Copywriters Versus Someone What Thinks He Can Rite

Here’s a list of things I consider undervalued:

  • Pizza
  • Fresh air
  • Copywriters

That’s an abbreviated list but you see where I’m going with it. Copywriting is important and just like pizza and fresh air the quality of the copywriting can mean life or death.

The other day I was discussing copywriting with a client, who had chosen to write their own copy.  That’s fine, but as a believer in high quality copywriting I decided to try to explain why copy is so important. It’s hard to explain. It’s better demonstrated.

I go Mano-a-Mano with a Copywriter

When pulling together the Miratrix site I originally wrote the content. After writing our content marketing page I re-read it and I was brutally honest with myself. It wasn’t inspirational and didn’t flow. Here’s my version of our content marketing page:

Content Marketing

Content marketing has become a bit of a buzzword recently, but what the heck is it?

Put simply, content marketing is creating content that shows off your great products and services.

Offering your company’s products for sale on the internet isn’t enough to make sure you close the deal. Unless you are the cheapest provider for everything you offer, then you need to differentiate yourself and convince the public that they should buy from you.

Content marketing can help do this and here at Miratrix we are experts in documenting all the knowledge within your business and using this to generate you revenue.

Every business in the world exists to solve a problem for someone and content marketing is a way for you to demonstrate how you can help. It’s a diverse channel of business which can range from the straight forward to the biggest :

  • Writing an FAQ section to answer the questions your customers have and your rivals don’t even know about building a campaign to get the attention of MPs for a topic that concerns your customers and the people in your industry creating videos that show just how amazing you and your products are we plan the campaign, gather the knowledge and show you how to benefit, from making sales to building your brand.
  • With content marketing you can make your company the ‘go to’ website/store/office/phone number (we want to help improve every channel of your business, not just the website!) for solving customers problems and gain yourself a useful advantage against your competitors.

Final Draft

Now here’s the professional copywriter’s take:

Content marketing is a buzzword, but what the heck does it mean? And when was the last time a customer bought a buzzword?

Put simply, content marketing is online content created to maximise the appeal, value and uptake of your products and services, and their benefits.

Setting yourself apart and a great deal more

Offering your company’s products for sale on the internet doesn’t guarantee you’ll close the deal. You need to develop distinctive and effective ways to differentiate your business and convince your target market that buying from you is a good idea.

Professionally produced content marketing can help you do this and here at Miratrix we are experts in mining all the knowledge within your business and using this to generate more revenue for you. Experience tells us that you probably already have numerous solutions to build business, right under your nose.

Access high quality response

Every business in the world exists to solve a problem for someone. Content marketing is just another showcase for you to tell the world about how you can help. And clever content marketing will stimulate high quality response. Consider three proven fixes:

  • Write an FAQ section to answer the questions your customers have and your rivals don’t even know about. Build a campaign to get the attention of MPs for a topic that concerns your customers and the people in your industry
  • Create videos that memorably show just how effective your products are
  • Miratrix can help you plan your campaign and gather the knowledge. We can show you how to benefit, from making additional sales to building your brand.

With tailored content marketing you can transform your company into the ‘go to’ website/store/office/phone number (we want to help improve every channel of your business, not just the website) for solving customers problems.

To gain these advantages, take advantage of Miratrix know how, now.

Spot the Difference?

I didn’t find it hard. The final copy is concise and more engaging; it no longer just talks at the reader. There’s relevant detail without being wordy. It still reflects the Miratrix tone of voice.

Letting a skilled copy-writer distill your content is one of the best things you can do for your website. Because copy-writers are skilled in writing. and not in your area of your business, they can be objective. They can, with an open mind, a load of honest questions and a determination to achieve clarity, help you filter out all the jargon and unnecessary statements. You end up with text which can motivate a reader to perform the intended action, and feel more positive about your service, product or opinions.

Numbnut Alert

Be warned. A hard-working copy-writer is prepared to look a complete numbnut in pursuing the essence of what you are offering: in asking seemingly stupid questions, the writer can learn more, faster. Sometimes, just sometimes, when faced with a barrage of idiotic questions, clients realise that they’ve spent years (and fortunes) missing the point about their own products (and their brand, but that’s another kettle of worms). When you get down to the words, you get down to the cold, hard reasons why people buy stuff.

You are Five Questions from Being a Copy-writer

Many people believe that they can write effective copy and they assume (especially in marketing departments) that it’s their job to write it or no one else will. To those people, I ask:

  • Are you truly, ruthlessly critical of what you are doing?
  • Do you believe you can write better than someone who lives and breathes copy-writing while you dabble?
  • Can you differentiate between shouting and getting your message over quickly?
  • Do you have the technique to create twenty good headlines (or more) in order to find the great one?
  • Have you the courage to ditch copy that is stunningly clever but irrelevant (a situation known to gnarly old copy-writers as ‘drowning your babies’)?

