant sales but it should get you more users. Then it’s up to you to use your marketing savy to turn your new users into ‘£10’ers’.

Where’s The Money? …Not In Portable Gaming Anyway

Apps Store Vs Console

Apps Store Vs Console

App Annie has released data showing that App Store and Google Play have gaming spend out stripped dedicated portable game console spend. To some of use this might be new news but if you saw Nintendo’s profit warnings last week it comes as no surprise.

Unknown FACT: Intel had An App Store.


Sometimes you don’t know something exists until it’s gone! Apparently Intel are closing the app store, probably because nobody used it, to focus on the innovations of the future…PC. Yes. You just heard my jaw drop. I think we will leave here. If you are interested in reading more about Intel’s App Store Google ‘App Up’.

Schoolz IN!

Samsung is out for our kids. I don’t mean that in a creepy way. They’ve created a tablet specifically for schools. The tablet integrates into the Google Play for Education system which makes setup for teachers easier…apparently.

This comes some months after Samsung did it’s deal with Fingerprint, a kids app network. Samsung are doing a huge push into education. Get’em while they are young!

Amazon has been crowned king of the app news this week. Tune in next week for some more of the useful news. Oh. And if anyone figures out what ‘easier for teachers means’ chip in below.