Droidcon: Not Just For Devs


This post is a little later than I wanted it to be but it’s been a good, hectic October/ November. After the best part of two weeks away from HQ I have returned to the motherland with stories of a Big Green Machine…there was also a blue one but that’d only confuse the post.

After Tech OnYou (which was the first event we’ve ever sponsored) was a wrap I headed to Droidcon London. I was interested and excited but expecting to emerge feeling slightly less clever than I did when I went in.

Me Nick, Me No Code

My inability to code was not as big as a problem as I first thought. I expected some of the talks to be highly technical and just waaay over my head but they weren’t. I may have deliberately sought out the less technical talks but all in all everything developers were doing had a solid actionable purpose. Everything from medical, to car tracking to gaming.

There was literally something for everyone.

The “Awwwww COOOL!” Moment

There were a couple of things that made me wish I was a developer, wish that I could do that stuff. As I’m essentially a big child you’ll not be surprised that the displays I found the most impressive were using mobile devices to control robots and drones.

Lego Gone Come A Long Way Since I Was A Kid.

Sony demoed at Tech OnYou bringing their Watch2 which controlled a Lego robot that reminded me very much of something from the Terminator films. Check out the video of me mucking around with it.

Watch this video on YouTube.

…ignore my clumsy camera work at the end.

Drones For The Home

David Smart blew my mind when he pulled out a quad copter drone which he and his son had built and which was controlled by their Android phone. He did confess that we couldn’t use it at the conference because it was currently experiencing stability problems and the propellers easily cut flesh, while revealing the BIG scar on his arm. Nevertheless another very cool and interesting use of a mobile app.

Quadcopter Controlled With Andriod

Quadcopter Controlled With Andriod

We might not be too far away from having drones for the home. Check out this, albeit spoof, of a Domino’s pizza being delivered by drone. The Domicopter.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Epson? They Do Ink Jet Printers, Right?

My entire exposure to the Epson brand is printers, ink jet printers to be specific. But guess what? Epson are at the forefront of wearable technology. They’ve developed a wearable monitor: the BT-100 Moverio.

That’s right, a 3D display which you wear on your head. It’s not sexy or cool looking, in fact it’s pretty terrible looking, but it works a treat. It is good fun playing games on it, you get the feeling that the objects are in the room with you and feel that others should see it as you do.

Epson are looking for mobile app developers to build good apps before they move things forward in the design front. No point in spending millions on designs if users can’t find a use case.

Epson BT-100 Moverio

Epson BT-100 Moverio

Repeat Visit? YES PLEASE!

I’m going to do my best to get back down to Droidcon next year. Can’t wait to see how much further the controllers have come and see what new uses for Android that developers come up with.

This post is a little off the usual marketing beat. Don’t worry, we’ll be back down to business next time!

SEO is as Dead as a Zombie!

Yesterday I did my FIRST EVER! Webinar with the help of Michael Flannigan from Target360 who is no less than the Bruce Forsyth of webinars.

It being Halloween I had to ask the question “If SEO is dead, how is it possible that business can still be doing it?” The answer? Zombies!! All SEO’s are zombies because we are super hard to kill and just don’t stop till you chop our heads off. I mean this figuratively (WARNING: Please do not attempt to decapitate an SEO. Miratrix is not liable for your actions).

For SEO’s to die search engines would need to die first.

Flick through. It’s the first one I’ve done so would love feedback!