If the answer to all those questions is YES then good luck. If your answer to any of those is NO then it’s time to call in the professionals.

PS My copy-writer has many more great pointers on generating productive copy, but he’s keeping them to himself, and I’m keeping his name to myself. Hell, you may be a competitor of mine, and Miratrix wants every edge it can get.

Never Mind The Rankings, Feel The Content

Websites which aren’t utilised make me sad. I mean, you pay good money to put up a website and then you go and let it languish, fall into disrepair and become increasingly irrelevant to your customers. The poor thing only gets updated when someone in the office bothers to remember.

Would you treat a shop on the high street or your office with the same disregard? No, you wouldn’t, because they are important, forward-facing parts of the business.

So is your website.

I hear and understand the argument that begins, ‘Our contracts/products/services are too big/expensive to be sold online’. If this is the case, then it means that those who are thinking about buying from you will need considerable persuasion and will take time before making their purchase. Should you not be doing EVERYTHING possible to convince that person that your company is the one to buy from?

Who’s Your Receptionist?

It’s unlikely that traditional advertising, pamphlets, flyers, quarterly brochures and so on will instantly convince a potential client that your company is cutting edge, relevant and competent. I’m not saying that those media have no impact – they do – just that they now act more as brief introductions and reminders rather than tools to convert. They have a place in the marketing toolbox, but they tend to be ephemeral and are more likely to be dismissed. That’s why printed matter, radio commercials, etc, carry the web address. Your website is now a crucial reception area for your business. So why not give customers an impressive reception?

Ask Yourself Two Honest Questions

If you were the owner of a company where deals are done face to face, through meeting the right person, I’d like you to ask yourself, ‘Where is that person likely to look first to find out more about my company?’ and, ‘Where is the person who is doing the procuring going to point their boss?’.

I’ll be surprised if you opt for any of the traditional mediums I mentioned above.

What I Understand

If you don’t want to focus on ranking for keywords that’s fine. I understand why you wouldn’t want to waste resource on link development for key phrases which will only drive a few hundred visitors a month (and most of those keywords only loosely qualify anyway).

What I Do Not Understand

What I cannot understand is that you have a static website carrying very little information and which consists mainly of sales copy. I don’t like reading sales copy. It’s usually easy to spot: it’s self-congratulatory, self-indulgent and often peters out into a list. I like to know why your product/service is innovative and awesome in ways that can help me; and then I like to see examples of awesome in practice. Ideally, I’d like the content to entertain me, but hey, maybe I should get out more. Finally, I want to hear from the expert in the field. YOU.

It’s much more difficult and time consuming to put together a pamphlet or brochure than it is to write a post on a trending topic in your field. And that’s before we mention that these days print is frequently far less effective than online at generating buzz about your business.

Who Else Is Doing This?

Many companies use their websites to promote themselves. You don’t need to be an intergalactic conglomerate to do it effectively. To be honest,  it’s probably harder to write about your subject if you are in a large multi-national because of the tangle of red tape, guidelines and protocol that you need to fight through to make it happen. Small to medium size companies are more nimble, though there are exceptions.

Example of companies who make their websites work hard:

  • Salesfore – Huge global company.
  • Kutz & Blum – Legal company in North Carolina, USA.
  • Miratrix – Yes. This is how we promote ourselves above our competitors.

We Aren’t Back To ‘Build It And They Will Come’ Thinking Are We?

Once you’ve created your blog post (it doesn’t need to be a blog post, it could be a video, graphic, guide, glossary, anything at all) you need to let people know it’s there.

Have you got an email data base? Tell them! Got friends in the industry? Tell them!

If yours is  a less technophobic company that likes twitter, facebook or LinkedIn, use those channels to start a conversation. Don’t just push it out saying, ‘Oy! Here’s a link read it!’

Communicate and Engage, Don’t Broadcast

Ask followers to give you feedback or to share it for you. You’d be surprised how happy people are to help you out. Just ask.

Your blog posts won’t work for you if you don’t push them. Think of your posts if it they were flying lanterns. You need to get them up in the air first. Once they’re up, they’ll get noticed; people will point them out to each other; if they are well written, topical and relevant, they’ll more than take care of themselves.


What I’ve just discussed here is called a couple of things – content marketing, inbound marketing or as we like to call it at Miratrix “Talking About Your Business”.

I Know We Said Forget The Rankings But…

‘Talking About Your Business’ doesn’t just have a positive effect on how new business perceives you it also helps gain traffic from search engines. You are killing a flock of birds with one stone. Earning new visitors, developing trust in your industry, promoting your business and expanding your client base.

In the long term it’s the most cost effective and enjoyable way to promote and develop your business. You never know, you might actually impress someone enough for them to contact you before they meet you in person.